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Roger Williams

Roger Williams On Classicsoulradio.biz - Quality 70S & 80S Soul On Sunday Evenings 8-10Pm Uk Time

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Always used to do new music radio shows, but a few months ago I changed tack for a number of reasons and now do a weekly two hour show consisting of quality 70s and 80s tracks, mainly LP cuts, which may be of a bit more interest to the good folks of this fine forum. Or maybe not as the case may be. :)

All shows podcasted weekly, this is the first one:

Classicsoulradio.biz Show 1 - Sunday 12th February



Leroy Hutson - Lucky Fellow (LP: Hutson 1975)

Lou Courtney - Somebody New Is Lovin' On You (LP: I'm In Need Of Love 1974)

Reflections - She's My Summer Breeze (LP: Love On Delivery 1975)

Notations - Take It Slow (LP: Notations 1975)

Impressions - You Can't Be Wrong (LP: Loving Power 1976)

Nancy Wilson - Now (LP: This Mother's Daughter 1976)

Donny Hathaway - Flying Easy (LP: Extension Of A Man 1973)

Black Ice - Postcard Love Affair (LP: I Judge The Funk 1979)

Leon Ware - Love Will Run Away (LP: Inside Is Love 1979)

Nature's Divine - I Just Can't Control Myself (LP: In The Beginning 1979)

Natural High - I Think I'm Falling In Love (LP: Natural High 1 1979)

Paulinho Da Costa - Let's Get Together (LP: Happy People 1979)

Bobby Thurston - Sweetest Piece Of The Pie (LP: Sweetest Piece Of The Pie 1978)

Main Ingredient - Save Me (LP: I Only Have Eyes For You 1981)

Mighty Fire - Sweet Fire (LP: No Time For Masquerading 1981)

Sandra Feva - Just To Be Close To You (LP: Savoir Faire 1981)

Alton McClain & Destiny - Answer To My Prayer (LP: Gonna Tell The World 1981)

Earth, Wind & Fire - My Love (LP: Raise! 1981)

The Emotions - There're Never Be Another Moment (LP: New Affair 1981)

Herbie Hancock feat. Gavin Christopher - Satisfied With (LP: Love Magic Windows 1981)

Cameo - I Never Knew (LP: Knights of the Sound Table 1981)

Tom Browne - I Know (LP: Magic 1981)

Zingara - Are You Ready for Love (LP: Zingara 1981)

Dazz Band - What Will I Do Without You (LP: Let The Music Play 1981)

Future Flight - Let Me Love You Where It Hurts (LP: Future Flight 1981)

Phyllis Hyman - The Love Too Good To Last (LP: Can't We Fall In Love Again 1981)

Debra Laws - Meant For You (LP: Very Special 1981)

Links as follows:





Edited by Roger Williams

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Classicsoulradio.biz Show 2 - Sunday 19th February



Rufus - Bet My Dreams (LP: Numbers 1979)

Leroy Hutson - Love Oh Love (LP: Love Oh Love 1973)

Willie Hutch - Soul Strut (LP: Havin A House Party 1977)

Natural Four - Try To Smile (LP: The Natural Four 1974)

Impressions - We Go Back Aways (LP: Finally Got Myself Together 1974)

Notations - There I Go (LP: The Notations 1975)

Zulema - You're So Empty (LP: R.S.V.P. 1975)

Webster Lewis - Do It With Style (LP: On The Town 1976)

Webster Lewis - Hideaway (LP: Touch My Love 1978)

Webster Lewis - The Love You Give (LP: 8 For The 80's 1979)

Jaisun - Keepin' It To Myself (LP: Jaisun 1977)

Shirley Brown - Honey Babe (LP: Shirley Brown 1977)

The Joneses - Universal Love (LP: The Joneses 1977)

Jones Girls - Life Goes On (LP: The Jones Girls 1979)

Marlon Guildford listener selections:

Robert Winters & Fall - Do It Any Way You Want (LP: L.O.V.E. 1982)

Gemini - Can't Throw Away A Good Love (LP: Rising 1981)

Darrow Fletcher - Rising Cost Of Love (45 rpm single 1979)

Waldo - You Better Play Your Cards Right (LP: Love Don't Grow On Trees 1982)

