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Talcum Love

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The brilliant British author John King once said to the also brilliant author Pete McKenna 'stay in fiction, it's a good place to be.' Now I understand...half way through novel no.5 in the series IN THE BLOOD...this time the story begins on the last ever night at the Wigan Casino Soul Club (1981)...'Someone's nicked my Frank Wilson...again... and I want it back' Ronnie Hardman says...and he aint 'appy

TALCUM LOVE will be part 5 in the series IN THE BLOOD. The origins of the books begun with Pete McKenna's WHO THE HELLS FRANK WILSON (2002) and will be re-published along with IN THE BLOOD, TALCUM LOVE etc. IN THE BLOOD on the shelves in July...it begins and Ronnie continues to search for his beloved 'DO I LOVE YOU (indeed I do).



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