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Mr Manships Auction Results 9-5-2012

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Richard Caiton

Where Is The Love C/w Thank You

It has been fully 5 years since we last had the honor of listing this uplifting rarity from a Son of Philippe d'Orlans.

Just how much happiness can one pack into a song - Richard Caiton knows exactly how to take that challenge to the very limit. Which hundreds witnessed at his recent debut live performance in the UK @ Soul Essence where he won hearts, soul and friends.

This 45 is like all his records RARE in the extreme - the sound-file will tell you everything you need to know about the man and his miraculous falsetto vocal.

Killer upbeat dancer - back with a ballad that could well moisten your eyes.

A real Star on a record that would be the star in any serious rare 70s collection.

Vinyl has some light surface marks - BOTH sound file have been lifted directly off this actual disc.

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was £ 438.00


Gladys Knight And The Pips

No One Could Love You More

Previously only available as the 1972 album track from "STANDINGOVATION" Stml11208 on a album track.

EMI UK in 1973 decided that "No One Could Love You More" would be a fine flip-side choice for the re-promoted "Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me". Fine indeed as near 20 years later it became an instant Northern Soul dance floor hit, as another innovative NS Jock dug past the obvious for his turntable selections.

So what more can we can about this decidedly rare Mint - DEMO! Other tan it's only our 2nd. copy in over 15 years!!

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was £ 141.00


Willie Tee

First Taste Of Hurt C/w Funky Funky Twist

Willie Turbinton one of the GREATS of SOUL!

This his one of his many Northern Soul favourites - the 2nd mix of his most defiant recording.

"Get Ready For Your First Taste Of Hurt"

If you miss this emotion-stirring New Orleans masterpiece in flawless condition, it will hurt.

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was £ 205.00



Greetings! ...we're The Monitors

You are about to here the most-inviting soundfile this website has ever been graced with. The Monitors never had one 45 released in the UK. So this1969EMI after-thought will leave you wondering why we were deprived of this most-talented Motown gathering.

The sound-sample will reveals 2 top-drawer non-45 Northern Soul dancer, 4 of their very best VIP recording and a sublime vocal-group harmony stroller. We've left off their wonderful "Soul" label recordings because you most probably know them.

A mind-blowing compilation of everything that was non-commercial but the very best that Motown ever offered.

This is the extremely elusive 1969 UK stereo press, with no flaws except light browning on the back cover where the last owner has hugged it for the last 43 years.

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was
£ 124.00

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The winning bid was £ 124.00



Sugar C/w

1967 Beverly Hills vocal group creation that has taken the Soul Clubs of the North by a storm.

A group joins the spoken intro; which collides with a penetrating piano which runs the full coarse of the recording, prompting, interrupting and encouraging some totally wild vocal-group harmony vocals.

Killer instrumental breaks, Piano & bongo fight for position with blaring girls, rolling-tongues and those of so insuppressible make vocals.

Soul fuses with Latin to craft a awesome piece of Northern Soul - flip side is an overlooked Deep Soul delight.

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was £ 311.00


Zoot Money's Big Roll Band

Big Time Operator

Flamingo Club will remain in the history of the 60s British MOD culture for ever. This legendary haunt for the smoke's "The IN Crowd" gave birth to the reputations of Jimmy James & The Vagabonds, Geno Washington & His Ram Jam Band, Georgie Fame, Shotgun Express to name but a few.

After talking to an original MOD recently he said his most memorable night was watching Zoot Money Big Band live @ Cheateux Impney, Droitwich he thought? Which was hardly surprising as this group not only had one crazy-rasping lead vocalist, but also boasted Baritione Sax,Piano, Hammond Organ, Bass, the usual guitars & drums driven by a defiant attitude.

This single characterized everything a MOD wanted to be - "Big Time Operator" ultimately becoming an anthem, selling reasonably well on the back of portraying a current lifestyle.

As this beautiful RED & WHITE DEMO it's speaks history, culture &collectability in just mammoth proportions.

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was £ 74.00


Reggie Saddler Combo

Hear My Song

This record just screams The Carolina's! Hickory, North Carolina to be exact.

North Carolina again serves us with a horn driven breezy Northern Soul dancer of the rarest kind! Take a listen to street born feelgood 60s dance in which Reggie is relentless in delivering an highly charged vocal over the top of a potent backing and wait for the amazing instrumental break - that just goes off without warning - the Reggie ups the stakes holding notes, hitting the high points with unfaltering ease.

Killer tune that hardly anyone owns - so rare -so very very good.

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was £ 411.00



Let's Make It Last C/w She's Always There

Forgive the pun but this really is "solid" Detroit; that has sat under the radar for decades suffering only from it's own rarity, as this disc gives up not one but two fabulous Motor City male-vocal-group Northern Soul dancers.

Topside is an atmospheric George Clinton composition elevated by swirling strings and a signature LeBaron / Solid Hitbound production, that the Fellows attack with a blend of the snarling lead vocal supported by smooth-as-silk harmony vocal support, crafting a seamless but gritty dancer.

Flip it over muscle-bound horns join the proceedings on a jerky Northern Soul dancer of equal potency!