Ohio Players - Star Of The Party (LP: Ouch! 1981)

Beau Williams - Stay With Me (LP: Stay With Me 1983)

Crystal Winds - Love Ain't Easy (LP: First Flight 1982)

John & Arthur Simms - Love Will Getcha (LP: John & Arthur Simms 1981)

Michael Wycoff - Take This Chance Again (LP: Love Conquers All 1982)

Earth Wind & Fire - Take It To The Sky (LP: Faces 1980)

Dazz Band - Gamble With My Love (LP: Keep it Live 1982)

Aretha Franklin - Just My Daydream (LP: Jump To It 1982)

Stanley Turrentine feat. Jean Carne - Night Breeze (LP: L.A. Place 1989)

Ronnie Dyson - Heart To Heart (LP: Phase 2 1982)

Links as follows:





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Classicsoulradio.biz Show 3 - Sunday 26th February



Gavin Christopher - We're In Love (LP: Gavin Christopher 1979)

Anglo Saxon Brown - Gonna Make You Mine (LP: Songs For Evolution 1976)

Gene Page - Second Time Around (LP: Love Starts After Dark 1980)

Love Unlimited Orchestra - Dreams (LP: The Love Unlimited Orchestra presents Mr. Webster Lewis 1981)

Opus 7 - I Love You (LP: Thoughts 1979)

Sweet Thunder - To Give Love (LP: Above The Clouds 1976)

Lovesmith - Look Out Below (LP: Lovesmith 1981)

Heaven & Earth - Whole Lot Of Love (LP: Fantasy 1975)

G. C. Cameron - Lets Run Away Together (LP: You're What's Missing In My Life 1977)

Main Ingredient - Rolling Down A Mountainside (LP: Rolling Down A Mountainside 1975)

Trammps - Living The Life (LP: The Trammps III 1977)

Smokey Robinson - I Love The Nearness Of You (LP: Where There's Smoke 1979)

Norman Connors feat. Adaritha - Handle Me Gently (LP: Invitation 1979)

Paul 'Brighton Boris' Regan Listener Selections:

Jimmy Smith feat. Afreeka Trees - Can't Hide Love (LP: Sit On It 1977)

Family Of Eve - Having It So Bad For You (45 Jeree Records 1980)

The J.O.B. Orchestra - Don't Want That Ilusion (LP: Open The Doors To Your Heart 1978)

Breakwater - Time (LP: Splashdown 1980)

Niteflyte - I Wonder If I'm Falling In Love (LP: Niteflyte 1980)

Earth Wind & Fire - Turn It Into Something Good (LP: Faces 1980)

Lovelites - Love's So Strong (LP: 45 Lovelite Records 1973)

Jeannie Reynolds - I Don't Want To Be Second Best (LP: One Wish 1977)

David Ruffin - Can We Make Love One More Time (LP: Gentleman Ruffin 1980)

Jean Carne - Bet She Won't Love You (LP: Happy To Be With You 1978)

Anthony White - Yes You Need Love (LP: Could It Be Magic 1975)

O'Jays - Let Life Flow (LP: Message In The Music 1976)

Brainstorm - Loving Just You (LP: Journey To The Light 1978)

Side Effect - Finally Found Someone (LP: What You Need 1976)

Linda Clifford - Only The Angels Know (LP: I'll Keep On Loving You 1982)

Links as follows:





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Classicsoulradio.biz Show 4 - Sunday 4th March 2012



Mandrill - It's So Easy Lovin' You (LP: New Worlds 1978)

Jerline And Friends - Joy Trip (Part 1) (CD: Best Of Friends 1975)

Ace Spectrum - Sweet Music, Soft Lights And You (LP: Just Like In The Movies 1976)

Bunny Sigler - Thank You Baby For Last Night (LP: My Music 1976)

Carol Williams - Danger Sign (LP: 'Lectric Lady 1976)

Kool & The Gang - Whisper Softly (LP: Open Sesame 1976)

Courtial - Time To Explain (LP: Don't You Think It's Time 1976)

Cheyenne Fowler - Groovin' With You (LP: Cheyenne's Comin' 1976)

New York City Band - Together (LP: New York City Band 1979)

Esther Williams - Who Said It Was Wrong (LP: Inside Of Me 1981)

