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Mornin' all. Just been listenin to some classics that never fail to give you the spine-tingles! Eg-Montclairs-Hey You. Lou Johnson-Unsatisfied,Ruby-Feminine Ingenuity,You Baby(forgot singer),Jackie Wilsons voice (whatever he sings)!....and.....Howard Guyton-I Watched You Slowly Slip Away....PHEW! That string break is almost sexual! Since i was 1st blown away by it on a 'come-down-Sunday' at a Great Yarmouth w'ender(where i was also blown away by Chuck Jackson, et-al,the evenin before), it has never failed to affect. This has probably been highlighted countless times b4, but this is why we love this very special music! It's like an addictive but safe,unpoisonous drug-it gets you high,but you aint gonna die! Imagine life without it-dull,drab+downright depressing! We are VERY lucky, and total grateful respect to all the singers,musicians,composers,producers and, of course, djs+discoverers,who have worked so hard to create and bring us SOUL! Thankyou always! Carl D.

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