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Mark Rez Reduced Sales - Most Stuff Now Half-Price...dean Parrish (Uk) Clausel 7" Maxine Brown (Uk) Etc - Genuine Half-Price Sale

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Ta...Mark Rez


Wilmer and the Dukes 'Give Me One More Chance' / 'Get It' (Action / UK / 1968 / VG+) £15 £8

( Lovely OG UK red/yellow swirl Action UK press - 2 quality sides - topside driving Northern and more R&B-flava'd on the flip - lotsa surface marks and a bit of crackle so priced competitively... )

Booker T. & The MG's 'Red Beans And Rice' / 'Be My Lady' (Atlantic / UK / 1965 / VG+) £20 £10

( Hard, black Atlantic press for this early, raw R&B-Jazz-Funk double-sider from these amazing musicians...little bit of crunch so down from £30... rock hard grooves....)

Grace Jones 'I Need A Man' / 'Instrumental' (Beam Junction / USA / 1977 / M-) £5 £2

( Yes - THE Grace Jones before she hit the big time on Atlantic etc etc re corded a few sides in NYC under the supervision of Tom-Tom (he said she was a complete nightmare to work with - how surprising...WD copy here too - actually works better as an instrumental than a vocal...)

Lee Dorsey 'Get Out Of My Life, Woman' (Bell / UK / 1966 / VG+) £10 £5

( Nice Bell original - lotsa scuffs / marks but plays loud and proud - killer Drums as sampled more times than I care to mention... )

Al Wilson 'Show And Tell' (Bell / UK / 1973 / Ex+) £8 £4

( Unplayed big 'A' demo copy with 'Listen To Me' on the flip - this and Willie Clayton's are my very fave versions of this Jerry Fuller song - I also have an unplayed issue copy with 'La La Peace Song' on the flip that I'd like £2 for please... )

Bettye Swann 'Make Me Yours' / 'I Will Not Cry' (CBS / UK / 1967 / VG+) £40 £20

( Lotsa surface marks / scuffs and looks rough but plays well with (some) background crackle - not over-intrusive though....can the buyer please remind me to dig out a correct UK CBS custom sleeve to ship this in? )

Cannonball Adderley 'Why Am I Treated So Bad' / 'I'm On My Way' (Capitol / UK / 1967 / VG+) £10 £5

( Lovely copy of this wonderful Axelrod joint....nice / tough / wanted on black UK Capitol press... )

Dobie Gray 'See You At The Go-Go' (Charger / USA / 1965 / Ex+) £8 £4

( I've never actually had one of these before..and - just noticed that it was produced by Gene Page..?! He musta been a young lad when he did this, right? All-time classic Northern Soul floor-filler in immaculate shape apart from a drill hole...right back to the dawn of our 'scene... )

The Vontastics 'Day Tripper' / 'My Baby' (Chess / UK / 1966 / M-) £20 £10

( Chess UK black label issue copy of this wicked NS dancer / stomper - 100 MPH all the way - condition is incredible here....never even seen a UK press of this before - have had a few on US Chess but this is a first... )

Etta James 'Tell Mama' / 'I'd Rather Go Blind' (Chess / UK / 1967 / Ex+) £25 £12

( I still CANNOT believe that she's passed..truly one of the most inspirational and hugely-talented people to ever walk God's earth....and I don't bandy that kinda talk around too easily, believe me....superlative double-sider in optimum condition.... )

Georgie Fame 'Move It On Over EP' (Columbia / UK / 1965 / VG) £10 £5

( Sadly no pic sleeve on this - dinked middle too and lotsa marks / scuffs on the wax but it plays clean - no pops etc - 4 great Georgie tracks 'High Heel Sneakers' , 'Walking The Dog' , 'Rocking Pneumonia...' and 'Move It On Over' - outstanding artist.... )

Mose Allison 'Mose Allison Singes The Blues EP' (Columbia / UK /1962 / VG+) £15 £8

( Wonderful EP...one of the first Mose Allison records I've ever had, actually...I've long loved this guy's voice and have always been an admirer of his songwriting prowess and here we get several of his best 'Baby, Please Don't Go' , 'I Love The Life I Live' , 'Back On The Corner' + 3 more odes - just a joy - sadly no pic sleeve here if there ever was meant to be one? Incredible voice - please have a listen... )

