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Huge List Of Soul/funk Cheapies

Jason S

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Posted up on behalf of a mate in OZ. Please use contact details on this sales list if you need anything: I'm just the messenger.






(5-15 pound records)




ALL records listed are guaranteed Original US first pressings, unless

specified otherwise and are stored in generic paper sleeves (also original*

factory and picture sleeves)


This list is received by an international customer database

ALL PRICES listed are in UK POUNDS £££

(for accurate conversions please refer to xe.com currency converter)


Methods accepted - Paypal (add 4%), Bidpay, Money Orders, Registered Cash



All records are packaged personally using only quality materials and shipped

within 48 hours.

Regular Airmail, 1 x 45 = £5.00 (worldwide flat rate) Combined purchases

will be quoted on weight.

Additional services: Insurance/ Registered-Airmail/ Express Courier - please

ask for quotes.

FREE shipping on ANY order* over £150.00!!!!

(*regular airmail service only)


Not happy? Send it back! Money will be refunded asap upon receipt of item.

No questions asked*

(*article MUST retain same condition as when listed/ shipped)


Any other details you need to know, please contact me.

e. beyondkontrol@hotmail.com


Looks interesting but never heard it? No problem! Call me up for a quick

spin down the phone line.


All records are graded visually unless specified otherwise.

M = Mint ...Seldom will I use this grade, unless the item appears flawless

and/or unplayed.

NM = Near Mint ...Almost as good as brand new in appearance. Full gloss with

only the tiniest of flaws.

Ex+ = Excellent PLUS ...very close to NM.

Ex = Excellent ...Light markings to vinyl and /or labels. Still a top


VG++ = Very Good PLUS PLUS. Between VG+ and Ex.

VG+ = Great condition. Record should still appear well kept and play through

with minor surface noise.

VG = Worn in appearance, sound quality may suffer accordingly. Probably

still OK for DJ use.

G = Crack-Whore of the bunch. The bitch skips and stutters when she


SLWRP = Slight edge warp, NOT AFFECTING PLAY

SLDSH = Slight dishing of disc, NOT AFFECTING PLAY

WLBL = Writing on label ...may also include Stamp/ Radio Station ID, etc.

STLBL = Sticker on Label (remains intact to avoid tearing)

LBLTR = Label tear ...may also include Label drill-hole (deleted stock)

LBLSTN = Label stain

LBLWR = Label wear ...

*fact. slv. = Original Factory Sleeve (w/ logo art.)

*pict. slv. = Original Picture Sleeve (w/ photograph, text, etc.)



9th Creation "Sexy Lady" (Pye 71069) Ex ...12 SOUL-BREAK


A Brother's Guiding Light "Getting Together" (Mercury 73389 *reissue) NM

...8 SOUL crossover

Active Force "Give Me Your Love" (A&M 2583 *promo) *factory sleeve. M ...12

SOUL modern

All Points Bulletin Band "Sexy Ways - Pretty Legs" Pt. 1&2 (Little City

10102) NM ...15 BREAK

Anderson, Jesse "Mighty Mighty" (Thomas 805) NM ...10 SOUL-BREAK

Anderson, Joe "You And I" (Buddah 480) NM ...15 SOUL crossover

Andrews, Ruby "Can You Get Away" (Zodiac 1017) VG++ ...5 SOUL

Attitudes "If We Want To" Instr. (Dark Horse 10011) factory sleeve. Ex+

...8 BREAK

Aurra "Are You Single" (Salsoul 2139) Ex ...10 SOUL boogie

Azymuth "Carnival" stereo/ mono (Milestone 308 *promo) M ...10 JAZZ-FUNK


Bailey, J. R. "After Hours" (Toy 3805) Ex ...8 SOUL

Bar-Kays "Holy Ghost" stereo/ mono (Stax 3216 *promo) *factory sleeve. NM

...12 FUNK

Bar-Kays "She Talks To Me With Her Body" (Mercury 435) VG++ ...10


Beck, Floyd "Got To Be A Man" (F&M 5060) G ...8 SOUL crossover (...NM


Beginning Of The End "Funky Nassau" Pt. 1&2 (Alston 4595) Ex ...15


Bell, Archie & The Drells "Let's Groove" Pt. 1 stereo/ mono (TSOP 4775)

