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Anglo American, Latest List

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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com



ENGLAND. List 571 MAY 8th 2012 Reservations 9.30 am - 5.45 pm weekdays only

Postage and packing £1.50 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.

Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )

Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).

We accept most major credit cards.

Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don't buy, so if this list is



1 The Fuzz I'm So Glad Calla M- 10

Such a biggie back in 1973

2 Total Eclipes You Took Our Heart (That Was Torn

To Pieces

Right-On M- 10

Same backing track as the rare Chris Bartley 'Since There's No Doubt'

3 Nino Tempo & 5th

Ave. Sax

Sister James A&M M- 15

Monster dance floor packer a few years ago

4 Marboo What About Love Midland Int'l M- 10

A Wigan modern biggie sounding good today

5 Sharon Britt Rescue Will Come Avco M- 15

Forgotten Mecca spin sounds pretty good to us

6 Incredibles I Can't Get Over Losing Your Love Audio Arts! M- 20

Truly superb - great oldie needed to ring the changes

7 Freddy & The

Sounds Of Soul

You're The Beat Of My Heart Pearl M- 10

Neat early group dancer

8 Wes Wells & The


From The Top Of My Heart Torrid M- 8

The Windy City poured 'em out. Great group mover

9 A C Tilmon Girl You Thrill Me Eastbound WD M- 10

Tremendous stuff from 1973. Detroit Emeralds singer

10 Universal Mind Something Fishy Going On Red Coach M- 15

Simply FANTASTIC 1974 modern soul dancer

Don't forget to check out our website - new additions every week.

Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60's, 70's, 80's etc



100 mint condition U.S. label originals.

Stompers, R&B dancers, Modern winners, Beat ballads.

You can't go wrong!! (price includes P & P)

