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The Friendship

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Friday 24th September

Yup... Looks to be a good do!! Should be some top tunes spun by guests:

Graham Slater

Tony Hatfield

+ residents:

Mark & Geordie

Doors open 8pm 'til late, £3 admission.

Directions from M1 (5 mins):

Leave motorway at J37, proceed towards Barnsley, over pelican crossing to traffic lights on major cross-roads. Turn left; follow this road for a half-mile, look out for 'Tom Treddlehoyle' Pub on left and turn left immediately before it. Follow this road for a quarter-mile, Friendship Pub on right at junction.

For more info call:

Ian (Geordie) Johnson - 07931 523103

Mark Whiteley - 07810 707597 (or PM me)

I'd attach a scan of the flyre but my bloody scanner's not working(!)...

Hope to see you there,

Geordie & Mark!

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As promised, here's the playlist (or part of it anyway)... Dr. John & Tony's double spot (if anyone can help, the ones in red are wants):

Kim Weston - Thrill A Moment

Tangeers - Let My Heart And Soul Be Free

........ St. James (sorry, couldn't hear what he said) - You're the First One

Marion Stewart - I Must Be Losing You

Gene Toones - What more Do You Want - Love it, love it, love it! :D

Luther Ingram - If It's All The Same To You Babe

Constellations - I Don't Know About You

Friendly People - Nothing But the Blues

Bill Bush - I'm Waiting

Four Voices - My Love Is Getting Stronger

Drapers - Your love has Gone Away

Darrell Banks - Open The Door To your Heart

Majestics - I Love Her So Much It Hurts Me - from Spanish LP!!

5 Royals - Catch that Teardrop

Dottie & Millie - Talking About My Baby

Susan Raffey - Hurts So Bad

Joey Delorenzo - Wake Up To The Sunshine Girl

Victors - Hurt

Larry Clinton - She's Wanted - And yes... It's a real one!

Jackie Wilson - Becaue Of You

Bobby Hutton - What's Left Of Me

Swoops - Something About My Baby

Dee Dee Sharp - I'm just A Little Girl

Lou Pride - I'm Coming Home In the Morning

Rita Dacosta - Don't bring Me Down

And also a couple of wants a friend of mine asked me to find:

Joanne Touchstone - Walk On Softly

Doug Banks - Ain't That Just Like A Woman

Z.Z. & Co. - Getting Ready For the Getdown

Next month also looks to be a good un too (will post on 'upcoming events' closer to actual night)...

Friday 29th October

Sould be able to read flyer attachment - click to enlarge (excuse B&W, scanner's playing up... again!), but if you can't:

Guests: Tony Padgett & Paul Morrall

+ Mark & geordie.

Directions in first post.

For info call:

Mark - 07810 707597

Geordie - 07931 523103


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Friendly People - Nothing But the Blues

Andy Dyson had one of these I think!

5 Royals - Catch that Teardrop

On e-bay on a weekly basis, has turned up in what appears to be quantity so shouldn't be that hard to track down a copy.

Your avatar needs reducing Billy, or is it just this end?

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Hi Geordie!

Glad to see that the Friendship went well!

Sorry we couldn't make it, just started a new job, which means I work 'till 11:30 on Fridays, so unfortunatly the friday soul nites are now 'out of bounds' for the time being! See you at the Holgate next Saturday tho'! cool.gif

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