The Philly Devotions 'I Just Can't Say Goodbye' / 'Inst' (Columbia / USA / 1974 / Ex+) £10 £5

( Tom-Tom Moulton's in the mix for this John Davis production with a highly percussive instrumental mix on the flip - all-time NYC Disco classic.... )

Love Exchange 'Got To Find A Disco pts 1 & 2' (Dance Disk / USA / 1978 / M-) £20 £10

( UNPLAYED COPY - maaad rare on 7"...and an ex-Keb Darge @ Madame Jo-Jo's Disco-Funk spin that has always been tough to find on 7" (I've had the 12" loadsa times...big and huge Greg Carmichael production job, aided and assisted by my friend and yours, Patrick Adams... )

Joe Tex 'Under Your Powerful Love' (Dial / USA / 1975 / M-) £20 £10

( Unplayed copy of one of THE most mesmeric / unusual 70s Northern Soul dancers on the block...when I first moved to London in 1984, I remember finding a copy for £1 on Cheapo Cheapo's Rupert Street market stall (just as it was blowing up big on the 'scene) and thinking 'the streets of London really are paved with gold'.........immaculate 45... )

Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford 'Need Your Lovin' / 'Tell Me' (Fire / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £8£4

( Quality R&B double-sider from these 2 legends that comes correct in a (rare in itself) Fire custom sleeve - tune......wonderful condition.... )

Valentino 'I Was Born This Way' (Gaiee / USA / 1975 / VG+) £10 £5

( Cool, OG copy of this 'anthemic' Disco-Soul dancer that got played on the Northern Soul scene @ The Blackpool Mecca - wonderful dancer - as later covered by Carl Bean on Motown...few scuffs here and there so half-priced.... )

Bill Doggett 'Blues For Handy' / 'How Could You' (King / USA / 1958 / VG+) £10 £5

( Two low-slung, LA-Low Rider-styled Soul / Jazz strollers from dab hand and long-time practicioner, Bill Doggett - just such great grooves - both sides a bit scuffed up but play nice and loud and a total, total bargain @ ten quid...no YouTube available for this so I've used a clip from another, similar-sounding release from BD from same year to give you an idea of the 'sound'... )

Freddy King 'Hide Away' / 'Have You Ever Loved A Woman' (King / USA / 1960s / VG) £8 £4

( Sadly, this has got a tiny edge crack which causes it to very lightly click for a few revs but it's in no way to bad and soon fades....great slowie on flip too... )

Jimmy Castor 'Hey Leroy, Your Mama's Calling You' / 'Ham Hocks Espanol' (Mercury / UK / 1966 / M-) £12 £6

( Stone Gold club classic Funky-Latin double-sider...beautiful copy too...murder to find on UK....as I said earlier, all of JC's stuff is shooting up in price - man was a demon, right? Stunning copy here, too... )

Johnny Nash 'Stormy' / '(I'm So) Glad You're My Baby' (MGM / USA / 1967 / Ex+) £25 £12

( Lovely, lovely version of the old Leon Ware classic (my fave version is by The Supremes - ya heard that? OMG........!!) but this is superb too - Johnny's vox are outstanding.... I've also got a VG UK copy on MGM @ £8 if anybody wants it - pretty crunchy but plays all thru with a bit of noise - could use a clean...)

Stevie Wonder 'Fingertips pts 1 & 2' (Oriole / UK / 1963 / VG+) £25 £12

( Stevie's first-ever UK record release...! On the short-lived (but much-lauded!) Oriole label...an incredibly mature debut for a 12 year old boy - he sounds like he's been doing this all of his life already!! Outstanding Soul-Jazz track/s which owe a huge debt of gratitude to both Daddy Ray Charles and Quincy Jones...sadly nowhere near M- with scuffs a-plenty and some background scrunge - plays nice and loud though - a piece of Black Music History.... )

Madeline Bell 'I'm Gonna Make You Love Me' (Philips / UK /1967 / VG+) £8 £4

( Great singer, this lady, and she makes a good fist here of this classic Motown tune - bit of crackle / crunch in the quieter parts so priced very fairly.... )

