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The Voice Masters- Dance on into my heart (Bamboo) issue Vg++ £75 superb crossover dancer

Butch and the Newports- Im only a man (Black Rock) Vg+ (plays well) £50 classy 70's dancer

Blus Bag Ltd-Im gonna love (Plumm) Texan crossover dancer, same as The Intrigues Ex £100


Judson Moore-Every body push and pull (Capri) Ex £75 SOLDtape swoppers gem!

Free & Easy-Peace and Love (Carol G) Vg+ few marks but plays great (up tempo storming dancer) £120

Garland Green-Come through me (Kent Anniversary) Ex £ of the best!

Roy Wright-Hook Line & Sinker (Mica) Ex £120 revived Stafford biggie

Rickey Andrews- The next time (R.W.A) Ex £100 funky soulful dancer!

Jay Rythm-wouldnt it be a pleasure (Leo) Ex recommended crossover £50

Youtube vids on all I believe!?

Bank Transfer prefered or Paypal

Postage £2.00 first 45


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Judson Moore-Every body push and pull (Capri) Ex £75 tape swoppers gem!

What a gem :thumbup:

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Bargain on the Blues Bag LTd 45. :thumbsup:


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