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RARE 45s Soul, Modern, Funk & Private Press EBAY

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I have listed a bunch of new Soul, Funk, and Modern Soul and Funk 45s including some VERY RARE items (and will be listing a BUNCH of Rare PRIVATE PRESS LPs all throughout the check back often!), below are some of note (many have soundclips!), and if you'd like to see all at once, a link is provided at the bottom:

Mega Rare MODERN SOUL 45 COURTIAL on PIPELINE Listen (out of Bay Area, CA!)

Modern Soul 45 Downtown PIC Sleeve (sampled by Latyrx)

Rare Modern Soul 45 Frank Hooker and the Positive Peope

Modern Soul 45 (great Double Sider) Charlie and the Coalition

Ronnie Love on Almeria (Great Soul sound!)

Soul Liberation on Creative Arts (NON-LP track!)

Killer Modern Funk 45 Sundown on Parkside

FUNK/Breaks 45 Dennis Coffey "It's Your Thing"

Mega Rare Private Funk/Soul 45 Elements of Love

Heavy Funk 45 Sisters Love "Now Is The Time"


Unreleased FUNK/Soul 45 Calif. Soul Explosion

Fast and Furious Funk/Soul 45 Mercy Men "Fifth Street" on Bee Gee

RARE Local Northern Soul 45 THE BALLADS on Wee

UNKNOWN and RARE Local Northern Soul 45 Joe Jonas on Voice

and MUCH MUCH more...if you'd like to check em all out at once (I would suggest bookmarking this page):

Hope you find something you like...and thanks for looking..

Peace and blessings,

Deejay OM (Vinyl Monkeys, Heardrums)

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will be listing taking pictures and listing some Private Press LPs tonight and tomorrow....

thanks for looking, and I hope you find something you like...

Peace and blessings,

Deejay OM (Vinyl Monkeys, Heardrums)

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  1. C On The Funk, Metallic Funk (Rare Unknown Modern Soul), Pj City, Classy Magic
    Soul Website Sales by Guest lotusland on Mon 10 Dec 2012
    • 1 / 208
    • lotusland on 10 Dec 2012
    • 2 / 1574
    • yayafunky on 28 Dec 2012
  2. 6 Killer Funk/modern 45's Smokin' Shades/master Force/pure Funk
    Record Sales by chickenbucket on Sun 07 Dec 2014
    • 3 / 1113
    • micky gynn on 07 Dec 2014
  3. June Sales Soul Funk Lps Modern Soul / Funk 45s
    Record Sales by Glynthornhill on Thu 05 Jun 2008
    • 1 / 508
    • glynthornhill on 05 Jun 2008
  4. Modern Soul Funk 45 On Ebay / Miami Funk
    Soul Website Sales by Guest funkeesoul on Sun 04 Oct 2009
    • 1 / 311
    • funkeesoul on 04 Oct 2009
  5. Classic Northern, Modern, Funk Crossover & Funk 45's
    Record Sales by tykarim on Sun 21 Mar 2010
    • 4 / 1199
    • tykarim on 22 Mar 2010
    • 3 / 505
    • laplanetesauvage on 01 Nov 2009

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