Lyn Collins 'Ain't No Sunshine' (Polydor / USA / 1972) £5 £2

( Not grading this cos it's actually cracked (my first-ever cracked record sale!) - needs to be repaired and I don't have time to do it - it's a clean crack (fnar! fnar!) and just needs a bit of TLC but I ain't got time to do it - if M-, I'd be asking £30+ here as this is one of Lyn's rarest...ask around... )

Maxine Brown 'Oh No Not My Baby' / 'You Upset My Soul' (Pye International / UK / 1964 / Ex) £20 £10

( Lovely copy again on same label design as above - 2 outstanding R&B / NS sides, few scuffs here and there but plays like a dream - wonderful, wonderful voice.... )

James T 'Beggin' / 'Time Heals All Pain' (Reid's World / USA / 1977 / M-) £50 £25

( New one on me? YET another amazing release from Clarence Reid on an FLA label (Reid's World was EXTEREMLY short-lived...) 'Beggin' is a bit saccharine-sweet for me but 'Time Heals All Pain' is waaaay better - great funky / soul inst with flute, wah-wah, great rhythm and high dancefloor appeal - about as rare as they come from that state, folks...sorry - no YouTube available for this yet... )

Desmond Dekker 'Busted Lad' / 'Travel On' (Rhino / UK / 1974 / M-) £12 £6

( Unplayed demo copy of this rocking 'Israelites' soundalike tune from golden-voiced DD - flip is getting more Roots-like...must be rare as it doesn't appear in any of Desmond's discographies that I've seen - maybe it was Demo only? Actually some great Reggae stuff on Rhino...still lots to be found, too... )

Brotherly Love 'Whole Lotta You In Me' / 'Inst' (Robinson & Son / USA / 1990 / M-) £40£20

( UNPLAYED COPY...Modern Soul dancer of the highest pedigree - was simply HUGE as a new release and became very difficult to find very quickly..... )

Ecstacy, Passion & Pain 'Ask Me' (Roulette / USA / 1974 / M-) £6 £3

( Unplayed copy of this MASSIVE Northern Soul / Blackpool Mecca dancer - love, love, love this... )

Betty Williams 'Baby Don't You Know That I Love You' (Rollins / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £30 £15

( Cracking little R&B / Sister Funk tune from a very young-sounding Betty with some heavy B3 splashes and great muted brass all thru - Betty's vox are outstanding here and actually remind me of a young Aretha Franklin in many ways cop a listen - on Bird Rollins fledgling NJ label - well-respected Deep Soul flip too 'What Can I Do'...2 great sides...sorry - no YouTube available for this one yet.. )

Billy Butler 'The Right Track' / 'The Boston Monkey' (Soul City / UK / 1969 / Ex) £20 £10

( Few scuffs to wax and a bit of wear to label but otherwise A-1...tow all-time classic NS sides from Jerry's older brother.... )

Joe Liggins and his Honeydrippers 'The Honeydripper' / 'I've Got A Right To Cry' (Speciality / USA / 1950s / VG+) £20 £10

( I can't find out anything much online about this so I'm gonna throw it out cheap - this is the original version of the tune later covered to great effect by Delores Ealy on Duplex - this version is more Boogie-Woogie in style but a mighty tune none-the-less, the (slower) flip is also great in it's own way....I know nothing about stuff like this so somebody please take it off my hands and run with it...few scuffs / marks here and there but still in incredible condition considering it's nearly 60 years old..... )

Dean Parrish 'Determination' / 'Turn On Your Lovelight' (Stateside / UK / 1966 / VG+) £40 £20

( Teeny-tiny edge warp which requires extra needle weight to play thru - 100% total and absolute Northern anthem.... )

Lee Dorsey 'Get Out Of My Life, Woman' (Stateside / UK / 1965 / Ex+) £12 £6

( Seemingly unplayed copy in correct Statside custom sleeve - lovely copy of this - the original 'Big Beat' - knoworrimean.... )

Eddie Floyd 'Big Bird' (Stax / UK / 1968 / M-) £25 £12

( Unplayed copy on stunning blue Stax label press - so, so hard to find....amazing tune as later covered to great effect by Rosetta Hightower... )

Barbara Randolph 'I Got A Feeling' / 'You Got Me Hurtin All Over' (Tamla Motown / UK / 1967 / Ex) £40 £20

