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[Rs] lada edmund jnr - larue - decca

Guest melandthensome

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Guest melandthensome
Title: lada edmund jnr - larue - decca
Artist: lada edmund jnr
Track: the larue
Label: decca

32007 usa Record information:

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Hi is this for sale Dave ?


PM sent...mighty rare on Japanese Decca...may be a slightly different vocal take as well...must check again! Edited by Flynny
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That's incredible I still find it amazing at what was released around the world,

if you just happen to trip over another one of those Dave you can put my name on it!


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First time I imagine anyone on Soul-Source has ever seen this pic cover...ain't she a beauty in more ways than one! :yes:


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When I first embarked on collecting Japanese presses I had no reference books, no listings and basically no idea what was released! None of the Soul collectors or shops specialised in or showed any interest in them, to my slight surprise...was their heritage as I saw it.

As the months clicked by the collectors would bring the few pieces they had to the meet ups, with most happy to move them on to me. It seemed that they only ever bothered with them if they had a good looking sleeve featuring photos not usually spotted on album sleeve art.

I then caught a lucky break in one old, old record store...a fantastic find for vinyl as it had around 10,000 original US 45's in it...and that leads me to the sleeveless Japanese copy of Lada Edmund Jr pictured above! It was literally within the first handful of discs I flicked through...in fact I didn't look at it too closely and actually thought it was a Canadian copy! Finding such a classic Northern track followed quickly by more and more pointed to the fact thst the stock was untouched by a Northern Soulie...boy did I score! Anyway, it wasn't until I got back home (with large stash if vinyl!) that I clocked that it was a Japanese press...shocked!

The store owner also had some super rare original record company catalogues from the 60's that he was kind enough to sell me...and that started the construction of my database fuelled by finding the Lada Edmund Jr...and the fact that none of the collectors had EVER heard of it existing! The copy with the sleeve popped up about 12 months later...double shocked...and the research, digging, cataloging and book writing continues!

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Great stuff Dave, love your contagious effort to get the Japanese releases recorded, cant believe there isn't somebody there who hasn't been there before?


alas no release for Lada down under :(



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