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Club Bamboo Worcester October 1st

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Thought I'd give this a plug seeing as I'm spinning :-)



Just to let you know of a soul knees up happening next Friday, October 1st, in

Worcester at Club Bamboo - it`s a two room affair northern in one modern

& tent music in the other.

The people spinning the discs will be John Barker, Basil and the

lovely Rob Hurcomb(northern room) and in the modern room the people

spinning the discs & cd`s will be Gary Etheridge, Alison (Ollie & the

Nightingales) Holden - Francis T and Kevin Etheridge.

It will be the 2nd one (the 1st one went down well)

and it`s a lovely nightclub venue(so bring your handbag but leave your

coat in the car) sorry another lame tent joke.

club bamboo - worcester - friday 1st october

further info from terry 01562 515291 or rob 01905 458606

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Guest Johnny One Trout

Ohhhh i may come along to this, what sort of records do you play???? Or am i droiving again :D:D:D

BTW if you don't already know the Etheridge Twins (of Evil) have excellent taste in music as does my wife Dave

Von Trout

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Guest Johnny One Trout

Here's what Ali posted up on another list she' having major problems at the moment with the PC at home so i thought i'd post it up here for her.

On the decks were Kev and Gary Etheridge, Mr Tee and yours truly. (Ali not me :D )

Rocky Mizzell - Never Ever Girl - LP

New Mastersounds ft Corinne Bailey Rae - Your Love is Mine - One Note

Philip & Lloyd - Baby I'm Sorry - Scepter

Bobby Moore - Call Me Your Anything Man - Hot Line

Thomas East - Follow The Rainbow - True Soul

Walter Jackson - Let Me Come Back - Brunswick

Three Prophets I think I really Love You - Together

Jato Vondell - Having A Good Time - Gregory

Raj - Something Inside - Oak Tree

Infinity - Put Everything In Place - Whitehorse

Ogletree Bros - Gonna Keep A Check On You - Treetop

Timeless Legend - I Was Born To Love You - Dawn - Lite

Essex IV - My Heart Just Can't Take It - Windmill

Wee - Try Me - Owl

Topics - Booking Up baby - Mercury

5th Dimension - No Love In The Room - Arista

The Spartans - I Don't Need Another Lover - Era

The Summits - I Can't Get Over Losing You - Dontee

Eliminators - Loving Explosion - LP

Bobby Reed - The Time Is Right For Love - Bell

Not a good turn out sadly - the Manager of the club was a right twat and he didn't even open the northern room (having double booked it to put on a Northern soul band ! Think some of Terry and Robs customers were diverted into this room) thus leaving us Xover dudes & dudettes to do our own thing in the second room - though there were a few mates who trecked up from London and the south coast as well as Tony Turner from the list (thanks pal ) we had a nice enough time in that good company, good music, overpriced beer kinda way. Safe-ish set from me but at least I did get people to dance for the first time in the night Gary Etheridge followed with a superb set which had us all singing out loud to Norris Vines, Curtis Anderson & Sy Hightower - unfortunately the manager had flipped the lights up at this point having had a bit of a telling off from the promoters. Shame the numbers were so low - nice venue but I doubt the promoters will use it again having had such a lack of support from the venue management.

John on behalf or Ali :):D

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