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Compton Hodgw (One Known Island Soul) + Unknown Uk R&b Acetate, Taki Aka Taxi Cover Up, Etc

Guest digtheslowness
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Guest digtheslowness

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Up for auction i have

COMPTON HODGE - i wanna party

One known island soul funk from Guyana which no one seems to know about!


with a unissued r&b track!

TAKI time to take possession

aka TAXI, a cover up by GOOD RECORDS NYC among others, great soul funk crossover!


Unknown belgian only soul funk, cover of a garage tune!

KIRKA igor

finnish sitar funk!

THE FUNKIES funky in the hole /crazy legs

actually BLOWFLY and DONALD AUSTIN tracks on a weird colombian issue

1984 LOVE MACHINE you´re breaking my heart

a nice mid tempo northern soul track


great r&b that is a Michael Robinson spin!

plus lots of garage and psych 45s!

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