Karin Jones - Here I Go Again (LP: Under The Influence Of Love 1982)

Michael Wycoff - Do Ya Think (LP: Come To My World 1980)

David Ruffin feat. Laverna Mason - I Want To Be With You (LP: G.R. 1980)

The Kazu Matsui Project - Standing On the Outside Standing On The Outside 1983)

Karen Thomas - Listener Selections:

Undisputed Truth - Sandman (LP: Smokin' 1979)

Al Johnson - I've Got My Second Wind (LP: Peaceful 1978)

Johnny Taylor - Can I Love U (LP: Wall To Wall 1985)

Whispers - Will You Be Mine (LP: Bingo 1974)

Revelation - We Gotta Survive (LP: Revelation 1975)

Caesar Frazier - I Got To Have Your Love (LP: Another Life 1978)

J. R. Bailey - Just Me 'N You (LP: Just Me 'N You 1974)

Ren Woods - Take Me To Heaven (LP: Azz Izz 1982)

Kwick - Let This Moment Be Forever (LP: Kwick 1980)

Rena Scott - If I Had A Chance (LP: Come On Inside 1979)

Gary Bartz - Need Your Love (LP: Bartz 1980)

The Spinners - Got To Be Love (LP: Can't Shake This Feeling 1981)

Michael Henderson - Never Gonna Give You Up (LP: Slingshot 1981)

Links as follows:




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Classicsoulradio.biz Show 5 - Sunday 18th March 2012



Terri Wells - Who's That Stranger (LP: Just Like Dreamin' 1984)

Frankie Kelly - Ain't That The Truth (12" single 1985)

Stephen Dante - Love Follows (12'' single 1988)

Millie Scott - Let's Talk It Over (LP: Love Me Right 1987)

RJ's Latest Arrival - Heaven In Your Arms (LP: Hold On 1986)

Vaneese Thomas - I'm Gonna Love You (LP: Vaneese 1987)

Peggi Blu - Tender Moments (LP: Tender Moments 1987)

Meli'Sa Morgan - Heart Breaking Decision (LP: Do Me Baby 1986)

Genobia Jeter - Blessing In Disguise (LP: Genobia 1986)

Joanna Gardner - Pick Up The Pieces (LP: Joanna Gardner 1985)

Shirley Jones - She Knew About Me (LP: Always in the Mood 1986)

Howard Hewett - Stay (After Midnight Mix)(12" Single 1987)

Leon Ware - Slow Motion (LP: Undercover 1987)

Starpoint - This Is So Right (LP: It's All Yours 1984)

Norwood - Come Back My Lover (LP: I Can't Let You Go 1987)

Vesta - It's You (LP: Vesta 1986)

Sherrick - All Because Of You (LP: Sherrick 1987)

Peabo Bryson - After YouvQuiet Storm 1986)

Chapter 8 - This Love's For Real (LP: This Love's For Real 1985)

Curtis Hairston - (You're My) Shining Star (LP: Curtis Hairston 1986)

Mini Curry - I Think I'm Over You (LP: 100% 1987)

Maze - Magic (LP: Cant Stop The Love 1985)

Links as follows:




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Classicsoulradio.biz Show 6 - Sunday 25th March 2012



Leroy Hutson - Right or Wrong (LP: Unforgettable 1979)

Esther Williams - Movin' On (LP: Bustin' Out 1978)

Edna Wright - Oops! Here I Go Again (LP: Oops! Here I Go Again 1977)

Temptations - Wake Up To Me (LP: Bare Back 1978)

William Stuckey - The First Time (LP: Love Of Mine 1979)

Linda Williams - No Love, No Where, Without You (LP: City Living 1979)

Mary Wilson - Pick Up The Pieces (LP: Mary Wilson 1979)

Elaine And Ellen - Since You've Been Gone (LP: Elaine And Ellen 1979)

Twennynine with Lenny White - Oh Sylvie (LP: Best Of Friends 1979)

Solar Heat - Ridin' High On The Future (LP: Solar Heat 1979)

The Emotions - Yes, I Am (LP: Come Into Our World 1979)

Tower Of Power - Just Make a Move (And Be Yourself) (LP: Back On The Streets 1979)


