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chris anderton

May List- 150 Tunes To Go! Side Show-G Hughley-Barrino Bros-Chaumonts Etc

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Please email all orders to chris.soul@btinternet.com

Welcome along to list 91.

Grading is as follows......

M Faultless/ Probably unplayed

E Few light marks, still a nice copy

vg More marks, maybe some surface noise but plays thru ok

I will also use + or minus to indicate grades in more detail. I also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any record for any reason, so please buy with confidence.

Payment, I accept paypal to this address chris.soul@btinternet.com or you can send cash/ cheque to; Chris Anderton, 1 Jackson Av, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6LL. I will now also accept a direct bank transfer, this saves the hassle of sending a cheque or needless paypal fees.Postage costs are... £2.65 recorded (only insured up to £42) or £6.45 by special delivery in the UK (fully insured up to £500.00). Overseas £3.65 airmail or £7.20 signed for airmail, ask if you need insurance.

www.midastouchsoul.co.uk -NOW LIVE

1.George Hughley-That`s why I cry- Buddah M- 110

2.Side show-Lonely girl- Trey E+ 350

(Crossover perfection, would be Mint but one mark on vinyl..so indemand)

3.George Smith-I`ve had it-Turntable WD E+ 120

(small X on label in biro, barely noticable)

4.Black and Blue-What I got-Mercury WD M- 120

((Massive crossover spin)

5.Superstars-Come to me-TAPS E+ 300

(Awesome soul...clip on website www.midastouchsoul.co.uk)

6.David Ruffin-Rode by the place-Motown M- 30

(Awesome David Ruffin)

7.Eddie Holland-I`m on the outside looking in-Canadian Tamla vg+ 55

(Hard on Canadian, looks a bit worn but plays fine)

8.Imperial Wonders-Just a dream- Daywood E 55

(A personal fave..love it)

9.Joe Garland-That`s his girl-EIA M- 300

10.Odysey-Our lives are shaped ..-Mowest WD M- 40

11.The Entertainers-Love in my heart-Symbol WD M- 80

(Lovely demo copy)

12.The Chaumonts-I need your love-Bay sound E+ 75

(Backed with the equally brill "Love is the thing")

13.The Caesars-Lala I love you-Lanie M 40

(Rare multi coloured label)

15.Oscar Perry-He sent me you-Mercury E+ 30

17.The Blues groove-I believe in you-Verve E+ 25

18.Edwin Starr-Time/Running back and forth-Gordy E+ 25

(Classic double sider- oldie and crossover combo!)

21.Anita Humes-What did I do-Roulette M- 40

22.Lyn August-One way ticket- Preview E+ 25

23.Deon Jackson-When your love has gone-Carla E+ 20

(One of his best)

24.Billy Davis-Stanky get funky-Cobblestone M- 60

25.Shep-Fool to fool-TNT E+ 50

www.midastouchsoul.co.uk -NOW LIVE!!

26.Debbie Taylor-Just don't pay/don`t wanna leave-Arista WD E+ 30

(Another great double sider)

29.Ted Taylor-I lost the best thing I ever had- M- 30

30.Hi-lites-That`s love-Invictus E+ 25

(Awesome 70s soul dancer)

31.Yvonne Daniels-I got to get close to you-Redlite E+ 20

(Sounds like it should cost a lot more!)

33.Leon Haywood-You and your moody ways-Evejam E 15

(Has one visible scratch that does not affect play)

34.The Artistics-You left me-Brunswick M- 12

36.J. R Bailey-Love won`t wear off-Calla vg+ 20

(Plays fine)

37.Bull and Matadors-I can`t forget-Toddlin town E+ 15

38.The Lollipops-Busy signal-RCA WD E 10

39.Gwen Stacey-Lonely girl-RCA WD vg+ 20

(Plays fine)

40.Brenda Holloway-Starting the hurt over again-Tamla E+ 15

41.Leon Collins-I just wanna say I love you-elf Wd M- 20

(Clp on website www.midastouchsoul.co.uk)

44.Ernie Johnson-Big man cry-Steph and lee E+ 70

45.Major Lance-You`re everything I need-Osiris E+ 20

(3 Awesome crossover records in a row!

48.Johnson, Hawkins etc-You`re all I need to..-Capsoul WD E+ 25

(Great record, even better on a white demo)

49.Na Allen-Everytime it rains-RonnE+ 25

50.G,Q-Make my dreams a reality-Arista WD M 10

As you may have noticed my new website www.midastouchsoul.co.uk is now live. The site contains over 350 records in 4 categories, Northern soul, 70s/Crossover, R&B and LPs. Please make sure you check out the site as it contains completely different records to those on this list. Most record have a soundclip of the actual record. The site will be updated often so please keep checking for new titles!

