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Derek Pearson

Derek Pearson Bcb Radio Sat 4 Feb 8-10pm

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For anybody not going to the Lifeline w/ender and those bored of watching rubbish Saturday night tele you could try listening to me on Bradford's community radio BCB Radio 96.7FM Saturday 4th February 8-10pm. 2 hour rare soul session. All styles,all era's, all over the place blah blah blah....

World Web Web people can listen to the show via the real audio live stream - listen on www.bcb.yorks.com

Those living within a 10-15 mile radius of the transmitter can hopefully listen direct on 96.7FM. However when I've been travelling on high ground like the M62 across West Yorks I've been able to pick it up clearly. I'll be playing loadsa 45rpm records off chunky black vinyl and several alternative cuts off promo CDs. Loads of friends and venues will be getting a mention as per usual.

Thanks to Mike Hughes for streaming previous months shows.


Jackie Beavers "Come back my love" Nation;

Eugene Jefferson "Pretty Girl dressed in brown" Open;

Major Lance "Too hot to hold" Okeh;

Sharpees "I've got a secret" Onederful;

Firestones "I just can't wait" Moira;

Jimmy Soul Clark "Tell her" Moira;

James Taylor "Love with hope" Ovide;

Rosco & Barbara "Could this be love" Old Town;

Lucky Laws "Who is she" Onederful;

Gladys "Can't get you outta my mind" Ogee;

Monique "Never let me go" Maurci;

Bonnevilles "I'll be right there" Now;

Cheers 'I made up my mind' Okeh;

Little Dooley 'Now or never' North Bay;

Four Tracks 'Charade' Note;

Leontine Dupree 'Colour me foolish' Nation Time;

Lou Ragland "I didn't mean to love you" UK WB;

Vivian Reed "I'm so tired " unissued track CD;

Miss Louistine "I don't want" NWE;

Liz Lands "Don't shut me out" Onederful;

Betty Lavette "Let me down easy" unissued alt take CD;

August Moon "Wasted years" Ogee;

Larry Williams "This old heart" Okeh;

Four Tops "I can't help myself" unissued inst CD;

TSU Toronadoes "Only inside" Ovide;

Chuck Jackson "I'll fight till I win your love" CD;

Walter Jackson "After you there can be nothing" Okeh;

Otis Clay "That's how it is" CD;

Chilites "You did that to me" Oretta;

Sidney Joe Qualls "How can you say" Dakar;

Arthur Prysock "All I need is you" Old Town;

Dynamic Superiors "Don't send nobody else" CD;

Silk "Falling in love" Nation;

George Freeman "All right now" Okeh;

Joe Perkins "Think I'll go somewhere" Nugget;

Steinways "Call me " Oliver;

Artistics "This old heart of mine" Okeh;

Sunlovers "My poor heart" Mutt & Jeff;

Carol Fran "I'm gonna try" CD;

Joe & Mack "Don't you worry" Onederful;

Steve Mancha "Friday night" CD;

Star Treks "Gonna need magic" Veep;

Otis Leavill "Keep on loving" CD;

Eula Cooper "Standing by kove" Note.



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