A rare disc offering two killers from Detroit with the added attraction of the George Clinton / Parliament connection. Not only as a writer but suspiciously singing as these vocals are so, so "Parliamentesque".

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was
£ 409.00

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Silky Hargraves

I'll Keep On Trying C/w Love, Let's Try It Again

Some record reviews are just so easy.

Catch that label vista.

Click the double-sound-file.

Lee Rogers (writer) Dale Warren (arranger) William Garrett (producer)

You just want it don'tcha...

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was £ 218.00



Good Luck My Love C/w What You're Doing To Me

It is quite amazing how may people have never heard this 45.

Amazing because it is unashamedly BRILLIANT - on both sides.

1965 as the Motown Sound was flying high with unparalleled sales. Chicago needed a piece of the action. Mimicking this style of music, Fontella Bass, Jackie Ross had already made in roads with reasonable sales for Chess. Wade Flemons, Burgess Gardner & Andre Williams joined forces to forge this girl Group into double-brilliance.

There were of course total failures - this is one of those passed over releases that never sold a bean.

Take a listen if you don't already know this dual-delight and you will be asking two very pertinent questions. 1. Why a record of this quality has never received the copious Northern Soul clubs plays it obviously deserves. 2. Why don't you own a copy... it's AWESOME!

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was £ 208.00


Blues & Soul

No. 1 October 1967

October the 1st of 1967 a British Soul institution was born. The release of the very first edition of BLUES & SOUL quickly became the monthly information line of contact with Black America.

The "John Lee Hooker" cover of debut issue offered the reader insidePRESIDENT RECORDS advert, Dust My Blues - column. Sam & Bill pic and write up. Aretha Franklin by Simon Frazier + full page pic. SKA column + a full page ISLAND SKA lp advert that made me drool, pause for breath...plus

Little Milton full page pic & bio. "Spotlight On" is a full page pic of B. B. King. Atlantic / Stax advert thanking the British public for placing International artist Otis Redding @ #1 underlining the strength & demand for SOUL in Britain in the mid-60s. It was the "IN" music and this magazine went on to be the "IN" read...

This is the very first issue - of a magazine that went on through 4 decades shaping many teenagers musical taste sand ultimately their lives.

A vital piece of Northern Soul history...

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was £ 49.00



You'll Never Make The Grade C/w This Love Of Ours

Perfectionists! seekers of the Northern Soul Records with unique provenance in the best possible condition, check this out.

Totally MINT "unplayed" 1st press copy of a high ranking Northern Soul classic complete with the ORIGINAL SLEEVE adorned with label owner Joey Jefferson's two Los Angeles contact numbers and the name of who the record was intended for in that 1967 mailshot.

Two X's on the label mean this is the closest your ever likely to get to aPROMO copy. Condition your certainly not gonna see a finer one.

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was
£ 109.00

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All The Way From Heaven C/w Sad Avenue

Why this sublime mid-60s New York vocal-group session has not hit the real-big ticket is a mystery.

Freddie Perren's subtle arrangement cradles a sublime lead vocal, bolstered by an effective echo-chamber vocal-harmony-chorus. This records drips with all that is good with vocal-group Northern Soul; carefully constructed to maximize the vocal clarity woven into a harp and guitar mix that provides the irresistible dance-beat arrangement with Detroit style mini-instrumental breaks embroidered the full length of the song. SUPERB!!

If that wasn't enough the flip side is 60s Sweet Soul Nirvana - a truly gorgeous stepper of the highest order.

PS the smart ones amongst you will not have missed this offering is the stupidly rare PINK stock copy....in lovely clean condition.

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was £ 107.00


Erroll Dixon

The Hoop

Oh yes!! Street-level English SOUL from 1966.

An intoxicating dancefloor experience, relentless thumping Northern Soul R&B, that from the first note to the very last, will leave you breathless.

John Farrar played this recently at the "Copper Tops", Worcester. I myself spun it at the last 2 mighty "STUTE" happenings. The reaction was identical - it not only rammed the floor, it kept the floor going for the rest of the set.

Absolutely compelling Northern Soul floor-shaker!

with absolutely no USA release.

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was
£ 148.00


Joey Dee And The New Starlighters

How Can I Forget Vocal / Instrumental

If you seriously collect Northern Soul classic original the chances are you don't own this one. The authentic original with the RAISED X in the deadwax

Paul Edward Bezanker wrote a wonderful guide to CONNECTICUT music, in fact one of the finest "State Music" guides ever compiled. Accurate to the extreme needless to say this East Hartford distributed was not mention in anyway.

All the usual searches you guys reference will reveal ONE copy only auction this century. Crazy I know - but this as an original press is acutely RARE!

A simultaneous Monster spin Wigan Casino & Cleethorpes Pier, so if you serious about owning all the proper floorshakers from the halcyon days; this copy is Mint - in every respect.

Sorry, this item has already been won!

The winning bid was
£ 118.00

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Guest allnightandy

I paid more than that for a worse condition of the reggie saddler. A bunch of other stuff was expensive though.

It's not expensive it's an auction , it's only worth what people think it's worth

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Guest allnightandy

great observation, I had not thought of that

Glad to be of help :D

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