53.Jackie Verdell-Are you ready for this-Decca E- 10

54.The Jackson Bros-I`ve got to hear it from you-Providence M- 100

56.Al Perkins-Yes my goodness yes-Atco WD M 15

(Lovely looking minty white demo)

57.Frank and James-How long is forever-Smooth city M 70

(Rarer first label of this massive 70s dancer)

58.The Flirtations-Nothing but a heartache-Deram E+ 15

60.Little Carl Carlton-Drop by my place-Backbeat M- 15

(Backed with the equally brill "Two timer")

61.Billy Sha-Rae-Do it-Hour glass M 25

(Hard to find in this condition)

66.The Miracles-Whatever makes you happy-Tamla E+ 8

67.The Tymes-What would I do-MGM Demo M- 40

71.Maurice Long-I don`t love you anymore-Cyclone WD E+ 25

72.Duprees-Delicious-RCA E+ 15

(Rarer issue copy "Skys the limit" on other side is nice too)

73.The Independents-I love you yes I do-Wand E+ 15

(Love this to bits, great uptempo 70s soul)

74.Wales Wallace-Whatever you want-Innovation M 15

75.Al Wlson-Stay with me-Playboy E+ 15

www.midastouchsoul.co.uk -NOW LIVE!!

76.Glen Duhe-I cant stop wanting you-Crown G E+ 20

77.Ebony Jam-Ride on-Amos M 30

79.The Platters-Sweet sweet lovin`-Musicor M 6

80.Occasions-There`s no you-Big Jim E+ 30

81.Nancy Wilson-The end of our love-Capitol M- 15

(B-side "Face it girl its over" is awesome)

83.Jimmy Jones-Ain`t nothing wrong making..-Conchillo WD E+ 12

(Lovely on a white demo copy)

84.Ronnie Love-Let`s make love-Almeria M- 25

85.Cody Black-Going going gone-Ram rock M 10

(Wow..if this was rare you would hear it every week!)

86.Ronnie Dyson-Lady in red-Columbia M 20

(Other side "Cup runneth over" getting some attention now)

87.The Moments-Nine times-Stang E+ 5

88.Barbara Lewis-Someday Were gonna love again-Atlantic M 20

(Just right for reactivation)

89.Junior Walker-Tune up-Soul E+ 10

91.The Artistics-The chase is on-Brunswick E+ 20

93.Billy Gibson-What I neew now is love-MGM M 20

94.Touch of class-I`m in heaven-Midland M 15

96.Ben E King-Forgive this fool-Atco M- 12

97.Fred Hughes-Baby boy-Brunswick M- 12

98.Harold Melvin-Prayin`-Source E+ 15

99.Glenda McCleod-No stranger to love-Hgei M 15

100.Barrino Bros-Trapped in a love-Invictus E+ 30

(One of the best big records of the last few records)

www.midastouchsoul.co.uk -NOW LIVE!!

LPs...LPs...LPs...LPs...LPs...LPs...LPs...LPs...LPs... LPs...LPs...LPs...LPs...LPs...LPs...LPs...LPs...LPs.

L2.Barbara Blake-Same-20th Cent E+ 25

(Inc. Superman)

L3.Richard Popcorn Wylie-Extra sensory perception-ABC E+ 40

(Inc. When did I lose you and I can take the world on with you)

L4.Gladys Knight-Help me make it through night-UK Motown E+ 12

(Inc. Aint you glad you chose love)

L5.Buddy Miles-All the faces-Columbia UK E+ 25

(Inc Just a kiss away plus 2 EVEN BETTER tracks!)

L6.Lamont Dozier-Out here on my own-ABC E 10

(Inc. Breaking out all over)

L7.Sidney Joe Qualls-I enjoy loving you-Brunswick E+ 25

(Inc. Run to me/ The next time i fall in love)

L8.The Originals-Portrait of-Soul E+ 20

(Inc. Don`t stop now)

L9.Maxine Brown-Spotlight on-Wand E 30

(Inc. I wonder what my babys doing tonight)

L10.The Tymes-Turning point-RCA E+ 15

(Inc. All you ever wanted to know about love/Its so good to be waking up)

As you may have noticed my new website www.midastouchsoul.co.uk is now live. The site contains over 350 records in 4 categories, Northern soul, 70s/Crossover, R&B and LPs. Please make sure you check out the site as it contains completely different records to those on this list. Most record have a soundclip of the actual record so you get to hear tunes you have not heard before. The site will be updated often so please keep checking for new titles!