( Rare TMG number (TMG 628) lovely copy - massive dancer on topside and great floater on flip....lovely condition too - just a bit scuffed...would be most other dealer's Ex+... )

Tony Aiken & Future 2000 'Soul Disco pts 1 & 2' (Tobin / USA / 1977 / Ex+) £10 £5

( Few light scuffs and some warehouse dust - otherwise clean as a whistle....huge Disco-Funk 45 - very, very tough to find.... )

Syl Johnson 'One Way Ticket To Nowhere' / 'Kiss By Kiss' (Twinight / USA / 1960s / Ex) £25 £12

( Superb Xover tune/s from Syl - Donny Hathaway-produced... )

Syl Johnson 'Get Ready' / 'Same Kind Of Thing' (Twinight / USA / 1960s / VG+) £15 £8

( Classic Syl - 2 great sides.... )

Clausel 'Let Me Love You' (Up Right / USA / 1982 / M-) £100 £75

( Ignore my M- grade, this is actually MINT cos it's unplayed (I know this to be true!) and it's a WD copy too - must admit I didn't even know this had been pressed to 7" as I've only ever run into the 12" before - stunning, stunning 2 Step / Boogie / Modern Seoul groove which is just impossible not to dance to when it comes on - huge tune @ Parkers for Dean and Richard Searling right back in the day and sounds amazing when played next to stuff like Garfield Fleming 'Don't Send Me Away' etc - so - this List now has 2 of THE greatest 2 Step tracks our scene has ever known, Clausel AND Rita Wright...how cool is that? If anybody is feeling brave / flush and wants to buy both Clausel AND Rita Wright together from me, I'll do em a good discount - ok? IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS......... )


Ashford & Simpson 'Bourgie, Bourgie' (WB / UK / 1977 / Ex+) £50 £25

( Such a TUNE....correct copy here (without the mastering fault) and with just a few scuffs here and there, certain shady dealers would instantly award this the M- grade without hesitation but not me....order with complete confidence - in correct WB custom sleeve too - this was not released in the 'States just in case anybody was wondering - UK-only rarity.... )

Atmosfear 'Dancing In Outer Space' / 'Outer Space' (Elite / UK / 1979 / M-) £15 £8

( Not gonna grade the 'Disco' custom baggie this comes in cos it's not actually part of the original release but you can safely presume that it is clean too - ok? Here is the original longer / harder mix of the tune that went onto become possible THE biggest Jazz-Funk anthem EVER....130 BPM all the way and everybody's dancin............ )

Gaylord 'Walking 42nd Street' (voc/inst) (Golden Flamingo / USA / 1979 / M-) £50 £30

( Again - appears more or less unplayed....crazy AND rare, very early Peter Brown / Patrick Adams MOOG / Disco-Funk production which again sits in that nice place between Disco and Hip Hop/Rap. Superb goodtime "party funk" with driving freestyle sax that transports you back in time to the smoke filled funky atmosphere of a 1970²s New York basement....my first-ever copy...!? MUST be rare...stunning bassline.... ...promo copy here, folks...sorry - no YouTube available for this as I type.... )

Tony Jackson 'Secretly In Love' (Opium / UK / 1987 / Ex+/M-) £30 £15

( More rare UK-0only niceness this month - I've only ever had a white label of this excellent Modern Soul dancer before so was surprised when this pic sleeve, issue copy rolled in - great tune and a might vocal from TJ - this man did several good records that are widely collected on our scenes - BIG UP........wax is A-1 and sleeve almost on a par, just slightly creased / worn...sublime condition... )

Lee McDonald 'Be My Love' (C-City / USA / 1986 / M-) £25 £12

( Wonderful Modern Soul mid-paced groover from the same man who gave us the humungously rare LP on Debbie - unplayed copy here and I hope this goes to a good home, it's a very special tune to me....many, many memories.... )

Jay Player 'Love Is The Answer' (Bevnik / USA / 1982 / M-) £25 £12

( Unplayed - red label press - copy of this irresistible Modern Soul dancer - credit to Soul Sam for making this what it was / is today - an anthem, really.... )

Stevie Wonder 'As' (Motown / Germany / 1980 / Ex+) £150 £75

( Well - I was GOBSMACKED when this rolled in - did you HONESTLY know that there was a 12" of 'As'...?! Did you?! Cos - believe me, I did NOT.........this copy is immaculate too and seems to have had less than a handful of plays....the pic sleeve it comes in is a little frayed but "it's what's in the grooves that counts" as they say...a total and absolute Grail...... )


