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[Rs] jerry williams - if you ask me (because i love you)


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This is my copy on the left with Bell Sound stamped in the run out.

There are copies like mine on Popsike. There are also others copies with the label layout different.

From the info provided on popsike they both appear to be "originals". Are they?

Can anyone confirm which came first?

Thanks :thumbup:




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boxing.gifHi All the out of the past Chriss Burtons ISC label has the Origanal Calla 66ish release so it is worth getting as all the fist sries od the OUT OF THE PAST LABELSph34r.gif DAVE KIL

Yes Dave, most CD reissues use the slightly longer version as well - the first Casino CD used the original version which I assume was dubbed from 45.

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The copy with the 1973 date was released then - the other was a 1966 / 67 (ish) release.

It was re-pressed due to the allnighter demand at that time, also it's very slightly different in that it has a longer instrumental break about 2/3 of the way through the song.

The Original has a much better mix, thats the one that was massive!

The 1973 mix has been dumbed down!

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Guest julesp1905
On 18/06/2010 at 12:23, Prophonics 2029 said:

The extra in the song is at the start of the break sounds like a little more oboe.

Bell Stamp C-116A-1

Demo copy without Label name and address


soul source 002.JPG

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The 73 re-issue was slightly longer but other than that it sounds the same to me. Prefer the re-issue if only for the fact it's more seconds of a top tune.

Also the original issue was issued with 2 different addresses on it (both Broadway - 1650 and 1631). Any more?

The issue on Pye was a different mix with a 'synth' sounding break instead of strings. Crap.



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Guest Aaron Darcy

The first one in pic one is a 73' legal re-issue but it is different sounding and not half as good as the one pictured below which is THE original pressing from 68' i believe and far rarer and at least 3 times as costly.

correct about the price' 68 original release far rarer .

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