Ndugu & Chocolate Jam Co. - Take Some Time (LP: Do I Make You Feel Better 1980)

Donald O'Conner - Too Sweet to Lose (LP: Come Alive 1981)

Dazz Band - Gamble With My Love (LP: Keep it Live 1982)

Enchantment - Sunshine (LP: Enchantment 1976)

The Gap Band - I'm In Love (LP: One 1977)

Sweet Thunder - Loves Embrace (LP: Horizons 1979)

Opus 7 - The Way You Move Me (LP: Thoughts 1979)

Al Hudson & The Partners - I Don't Want You to Leave Me (LP: Happy Feet 1979)

Willie Hutch - Never Let You Be Without Love (LP: Midnight Dancer 1979)

Sydney Joe Qualls - I'll Run To Your Side (LP: So Sexy (Chi-Sound/20th CenLP) 1979)

Lakeside - I'll Never Leave You (LP: Roughriders 1979)

Starpoint - Something in Your Eyes (LP: It's So Delicious 1983)

Links as follows:




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Classicsoulradio.biz Show 7 - Sunday 2nd April 2012



Tata Vega - I Need You Now (LP: Try My Love 1978)

Charnissa - When Can We Do This Again (LP: Charnissa 1978)

Fats Gaines Band feat. Zorina - For Your Love (LP: Fats Gaines Presents Zorina 1983)

Dexter Wansel feat. Herb Smith - New Beginning (LP: Voyager 1979)

Four Tops - When Tonight Meets Tomorrow (LP: Keeper Of The Castle 1972)

Four Tops - Right on Brother (LP: Meeting Of The Minds 1974)

Four Tops - Tell Me You Love Me (Love Sounds) (LP: Meeting Of The Minds 1974)

Four Tops - Strung Out For Your Love (LP: Catfish 1976)

Natural Four - Love's So Wonderful (LP: Heaven Right Here On Earth 1974)

Vitamin E - Pretty Girls (LP: Sharing 1977)

High Inergy - Beware (LP: Steppin' Out 1978)

Norman Feels - I'll Show You The Way (LP: Where Or When 1974)

Charles Drain - I'm Gonna Stay (LP: Dependable 1976)

Carl Douglas - When You Got Love (LP: Kung Fu Fighter 1975)

Johnnie Taylor - Here I Go (LP: Rated Extraordinaire 1977)


J.R. Bailey - All Strung Out Over You (LP: Just Me 'N You 1974)

Shalamar - High On Life (LP: Uptown Festival 1977)

Southside Movement - Do It To Me (LP: Moving South 1975)

Three Degrees - People With Feeling (LP: Standing Up For Love 1977)

Pleasure - Only You (LP: Joyous 1977)

Patrice Rushen - Cha-Cha (LP: Patrice 1977)

Revelation - Without Love (LP: Revelation 1982)

Superior Movement - The Key To Your Heart (LP: The Key To Your Heart 1982)

Robert 'Goodie' Whitfield - You and I (LP: Call Me Goodie 1982)

Wynd Chymes - Body Rap (LP: Arrival 1982)

Al Wilson - Fifty-Fifty (LP: La La Peace Song 1974)

Al Wilson - Goin' Through the Motions (LP: La La Peace Song 1974)

Ultimates - I Just Can't Stand It (LP: You're My Lady 1976)

Bill Brandon - Just Can't Walk Away (LP: Bill Brandon 1977)

Donny Hathaway - You

Teddy Pendergrass - It's Time For Love (LP: It's Time For Love 1981)

Links as follows:




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Classicsoulradio.biz Show 8 - Sunday 22nd April 2012



Johnny Bristol - Do It to My Mind (LP: Bristol's Creme 1976)

Cleveland Robinson - No One Can Take Your Place (LP: Cleveland 1976)

Jimmy James - I Want You So Much (LP: Now 1976)

Ben E. King - Smooth Sailing (LP: I Had A Love 1976)

The Tymes - It's Cool (LP: Tymes Up 1976)

Margie Joseph - I'm So Glad I'm Your Woman (LP: Margie Joseph 1973)

Margie Joseph - Ridin' High (LP: Sweet Surrender 1974)

Margie Joseph - Don't Turn The Lights Off (LP: Hear The Words, Feel The Feeling 1976)