Brainstorm 'Journey To The Light' (Tabu / USA / 1978 / VG+/Ex+) £15 £8

( Beautiful demo copy of this wonderful LP - this group's stock has been rising a lot lately and I've see any / all of their LPs hitting £50+ on the net - not here - this one's a WD copy too with a Radio Station strip - some amazing tracks here 'We're On Our Way Home' , 'Journey To The Light' , 'Positive Thinking' , 'If You Ever Need To Cry' etc etc - wow - wow - wow... )

Eon 'Eon' (Sceptre / USA / 1975 / VG/VG+) £10 £5

( Sleeve is a bit worn @ seams / frayed here and there but complete and vinyl also has a few scuffs / marks but still a very decent copy for a tenner...with the currently HUGE track 'We'll Go On' which does go on...I'll give the wax a good clean before I ship... )

Bobby Hebb 'Sunny' (Philips / UK / 1966 / Ex+/Ex+) £25 £12

( My first-ever copy of this rare UK LP...great condition too - sleeve and wax both grade high...loadsa tracks here...'Sunny' , 'Love, Love, Love' , 'A Satisfied Mind' , 'Good, Good Lovin' , 'Bread' etc etc - lovely. Quintessential 6Ts sleeve too...very fair price here... )

Millie Jackson 'Free And In Love' (Spring / UK / 1976 / EX/M-) £10 £5

( This is the ONLY place you'll find the LONG version of Millie's ever brilliant Northern Soul track 'A House For Sale' - extra 2 mins of strings and vocal harmonies and wonderful keyboard vamps - this still makes my knees tremble to this day - I'm not a big Millie J fan by any means BUT - my God - this track is quality - have ya seen how much the UK-only 7³ is making nowadays? £25+ and still rising...ya need this......exemplary copy... )

Bobby Jones & New Life 'Caught Up' (Creed / USA / 1980 / VG+/Ex+) £15 £8

( Wonderful copy of a very, very scarce Gospel-Soul LP that has always been absolute murder to find....slight ringwear to sleeve but wax is a whole grade better - my fave track here is the low-slung 2 Stepper 'Caught Up' but also well worthyu are the flute-led 'Closer To God' and the uptempo 'Joy Joy' - I think this will only be my second-ever copy...? )

The Nite-Liters 'Instrumental Directions' (RCA / USA / 1972 / Ex/M-) £12 £6

( Nic OG USA press copy of this highly-influential and ever-wonderful instrumental LP with some of this band's best-ever work like 'Afro Strut' , 'Brand X' , 'Respect To The Other Man' etc etc - minor ringwear to sleeve - wax immaculate... )

Minnie Riperton 'Adventures In Paradise' (Epic / UK / 1975 / Ex/Ex) £12 £6

( Lovely copy of what is undoubtedly her best 70s LP.... 'Baby, This Love I Have' , 'Adventures In Paradise' , 'Inside My Love' etc etc...minor wear to sleeve and a few scuffs to wax - otherwise lovely... )

Anthony White 'Could It Be Magic' (PIR / USA / 1975 / Ex+/M-) £60 £45

( I was genuinely shocked to see this priced @ £100 on another List recently!! It's a very nice LP mind you with 'Stop & Think It Over' , 'Never Let You Get Away From Me' and 'Yes You Need Love' but never worth £100 in my book...! Very slightly worn sleeve- nothing too horrendous - just a bit worn...nice LP...'promo strip' copy too - WDJ copy with Radio Station strip to front...wax appears 99% unplayed... )

Jackie Wilson 'Higher and Higher' (MCA / UK / 1967 / VG+/Ex+) £30 £15

( Beautiful copy of a rare and ever-indemand UK pressed JW LP...absolute murder to find on UK press, yellow MCA label...sleeve is a but tatty with a bit of scribble to rear and a dog-eared corner but laminate is intact - wax a whole grade cleaner and hasn't had many plays...'Open The Door To Your Heart' , 'I've Lost You' , 'I'm The One To Do It' , 'You Can Count On Me' , 'Soulville' , 'Higher and Higher' etc etc - stunning, stunning item... )

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