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Llanduno Niter Last nite

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Morning all

Just a quick one to pass on that Llandudno niter last nite was a very good one. A most enjoyable nite in my view.

What else happenend last nite and friday??

Was Crossfire up to the high standard of the first one?

Up round these parts , what were Lime Street, Birchfield, Caergwele and many others were on.

How did they go ?

Am sure reports be of interest to all readers, so put down yer 45s too early to play em, dont even bother trying to translate the scribbles on those crumpled flyers, just throw some words up and spread the word

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Went to St Neots 5th anniversary soul night Friday night, good solid local night, dance floor busy all night, Hammy from Bedford played an excellent spot mixing quality sixties r'n'b & a bit of crossover. Derek Allen played the last hour and after playing Kenny Thomas "Crazy World", which, incidentally packed the floor, I'm sure he said not to bother with his latest release as it's "not very good" he was struggling with a dodgy mic at the time but I'm positive that's what he was implying, anyone expand on that ?


Nick G

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