Margie Joseph - I Feel His Love Getting Stronger (LP: Feeling My Way 1978)

Splendor - Splendorland (LP: Splendor 1979)

Kitty And The Haywoods - Mystic Stranger (LP: Excuse Me, I've Got A Life To Catch 1981)

John Edwards - Messing Up A Good Thing (LP: John Edwards 1973)

David Oliver - Could It Be Love (LP: Rain Fire 1979)

Breakwater - You Know I Love You (LP: Breakwater 1978)

Rance Allen - Where Did We Go Wrong (LP: I Feel Like Going On 1980)


Bill Withers feat. Jose Feliciano - Can We Pretend (LP: +'Justments 1974)

5th Dimension - We Could Fly (LP: Star Dancing 1978)

Isley Brothers - Here We Go Again (LP: Go All The Way 1980)

Dionne Warwick - (I'm) Just Being Myself (LP: Just Being Myself 1973)

Jackie Wilson - You're The Song I Can't Stop Singing (LP: Nobody But You 1977)

Love Unlimited - I Can't Let Him Down (LP: He's All I've Got 1976)

City Limits - Love Is Real (LP: Circles 1976)

Zoom - I Believe In You (LP: Saturday, Saturday Night 1981)

Peabo Bryson - I've Been Down (LP: Turn The Hands Of Time 1981)

Charme - Never (Gonna Let You Go) (LP: Let It In 1979)

Ronnie Dyson - You're Number One (LP: Love In All Flavors 1977)

Wilson Williams - It's Gonna Work Out Fine (LP: Up The Downstairs 1978)

Weldon Irvine - I Love You (LP: Sinbad 1976)

Prince Phillip Mitchell - Top Of The Line (LP: Top Of The Line 1979)

Links as follows:




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Classicsoulradio.biz Show 9 - Sunday 29th April 2012



O. C. Smith - Together (Soulpersona Re-Edit) (LP: Together 1977)

Curtis Mayfield - Back To The World (LP: Back To The World 1973)

Willie Hutch - Get Ready For The Get Down (LP: Mark Of The Beast 1973)

West Wing - I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby (LP: West Wing 1975)

The Impressions - If It's In You To Do Wrong (LP: Finally Got Myself Together 1974)

The Impressions - If You Have To Ask (LP: Loving Power 1976)

The Impressions - I'm a Fool For Love (LP: It's About Time 1976)

The Impressions - All I Want To Do Is Make Love (LP: Come To My Party 1979)

Dyson's Faces - Welcome To All This Love Again (LP: Dyson's Faces 1975)

Al Hudson & The Soul Partners - Trying To Prove My Love (LP: Especially For You 1977)

Ike White - Happy Face (LP: Changin' Times 1976)

Charles Veal - New Found Love (LP: Believe It 1981)

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Come Go With Me (LP: All Things Happen in Time 1981)

Willie Mitchell - Reachin' Out (LP: Willie...Listen...Dance 1981)

Cameo - Use It or Lose It (LP: Knights of the Sound Table 1981)

Webster Lewis - Reach Out (LP: Let Me Be The One 1981)

Debra Laws - Your Love (LP: Very Special 1981)

Rockie Robbins - I'll Turn To YouvI Believe In Love 1981)

Jones Girls - Love Don't Ever Say Goodbye (LP: Get As Much Love As You Can 1981)

Cheryl Lynn - Show You How (LP: In The Night 1981)

Dazz Band - Knock! Knock! (LP: Let The Music Play 1981)

Zingara - Haunted House (LP: Zingara 1981)

Lamont Dozier - Nobody Told Me (LP: Working On You 1981)

Future Flight - Hip-Notic Lady (LP: Future Flight 1981)

Evelyn Champagne KingvOther Side of Love (LP: I'm in Love 1981)

Links as follows:




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Podcast now online:

Classicsoulradio.biz Show 10 - Sunday 13th May 2012


Deniece Williams - Baby, Baby, My Love's All For You (LP: Song Bird 1977)

The Imperials - Do What I Gotta Do (LP: Who's Gonna Love You 1978)

The Individuals - Never Too Late (LP: Together (We Can Make Something Happen) 1976)

The Younghearts - Make A Little Wish (LP: All About Love 1977)

