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"Loveman" Ronnie Stokes for trades


I have a spare mint 12" of Ronnie Stokes monster modern soul/funk tune "Touch you again" on Philly City for trades if anyone is interested. I'm looking for trades about £200, 70's modern or crossover.


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And if you need to hear this masterpiece there's a scan + full real audio HERE.

The perfect 70s floorfiller. Luv it.


Christian B

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Spot on Christian! A truly wonderful slab of uplifting SOUL that Soul Sam played me ages ago, if memory serves right, and that, if I didn't have 2 kids and a trip to Toys-R-Us planned for tomorrow, would be in my collection quicker than you could blink. It's sounds like this that make the scene, even at this time lol, worth all the pain, anger etc etc.

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Ronnie Stokes has now found a new home.


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Off topic re.Loveman.

Thanks for the valuation on Hardcover yesterday.


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