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Big Thanks To All Who Attended University Of Worcester Rare Soul Night On 14th Jan - £1750 Raised For Cancer Research Uk

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Big thanks to everyone who came along & helped to raise this fantastic total :thumbsup: We took £600 on the door, added to that we raised £400 by lighting up the house for Christmas, so take note all ye who were encouraging people to shoot blow up Santas!!!! (not that we had a blow up Santa i might snobbily add :unsure: ) & Barclays doubled our efforts up to £750, so a big thanks to them too!!. In all a grand total of £1750

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the night, the feedback we recieved seemed to indicate that was the case.

We had a couple of teething problems e.g the computor controlled lighting system was over bright for the first hour & half which put the dancers off a bit,niether of us knew how to reset it but eventually somebody turned up to put it right. Also, the radio mic that belonged to the University was causing interferance on the sound system & the back up cable version that we had decided to pack up, so we did the rest of the night without a mic, though some might say that this improved the night no end !! Once these problems were sorted the dance floor filled & remained that way right till the end. I just don't know where some of you still get the energy (he said innocently :unsure: )

We had nice feedback from the University student union who said they thoroughly enjoyed hosting it, the young bar & security staff were really taken by the dancing, so hey, we might have brought the faith to some new belivers :thumbsup:

The music was predominently Oldies, with Wayne doing a nice Rare motown set for one hour. We also played some oldies from the local Grandstand soul nights, which took place in Worcester around 1978-79, stuff that is probably considered out of step today,things like the Spellbinders,Paul Anka,Cissy Houston,Marie Knight & in particular Andre Brasseaur - The Kid , which went down a storm !! with everybody clapping along like they did in the 70's !

The University student union have invited us to repeat the event,so watch this space !! We had hoped to sort one out for Easter time (which is why this revue has been delayed) but unfortunatley the place will now be shut as a lot of the student union staff are going away on a tour. So we are now looking at the end of May or early June.

We are hoping to get a pic of us handing over the cheque in the local paper, so if we do i will post it on the site.

Once again, Many Many thanks to everyone who came, hopefully we will see you again in May :thumbsup:

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