N. B. Overseas customers - shipping price on request


11 Betty Turner Be Careful Girl Liberty D M- 200

12 Dusty Wilson Can't Do Without You Bronse M- 150

13 Mack Starr Down By The Waterhole Chene M- 200

14 Bobby Guitar Wood It's Mighty To Know Colt M- 200

15 Kool Blues (I'm Gonna) Keep On Loving You Capsoul M- 100

16 Ric-Shaws Heart Full Of Pain Delma M- 100

17 Robert 'Red Top'


Your Future Soulsations M- 200

18 Jo Jo Petite Joey Boss M- 250

Same backing track as Little Jeanette 'Crazy Crazy'. Rare

19 Ernie Washington Lonesome Shack Chattahoochee VG++ 200

20 Lela Martin You Can't Have Your Love Melatone VG++ 200

21 Four Tracks Like My Love For You Mandingo M- 800

22 Masqueraders I Got The Power La Beat M- 200

23 Maurice & The Radiants Baby You've Got It Chess M- 25

24 Don Gardner Is This Really Love Cedric M- 300

25 De Vons Someone To Treat Me King M- 50

26 T J Williams Baby, I Need You Josie M- 350

27 Clovers Try My Lovin' On You Josie M- 50

28 New Young Hearts A Little Togetherness Soultown M- 50

29 Chuck Wright Love I Won't Be A Fool Anymore Ember VG++ 30

30 Brothers Of Soul Come On Back Boo M- 50

31 Marlina Mars I'm Gonna Hold On (To Your Love) MGM D M- 35

32 Van Dykes Save My Love For A Rainy Day Mala M- 250

33 Buck Rogers Movement Take It From Me Girl 21st Century M- 125

34 Endeavors Beware Of Your Friends Empire State VG+ 185

Quite a few marks but plays very well with little excess sound

35 Mighty Lovers Mighty Lover Boo-Ga-Loo VG++ 150

36 O'Jay's Hold On Minit D M- 30

37 One'sy Mack Never Listen To Your Heart Ghetto M- 50

38 A C Reed My Baby's Been Cheating Cool M- 100

39 Spellbinders We're Acting Like Lovers Columbia WD M- 30

40 Carole Waller This Love Of Mind U.S.A. D M- 150

41 Prophets My Kind Of Girl Stephanye M- 20

42 E Rodney Jones R & B Time Tuff M- 25

43 Fabulous Peps With These Eyes Wee 3 VG++ 25

44 Ann D'Andrea Don't Stop Lookin' Jamie VG++ 20

45 Marke Jackson I'll Never Forget You Jamie WD VG++ 40

46 Irma Thomas The Hurt's All Gone Imperial WD M- 30

47 Clydie King My Love Grows Deeper Imperial WD M- 150

48 Celestrals Chain Reaction RCA Victor M- 100

Rare black label issue copy. Good flipside too

49 Beverly Ann Gibson A Three Dollar Bill Jubilee M- 150

Rare black issue copy

50 Perfections Can This Be Real Calgar M- 150

51 Ozz & His Sperlings Can You Qualify Goldenway WD VG++ 250

52 Lonnie Lester You Can't Go Nu-Tone M- 100

53 O'Kaysions Girl Watcher North State M- 30

First label before ABC

54 Cashmeres Finally Waking Up (Bashful Man) Ninandy WD M- 200

55 Vontastics Lady Love Moon Shot D M- 25

56 Dramatics All Because Of You Sport M- 75

57 Jackie Lee Oh, My Darlin' Mirwood M- 25

58 Frances Nero Keep On Lovin' Me Soul 35020 M- 75

59 Buster Jones Baby Boy Sure-Shot M- 35

60 Derek Martin If You Go Sue M- 50

61 Lorraine Chandler Tell Me You're Mine Giant VG++ 200

Very strong VG++ almost mint minus

62 Henry Richardson Dancing Girl Elois M- 40

63 Bobby Bland Shoes Duke M- 20

64 Bud Harper Wherever You Were Peacock D M- 200

65 The Gee's Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing Port M- 50

66 Four Exceptions You Got The Power Parkway M- 125

67 Ben Zine Village Of Tears Parkway WD VG++ 160

68 Fred Hughes Don't Let Me Down Vee Jay M- 20

69 Chuck Bridges Don't You Make Me Cry Scoop D VG++ 75

70 Jack Montgomery Dearly Beloved Scepter M- 250

71 Eldorados You Make My Heart Sing Torrid M- 25

72 Magnificent Men Babe, I'm Crazy 'Bout You Capitol D M- 25

73 Darryl Stewart Name It And Claim It Wand D M- 150

74 Deena Johnson The Breaking Point Wild Deuce WD M- 100

This is Jo Armstead

75 Howard Tate Baby, I Love You Verve M- 20

76 Blossoms That's When The Tears Start Reprise M- 30

77 Maurice Williams Being Without You Deesu M- 100

78 Donald Jenkins Somebody Help Me Cortland D M- 100

79 Mitchell


You've Been A Long Time Comin' ABC Probe WD M- 30

80 Mirettes Ain't My Stuff Good Enough Zea WD M- 20

