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Andy Dyson Records September 2012 Sales List

Record Sales Chalky



Andy Dyson Records September 2012 Sales List

E-mail Dysonsoul@aol.com

Telephone +44 (0)1302 744927 (Please leave a message if not available)

UK - Recorded delivery at £3.30 for records under the value of £40. Over £40 then it will be sent SPECIAL DELIVERY at £6.60 unless otherwise specified or requested.

Europe and the rest of the world price on request.

We cannot be held responsible for postal mishandling.

Postal Address

Andy Dyson Records

32 Wheatfield Drive



South Yorkshire

DN11 9UT

United Kingdom

WOL Writing on label

XOL Cross on label

SOL Sticker on label

WDL Water damaged label

TOL Tear on label

LD Label damage

LW Label wear

WDJ White Demonstration copy

DJ Demonstration copy

NAP Not affect play.

LF Label fade

125th Stree Candy Store — Silent Heart — Fania M- £125

125th street- silent - hey.mp3

Tyrone Ashley - I Want My Baby Back - Phil-La Ex £40.00

(Class dancer and deep ballad)

tyrone ashley-i want-let me.mp3

The Barrons - Some Kind Of Fool - Super Dome Ex+ £20.00

(Neat crossover Group Dancer &Excellent Ballad Flip)

m so.mp3

Curtis Blandon - I Need You - Tower Ex+ £20.00

(Dynamite stormer & perfect deep screamer flip)

blandon curtis-i need-young.mp3

The Blenders - Your Love Has Got Me Down - Mar-V-Lus M- £400.00

(One Of The More Elusive 45's On This Logo, Two Nice Sides)

The Bob-Wheels - Love Me (Just A Little Bit) - Tarx Ex+ £75.00

(Infectious group dancer and ballad)


Bottom And Company - Gonna Find A True Love - Motown Ex+ £200.00

(Both Sides Ever Popular 70's Soul)

Sidney Blue - Count The Ways - Recording Concepts M- £35.00

(Highly recommended double sider)


Bluesbusters - I've Gotta Get There - Capitol Ex xol - £30.00

(Cracking northern dancer & beat ballad flip)

ve gotta.mp3

Rose Brooks - I'm Moanin' - Soul City W/D M- £180.00

(Excellent dancer from the crossover hey days)

Brothers And Sisters — I Am Somebody - Toddlin Town M- £20.00

(Brill up-tempo dancer, young Marco spinning this)

brothers +sisters-somebody.mp3

Chuck-A-Luck — Hard To Satisfy — Tay-Ster WDJ Ex+ £60

(Hard edged dancer and perfect ballad flip.)

chuckaluck-hard to-not.mp3

Clay Brown - Walk With A Groove - Florentine M- £200.00

(Excellent dancer from this talented artist)

brown clay-groove.mp3

Continental 4 — The Way I Love You — Jay Walking

(Class dancer and brilliant slowie flip.)

Barbara Dane - I'm On My Way - Trey Ex+ £100.00

(Classic European favourite)

Bobby Day - Keep The Ball Rolling - Byrdland Ex £80.00

( One of his harder titles to find, two dancers)

Johnny Dee - My Baby Don't Take No Stuff - Empire Vg £80.00

(Classy deep soul, this is actually Johnny Devigne - hard to find)

Delegates Of Soul - I'll Keep Running Back - Uplook- M- £300.00

(Both Sides Marvellous Indeed, tough to find these days, so in-demand)

ll- what.mp3

The Dynamics — Yes I Love You Baby — Top Ten WDJ M- £350

(All time classic in great shape.)

The Earls - What Would Your Daddy Say - Tee-Ti M- £20.00

(Couple of nice group down pace tunes)

The Elements — When I Fall In Love Again — Del-Nita Ex+ £350

(Two obscure Sweet Group tracks)


Mill Evans - Use What You Got - Bunky - Ex+ £15.00

(Atmospheric dancer & great ballad flip)

El Shobey & Co - Never Missed What You Got-Shout - M- £20.00

(Very nice crossover ditty)

The Esquires - And Get Away - Bunky - Ex+ £15.00

(Just perfect double sider, essential)

Family Portrait — Takin' Inventory — Ghetto Vg- £80

(Couple of funky groovers. "Takin"Â side label a little off centre. Vinyl pressed central.)

family portrait-natural-takin.mp3

Eugene Gaspard — Holding On — Rosemont M- £100

(Quite rightly a popular spin, quality vocals, nice pace and a nice ballad flip.)

gaspard eugene-holding-on and.mp3

Gene Faith - My Baby's Missing - Virtue M- £20.00

(Couple of nice Philly sides)

Flamingos - Dealin (With The Feelin) - Julmar M- £15.00

(Quirky and loud dancer, sounds good)

Tee Fletcher - Would You Do It For Me - Tragar M- £80.00

fletcher tee-would you-down.mp3

Headlines - He's Looking For A Love - Luau M- £250.00

(Spanking shape Ohio oddity)

Thelma Houston — Baby Mine — Capitol Vg £130

(All time classic in nice shape. Some noise for first couple of seconds.)

houston thelma-baby mine.mp3

Mel Hueston — Searching - Cez Vista Vg wol £125.00

(Excellent old tape swappers Detroit double sider)

hueston mel-searching- i need.mp3

Jackie & Tonnetts — The Proof Of Your Love — D-Town M- £80

(Detroit girl group double sider. One of the more obscure numbers on the label.)


Etta James - I'm So Glad — Cadet M- £50


james etta-so glad-prefer.mp3

Kings Of Soul — Girl What Have You Done — Down To Earth M- £40

(Indemand dancer.)

kings of soul -girl.mp3

Lew Kirton — Heaven In The Afternoon — Alston M- £100

(All time 70's classic dancer)

Ruby Lee — I Believe In You — Poptone M- £50

(Classic Stafford dancer)

m gonna.mp3

Lori & Lance — I Don't Have To Worry — Federal DJ M- £100


Winfield Parker — I Love You Just The Same — RuJac M- sol £500

(Rare blue label copy, fantastic up-tempo dancer.)

Roosevelt & Seven C's — We Were Always Sweethearts — Rondo Vg £80

(Funky dancer and nice soulful mid-pace flip)

The Saints — I've Been taken For A Ride/The Sun Don't Shine (Everyday) — Kent DJ Ex- £75

(Nice promo of this group double sider. "Ride"Â side Ex- &"Sun"Â side Vg.)


Larry Trider — Carbon Copy — Coral DJ M- £100

TSU Toronados — Please Heart Don't Break — Rampart Street Ex+ £175


Vanguards — Gotta Have Love — Lamp Ex+ £275


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Is your Larry Trider's carbon copy still for sell ?

All the best


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I've sent Andy a message but not about at the minute. Drop him an e-mail Dysonsoul@aol.com

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I Thank you. I'm sorry I've not read your message in the beginning of your post.

Best regards.


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Hi mate do you still have the tsu toronadoes "please heart dont break" ?? Best terry

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Hi mate do you still have the tsu toronadoes "please heart dont break" ?? Best terry

Terry ,read the top of the page on bold lettering ?

Contact Andy via email or phone :)

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