L11.Peabo Bryson-Turn the hands of time-Capitol E+ 20

(Inc. Why dont you make up your mind)

L12.Jackie Wilson-Beautiful day-Brunswick E+ 35

(Inc. Because of you, this love is mine, Dont you know i love you)

L13.Harvey Averne Dozen-Viva soul-Atlantic REISSUE M Still sealed 10

L14.The Supremes and 4 tops-Dynamite- Motown E+ 20

(Inc. Dont you miss me a little bit baby)

L15.Mel and Tim-Starting all over again-Stax E+ 15

(Inc, I may not be what you want)

L16. David Ruffin-In my stride-Motown E+ 15

(Inc. Questions, Rode by the place,waiting for the rain)

L17.Strutt-Time moves on-Brunswick- E+ 30

(Inc. Said you didn`t love him)

L18. Jackie Wilson-Whispers-Brunswick E+ 20

(Inc.My heart is calling, to make a big man cry)

L19.Tom Jones-Help yourself-Decca UK E+ 15

(Inc. I cant break the news to myself)

L20.Barbara Lynn-You dont have to go-Ichiban E+ 20

(Inc. Trying to love two)

L21.New York City-Soulful Rd-Chelsea E+ 15

(Inc. Darling take me back)

L22.Doris Troy-Stretchin out-People E+ 20

(Inc. Dont let me be lonely tonight)

L23.Soul Children-Friction-Stax E 15

(Split cover. Inc. We`re getting too close)

L24.Johnny Bristol-Feeling the magic- MGM E+ 15

(Inc. I would`nt change a thing)

L25.From the Vaults-Various-Motown E+ 25

(Inc. Spinners-What more could a boy ask for)

L26.Ronnie Dyson-Love in all flavours-CBS E+ 20

(Inc. I want to be where you are)

L27.Gwen Conley-The many faces-Meco E+ 30

L28.Luther Ingram-Do you love somebody-Koko E+ 25

(Inc. Do you think there`s a chance)

L29.Janice-Same-Fantasy E+ 15

(Inc. I told you so)

L30.Young holt unlimited-Soulful strutt- Brunswick E 10

(Inc. Soulful strutt)

L31.Creative Source-Migration-Sussex E+ 10

L32.Fantastic Four-The best of-Soul E+ 25

(Inc. Cant stop looking for my baby)

L33.Clarence Carter-I heart full of song-Ichiban E+ 10

L34.The Moments-Sharp-Deluxe E+ 10

L35.Clay Hammond-Streets will love you-Evejim E+10

(inc.They don't makeum no more)

L36.Broomfield-Same-Vision E+ 10

(Inc. Dont cover up your feelings)

L37. The Younghearts-A taste of-20th Cent E+ 20

(inc. Your`e not here with me)

L38.Don Thomas-You`re the one-Myrahh E+ 25

L39.Wornell Jones-Same-Paradise E+ 10

L40.Jean Carne-happy to be with you-PIR E+ 8

L41.The Chilites-Give more power to the people-Brunswick E+ 10

L42.Ohio Players-Same-Upfront E 15

(Inc. You dont mean it)

L43.Gayle Adams-Love fever-Prelude E 10

(Inc. Baby i need your loving)

L44.Ronnie McNeir-Lucky number 12"-Motorcity E+ 10

L45.The Persuaders-Best thing that ever happened-Atco M- 12

L46. Jerry Butler-The Iceman cometh-Mercury E+ 20

(Inc. How can I get in touch with you)

L47.Thelma Houston-Ride to the rainbow- Tamla E+ 8

(Inc. Saturday night Sunday morning)

L48. Choice 4-Same-RCA E+ 10

L49.The Originals-California sunset-Mptown E+ 20

(Inc. Let me live in your life)

L50.Kiki Dee-Patterns-Liberty E+ 25

(Inc. I dig you baby)

www.midastouchsoul.co.uk -NOW LIVE!!

L51.Major Harris-My way-Atlantic E 10

(Inc. Loving you is mellow)

L52.Ashford and Simpson-Send it-WB 10

(Inc. Top of the stairs)

L53.Randy Brown-Welcome to my room-Parachute vg+ 10

(Inc. Always in the mood)

L54.Levert- I get hot-We music E+ 10

L55.Fresh-Get Fresh-MCA E+ 15

(Inc. You)

L56.Ojays-Let me touch you-PIR E 5

L57.Patti Austin-End of the rainbow-CTI E 8

L58.Townsend, Townsend+ Rogers-Same-Chocolate city E+ 15

L59.Skip mahoney-Land of love-Abet E 15

(Inc. Running away from love) (Water damaged cover)

L60.The Jones Girls-At peace with woman-PIR E+ 8

L61.The Imperials-Who`s gonna love you-Power exchange E+ 10

L62.Millie Jackson-Same-Spring E 10

(Inc. My man a sweet man)

L63.George Benson-In flight-WB E+ 8

L64.Mighty Joe Hicks-Same-Enterprise E 10

L65.Loleatta Holloway-Loleatta-Enterprise E+ 20

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