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[Rs] robert parker - lets go baby (where the action is) - nola

Jez Jones

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Title: robert parker - lets go baby (where the action is) - nola
Artist: robert parker
Track: lets go baby (where the action is)
Label: nola

721 usa Record information:

plain and simple--old soul from way back 92816

refosoul image

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  • 2 years later...

One of the first records that I bought through the post at the start of my collection.

No DEMO Exists for the UK Copy as far as I'm aware.


I have a few different coloured labels for the U.S.A. Release on NOLA but I've still to see the DEMO.
Is it a White DEMO like "I caught You In A Lie"

NOLA_721-A_S_Red-1.gifNOLA_721-B_S_Red-1.gif STYRENE

NOLA_721-A_Maroon.jpgNOLA_721-B_Maroon.jpg VINYL
NOLA_721-A_V_Yellow-1.gifNOLA_721-B_V_Yellow-1.gif VINYL
NOLA_721-A_V_Blue-1.gifNOLA_721-B_V_Blue-1.gif VINYL
NOLA_721-A_V_Black.pngNOLA_721-B_V_Black.png VINYL
NOLA_721-A_V_Red_Large.jpgNOLA_721-B_V_Red_Large.jpg VINYL

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A long time ago I put up a scan of a lovely South African copy I had, it was on Fontana I think, black and silver label with triangle centre. Really did look smart.

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Many Thanks for replies, would love to see that South African Copy Pete.

The DEMO on Nola is listed as there, but as I post this I have yet to locate a copy.

Such is the wonderful world of collecting I guess..

One person has yet to see a single copy whilst others have seen one or multiple copies.. :D

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:hatsoff2: HI ALL

TECHNICALLY the ISLAND LABEL Red & White Bow tie designed by the Saatchi Brothers in 1960, for Guy Stevens venture, did not have any DEMOS to speak off, as the Red & White label issued records aimed at Jamaicans who had emigrated to the UK from the WINDIES, and many settling in areas of London That had scene people from around the world settle into for 2 generations the move on, when I was a kid Bethnal Green was a Jewish area, now it has a Bangladeshi community, West London was where the Irish lived, the Shepherds Bush area Bayswater to Kilburn were all Irish & that's where many of the people from the WINDIES settled down Guy Stevens who spent a few years in Jamaica run his record business from Harlesden not by mistake,

When I used to work in Harlesden at the ROXY I was lucky enough to speak to many people from the music scene, it is obvious that there was no need for Demos as ISLAND did it the JA way by getting the PRE Release from the JA producers and issuing them to Local sound men Like Duke Vinn, However when it come to Island Soul output from he USA, They come up with a new idea, as the tax on US records was so high for no other than selfish greed by Decca & EMI so white British artist could record the US hit we all know this story,

But ISLAND come up with a novel way to give the DJs exclusive 1st play the pot a stamp on a few records, and posted them out to the DJs at the new soul clubs I have shown 2 examples of this, the DISCO TREVOR STAMP to me is classed as a DEMO and that's because he got everything 1st any 60s record with his name on makes the record a guaranteed 1st issue, Tony Dee is another, ISLAND always used shop stamps or money stamps or for some like DISCO TREVOR his own stamp, the SUE label followed the same sort of thing. and as we all no the black box does not have anything to do with a DEMO as I would want to see examples of records without the black box, anyone got any??

Mick Smith actually has met Disco Trevor it's a good story as long as he ain't busy??



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I have about 60 UK Sue singles and a few have small stamped A's on them as do a few of my Island 45's.My copy of Mr Dynamite has an ink stamp from the UK Shop it was sold from.I'm sure I have Barefootin on a black/white US label with Jesse Gresham Shooting The Grease on the other side.I will try and post up a bizarre Jamaican Island 45 with Millie Small's Killer Joe on one side and Spencer Davis Group Trampoline on the other.

Just found this

Speaking of tracks in need of revelations, here's the strange little mystery track I alluded to in my intro. I've pretty much come up empty on Jesse Gresham Plus 3, whose side, "Shootin' The Grease", appeared as the flip side of a re-issue of Robert Parker's "Barefootin'" on the Head label, which was run by Stan Lewis, owner of the Jewel, Paula, and Ronn labels, among others, in Shreveport, LA. Head didn't release much else, a re-issue of Aaron Neville's "Tell It Like It Is" b/w "Why Worry", and a single by the Tornados. In poking around the web on this one, I discovered that "Shootin' The Grease" is actually the same song as Gresham's two-parter, "The Penguin" that was released on Jewel (823) in 1971. The Head re-issue differs only in that it includes a drum intro that supposedly wasn't on the original. For that, they renamed the thing? Go figure. The R&B Indies date the Head releases as 1972, which sounds about right. My fellow blogger and musical archaeologist, Larry Grogan, featured this side on one of his podcasts, and thought the track might have originated in 1966; but he got that, I think, from the number on the label "SL-1966", which has nothing to do with the date. It's the matrix number for the original Jewel side, which was "The Penguin, Part 2". Part 1 was SL-1962.

As for the track itself, it is an intriguing bit of, for lack of a better term, garage funk - pretty basic, rather crudely recorded, probably cut quickly and on the cheap. But it has spunk in its effort to achieve funkitude and brings to mind "Pass The Hatchet", classic progenitor of the genre by a band of young white guys in New Orleans, Roger and the Gypsies, which was actually pretty much Earl Stanley's outfit by another name, with Eddie Bo overdubbed free associating on top. I'm not racially profiling or saying one sounds like the other here - only that there's just the right touch of amateurishness to it. And if Gresham's band were white, then, more power to 'em for going after that groove. I'm not even sure Jesse and the other three were from Louisiana, but I have found suggestions that they may have worked out of the Monroe area. I am trying to pursue that. As far as I can tell, Gresham only had one other single, Jewel 833, "Bust Out" b/w "Get It Where You Find It", from 1972. And I'm hoping to run across that one of these days, too. Again, please contact me if you have more enlightenment on this record or the band.

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I had a box of the Head reissue at some point, I already had both Barefootin & The Penguin on 45 so I ended up giving some away & then just dumped the rest, they were 1980s presses for Jukeboxes etc. No idea why those two tracks were coupled like that. There is an earlier press of the Jesse Gresham on Head with a green label too.

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  • 5 months later...

I have just acquired the Black Label copy. I think it was the first release.


Still to see a DEMO and not sure why all the different colours.

Was it a Regional thing (Pressing Plant) or different batch / release date.

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  • 2 weeks later...

There was two copies on ebay when I bought my copy.

All this time looking and then like Buses two turn up.

Hope someone enjoyed the other. Happy with my copy.

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  • 1 year later...
Guest Dave Turner


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