Windy City - I've Got Mine (LP: Let Me Ride 1977)

L.T.D. - Love To The World (LP: Love To The World 1976)

L.T.D. - Never Get Enough of Your Love (LP: Something To Love 1977)

L.T.D. - You Must Have Known I Needed Love (LP: Togetherness 1978)

L.T.D. - Feel It (LP: Devotion 1979)

Michael Henderson - Goin' Places (LP: Goin' Places 1977)

Phyllis Hyman - Children Of The World (LP: Interpretations 1977)

Keni Burke - Give All You Can Give (LP: Keni Burke 1977)

Hodges, James & Smith - One More Love Song (LP: Since I Fell For You 1977)

Fantastic Four - I Got To Have Your Love (LP: Got To Have Your Love 1977)

Linda Clifford - Only Fooling Myself (LP: Linda 1977)

Positive Express - It's A Shame (LP: Changin' Times 1982)

Reggie Griffin - Whisper (In Your Ear) (LP: Mr. Everything 1982)

Billy Boomer - I Like What She's Doing (12" single 1982)

Bloodstone - My Kind Of Woman (LP: We Go Long Way Back 1982)

Mike & Brenda Sutton - We'll Make It (LP: Don't Hold Back 1982)

Fred Parris And The Satins - I´ll Be Seeing You (LP: Fred Parris And The Satins 1982)

High Inergy - Show Me How (LP: So Right 1982)

Atlantic Starr - You're the One (LP: Brilliance 1982)

Aretha Franklin - If She Don't Want Your Lovin' (LP: Jump To It 1982)

Crown Heights Affair - Heart Upside Down (LP: Think Positive 1982)

Dazz Band - Just Can't Wait Till Tonight (LP: Keep it Live 1982)

Coffee - Fantasy (LP: Second Cup 1982)

Tomorrow's Edition - A Song For Everyone (LP: A Song For Everyone 1982)

Links as follows:




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Podcast now online:

Classicsoulradio.biz Show 11 - Sunday 20th May


Lonnie Liston Smith - We Can Dream (LP: Loveland 1978)

Brainstorm - Waiting For Someone (LP: Stormin' 1977)

Brainstorm - Loving Just You (LP: Journey To The Light 1978)

Brainstorm - If You Ever Need To Cry (LP: Journey To The Light 1978)

Brainstorm - Brand New Day (LP: Journey To The Light 1978)

Brainstorm - You Put A Charge in My Life (LP: Funky Entertainment 1979)

Leroy Hutson - Ella Weez (LP: The Man! 1974)

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Baby' You Got My Nose Open (LP: Now Is The Time 1977)

Lou Rawls - One Day Soon You'll Need Me (LP: Sit Down And Talk To Me 1979)

Atlantic Starr - Being In Love With You Is So Much Fun (LP: Atlantic Starr 1978)

Love Committee - Tired of Being Your Fool (LP: Law & Order 1978)

Albert Jones - You & Your Love (LP: The Facts Of Life 1977)

Michael Henderson - In The Night Time (LP: In The Night Time 1978)

Rene Geyer - Be There In The Morning (LP: Moving Along 1977)


Archie Bell - Harder & Harder (LP: I Never Had It So Good 1981)

O'Bryan - It's Over (LP: Doin' Alright 1982)

Ren Woods - If You Come With Me (I Can Show You Love) (LP Azz Izz 1982)

MFSB - Tell Me Why (LP: Mysteries Of The World 1980)

Gene Page - With You In The Night (LP: Love Starts After Dark 1980)

Collins and Collins - I'm Feelin' Your Love (LP: Collins and Collins 1980)

L.T.D. - Lovers Everywhere (LP: Shine On 1980)

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - If You're Looking for Somebody to Love (LP: The Blue Album 1980)

Patryce 'Choc'let' Banks - Sunshine Love (LP: She's Back And Ready... 1980)

Round Trip - Higher Consciousness (LP: Round Trip 1980)

Symba - Can I Get To Know You (LP: Body Bait 1980)

Southroad Connection - Just Let Me Know (LP: Positive Energy 1980)

Ted Coleman Band - If We Took The Time (Where Do We Go From Here) (LP: Taking Care Of Business 1980)

Links as follows:




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