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[Rs] morris chestnut - you dont love me anymore - amy

Ted Massey

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Most active in this topic

This could be explained elsewhere but If it is, I haven't seen it.
I've often wondered why one of the DEMOs has the Labels Reversed so I thought I would check things.
Just a Theory.
I'm not sure if they changed their mind regarding the "PLUG SIDE"
causing confusion with the Matrix or just Human Error & we may never know.
Clearly something Unusual Happened.

I think that when the Bestway Press was made, they probably wouldn't have played it & simply followed the Information Given.

Bestway Press - Labels on Wrong Sides.

I have been Looking at this and believe that the reason the Labels are on the wrong side
is because someone mixed the Matrix Numbers up between the Printers & Pressing Plant.

Clearly printed on the Labels (8008) & (8009) Corresponds with the Information on the Deadwax (8008) & (8009).

However when played the wrong song is in the grooves.


Monarch Press - Labels on the correct sides for each title, but to achieve this the Matrix (8009) on the Label & (8008) in the Deadwax.
Of course the other side has Matrix (8008) on the Label & (8009) in the Deadwax.


Another pointer to this theory is the Monarch Matrix Delta

# 65704 For "TOO DARN SOULFUL"
# 65704-X For "YOU DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE" Which is the "PLUG SIDE"
Yet the "-X" Denotes the "B Side" on a Monarch Press.

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