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The Wheel And Late 60S Proto Northern Soul Scenes

On 11/16/2012, 2:35:41, PeteDillon said:

thats the place, the Boulevard..its an Aagrah curry house now..I remember seeing Ellisons Hogline around Leeds a few times. Another was the Clandestine Root Soul Show..

No the pub  that is the curru hose part of the  Aagrah was called 'the Wild Man,' the club on the A64 York Rd Leeds to York I think was called the Highway man, remember Ellison's Hogline as they inevitably ended up as 'stand-in acts' for some of these who for one reason or another 'failed to trap'tinchicken.jpg.1d838a0aa7aea5fa8ef7e790d'

in the mid sixties 65/66 we would be constantly duped by the guy that promoted the above and the club on the A64, the acts would do a double spot, one at the Highwayman one at Cas, IF THEY ACTUALLY appeared they guy was an absolute con merchant, I know his name, initials KD,  and Ellison's would be the fall guys havin to stand in.

I believe he also had some thing to do with this at the Crystal Bowl


the only big 'name' actually appear was Junior Walker and the All Stars, ........Jefferson's Airplane at Cas, as Jim Royale would say my arse.

But a happy happy days

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I was one of three guys who opened the New Marquee in Leeds. Myself, Peter Brent, and John Allen (sadly deceased).

The logo and tickets were designed by me, as at the time I was a employed as a graphic artist.

We had a fantastic run with the club, bringing top names to Leeds.

I remember Pink Floyd appearing as the main attraction with Joe Cocker as support act

Pink Floyd charged £400 and we paid Joe Cocker £75...those were the days!

I met Peter Brent when he was DJ at The Spinning Disc, and have not seen him since the early 70's when we went our separate ways.

Is he still around?  

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