81 Magic Tones Let's Let Our Love Roll On Mah's WD M- 20

82 Johnny Nash Strange Feeling Argo D VG++ 25

Rare promo

83 Spindles Ten Shades Of Blue ABC VG++ 25

84 Bobby Duke Smothering Your Love Verve D M- 25


85 Ghetto Children It's Not Easy To Say Goodbye Roulette WD M- 100

86 Revealers They Had A Party At Watergate Paramount D M- 250

87 Gino Washington I'm So In Love Atac Int'l M- 350

88 Robert Ramsey Like It Stands Hot 100 M- 100

First label before Kent, a pretty scarce one

89 Prophecy Rain In My Life All Platinum M- 150

90 New World We're Gonna Make It Polydor M- 500

91 Superstars feat. Willie White Come To Me T.A.P.S. M- 300

92 Frankie Kah'rl I'm In Love Gordy 7153 M- 200

Rare issue copy - this side only on issue

93 Chain Reaction Search For Tomorrow Blue Wave M- 300

94 Swiss Movement I Wish Our Love Would Last Forever Gold M- 300

95 Table Of Contents Wrapped Around Your Finger Lake M- 100

96 Life Tell Me Why Reprise VG++ 200

Very rare orange issue of the Mecca classic. Not mint but such a tough one

97 Velvet Hammer I Can't Believe Chila M- 300

Very rare on 7" as opposed to the twelve

98 Leroy Hutson Love O' Love Curtom D M- 15

99 David Ruffin You Can Come Right Back To Me Motown 1187 M- 25

100 Barbara Hall You Brought It On Yourself Innovation II M- 25

101 T.N.J.'s Don't Forget About Me Chess D M- 25

102 Bill Harris Am I Cold, Am I Hot RCA Victor M- 125

103 Identities When Love Slips Away House Of The Fox M- 25

104 Sly Slick & Wicked Sho' Nuff People M- 100

105 Cathedral Sugar Pie Guy Merdian M- 50

Very obscure version of the Joneses record

106 Soul Survivors Go Out Walking Atco M- 20

107 Joann Garrett I'll Always Remember Duo WD M- 20

108 Elements Just To Be With You Saru M- 30

109 Modulations Your Love Has Me Locked Up Buddah M- 25

Non album - great seventies mover


110 Johnny Maestro Phone Booth On the Highway APT VG++ 100

111 Leon Peterson Searching Bobbin WD M- 200

112 George Allen Come On Home Solo Play M- 250

113 Anita Tucker He's An Evil Man Vende VG++ 100

Very rare R&B mover out of L.A.

114 Young Jessie I'm A Lovin' Man Mercury D VG++ 100

115 Mary Moultrie You Gotta Hum Americana VG++ 150

116 Benny Spellman Ammerette Minit M- 100

117 Marilyn Brown Fortune In Love DRA M- 50

118 Clarence & Calvin Rooster Knees & Rice Atco WD M- 30

119 Clydie King & Mel Carter Who Do You Love Philips WD VG++ 35

120 James Booker Gonzo Peacock M- 15

121 Sonny Boy


Trying To Get Back On My Feet Checker D M- 20

122 Ernie Thomas One More Tear Jody M- 75

123 Floyd Smith Why Did You Break My Heart Mellow M- 50

Fantastic R&B styled pounder

124 Wally Cox Come On Home Cordon VG++ 30

125 Persians Teardrops Are Falling Goldisc VG++ 25

126 Martha Carter Nobody Knows Ron M- 25

127 Fenton Robinson I Believe Palos VG++ 35

128 Lightnin' Slim You Know You're So Fine Excello VG++ 15

129 Annisteen Allen Let It Roll Todd VG++ 25

134 C & C Boys Hey Marvin Duke D M- 20

135 Ace Cannon Soul For Sale Hi D M- 15

136 Chick Carbo Two Tables Away Instant M- 25

137 Carla & Rufus Cause I Love You Atco WD M- 15

138 Faye Carol Lives Hit M- 75

139 Linda Carr Sweet Talk Sar WD M- 30

140 Martha Carter You Can If You Think You Can Ron WD M- 30

141 Mel Carter Time Of Young Love Derby M- 25

142 Al Casey Combo Jivin' Around Stacy M- 15

143 Chanteurs You've Got A Great Love Vee Jay M- 25

144 Chants Chicken N' Gravy Checker M- 15


Danny Owens I Can't Be A Fool For You

b/w Lydia Marcelle It's Not Like You

OSV 053


M 8



I Can See Him Loving You

b/w Skull Snaps It's A New Day

OSV 054


M 8

Skull Snaps My Hang Up Is You

b/w Skull Snaps I'm Your Pimp

OSV 055


M 8


V/A Northern Soul Collector Vol 2 OSCD 033 12

26 tracks of Northern Soul music - includes Joe Murphy, Gene Chandler, Clarence Murray,

Joe Haywood, Jackey Beavers, Sam Baker and much more. Recommended purchase

Edited by Quinvy

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