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Risboro Llandudno - Anthing Happening?

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I haven't seen or heard about anything going on at the Risboro recently or any where else in the area (maybe people are deliberately not telling me). The Risboro is handy as It's on the flat from home and my motorised scooter manages it nicely.


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You must live fairly close to me slim, added abit below and cut and pasted some north wales/llanduno stuff

hope of use


theres a flyer up for the risboro , just follow the link below


They occasionaly post up flyers up here, not that impressed by them espically the

quote at the bottom which is a bit of a slap for anyone (and there is a fair few) who has/is put/putting events on in Llandudno over the years

Used to run the soul events at the Risboro before this lot, but they were stopped by the hotel due to complaints from the hotel next door about execisive noise. So wasn't too impressed when heard they started up nites there, not so much with the event people but with the hotel. After work and effort and cash lost when building it up well...

such is life

On event never been , a few muckers went says a strictly local social disco type of event, cds , dodgy vinyl and a crowd not usually seen at any of the other north wales or beyond soul events

Other Llandudno and North Wales Stuff

here's details of Llandudno Niter not sure just how long been running, almost sure Gary B said 10 years


Full line up and flyer out and will be posted up in events soonest

This event after the last one seems to be on a up, seems have listened to suggestions as its an almost 100% North Wales Coast DJ line up, which would say is about time as many were not happy with some of the standard of the unknown djs in prev ones and when you look at the number and the high standard of many decent djs in North Wales it dint make much sense

Would hope that ALL soul fans in North Wales pick up on this and support the upcoming one, at moment its the only regular niter in wales, and as myself reckons it gets harder and harder every week to attract long distance travellers due to the amount of events that are on uk wide nowadays, events like this in are only going to thrive if supported by ALL soul fans.

more details up later

DMSC News -

With summer over, is case of finalising full details of all DMSC events including the Drunken Monkey at Springfield Hotel A55 , Quality Rare Soul Night which attracts regulars from all over the UK, with the best respected quality top djs around, and is a nite full of the best quality rare soul you get around this corner of Wales and England

Also details of the next series of Llandudno Soul Nites

Full details inc a few interesting ones soon as ink dry etc

While here some misc North Wales News and Greetings

Belated congrats to Fran and Mark Morgan who got married last Saturday

Congrats to Kate F on her recent good news!

Farewell to Bob Shaffer who sure has now finally left back to southern england

Congrats to Johnny J on new look, looking smart boy:)

Congrats To Linda Scooter on her upcoming 40th and there's a event at Llandudno to celebrate -details when find flyer

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Thanks Mike. I might give it a look in. I used to enjoy the sessions when you were involved so hopefully I'll like what's happening now. Worth giving it a go.


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yeah its a good venue and as you say gotta be worth giving it a go

Was just thinking of the once a month soul sam sessions at the carlton sunday nite

stopped was it a year ago ? that used to be a good nite, and catch up,never see some of old muckers now

did you get that answer about postman torch ? q. forgot all about it , send name again and will phone sister direct



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