*factory sleeve. NM ...5 SOUL

Black & Blue "Of All The Hearts To Break" (Game 395) Ex ...15 SOUL


Bobo Mr. Soul "Hitch Hike To Heartbreak Road" (Ovide 258) Ex+ SLDSH ...15

SOUL northern

Brainstorm "Wake Up And Be Somebody" (Tabu 10811) NM ...8 SOUL northern

Brass Construction "Movin" w/ "Talkin" (United Artists 775) *fact. slv. M


Brecker Brothers "Sneakin' Up Behind You" (Arista 0122) Ex+ ...8


Brief Encounter "(Don't You See) I'm Crazy About You" (Seventy-Seven 132

*promo) NM ...8 SOUL

Bristol, Johnny "Hang On In There Baby" (MGM 14715) *fact. slv. NM ...5


Brooklyn People "Brooklyn Express" (Cheri 502) NM ...10 DISCO-FUNK

Brooklyn People "Boogie Man" Pt. 1&2 (Cheri 504) NM ...10 DISCO-FUNK

Brothers Johnson "Stomp!" (A&M 2216) NM ...8 DISCO

Brown Sugar "Don't Hold Back" (Bullet 711) Ex ...15 SOUL crossover

Brown, J.T. "Like Taking Candy From A Baby" (Mahogany 1177) NM ...15 SOUL


Brown, Peter "Do Ya Wanna Get Funky" w/ "BURNING LOVE BREAKDOWN" (Drive

6258) Ex+ ...10

Bull & The Matadors "The Funky Judge" w/ Instr. (Toddlin' Town 108) M ...12

FUNK boogaloo


C & The Shells "I Don't Need You No More" (Cotillion 16070) Ex ...15 SOUL


Cameo "Freaky Dancin" (Chocolate City 3225) NM ...8 DISCO-FUNK

Cameo "Keep It Hot" (Chocolate City 3219) *fact. slv NM ...8 DISCO-FUNK

Capitols "Hello Stranger" w/ "Cool Jerk" (Karen 1524) VG LBLWR ...5 SOUL


Captain Sky "Fearless (In The Pocket)" w/ "Moon Child" (AVI 299) Ex+ ...8


Carlton, Carl "She's A Bad Mama Jama" w/ "This Feeling's Rated X-tra" (20th

Century 2488) NM ...10

Carlton, Little Carl "Two Timer" (Backbeat 613) NM ...15 SOUL-BREAK

Cash, Alvin and Scott Bros. Orch. "Keep On Dancing" (Toddlin' Town 111) Ex


Caution "Love Ray" (Fretone 007) Ex ...15 FUNK

Cherry Blend "Warning Of Danger" (King 6402) NM ...5 SOUL

Cherry, Ava "I Just Can't Shake The Feeling" (RSO 1027 *promo)*fact. slv.

Ex ...5 SOUL boogie

Chocolate Milk "How About Love" (RCA 10569) VG++ ...5 SOUL two-step

Chocolate Syrup "You've Got A Lot To Give" (Brown Dog 9000) NM WLBL ...8

SOUL northern

Clay, Otis "That's How It Is" (One-derful 4848) Ex ...15 SOUL deep

Clay, Otis "Messing With My Mind" (Echo 2002) NM ...5 SOUL crossover

Clay, Sonji "Nobody" (Songee 1001) NM ...15 SOUL crossover

Clear feat. Lee Edwards "Equal Love Opportunity" (DT 5799) Ex ...12 SOUL


Cloud One Orchestra "Atmosphere Strut" Pt. 1&2 (P&P 111) Ex ...12


Cloud One "Disco Juice" w/ "Charleston Hopscotch" (P&P 777) NM ...15


Clyde N'em & Her "High Roller" w/ "Free Of The City" (PBR International

505) NM ...15 DISCO-SOUL

Contributors Of Soul "Look What You Done For Me" (New Miss 123) NM ...10

SOUL northern

Coffey, Dennis "A Sweet Taste Of Sin" stereo/ mono (Westbound 55414 *promo)


Coffey, Dennis "Getting It On '75" (Sussex 631) NM ...10 BREAK

Coffey, Dennis and The Detroit Guitar Band "Scorpio" (Sussex 226) Ex ...12


Cook, Little Joe and The Thrillers "Crazy Baby" (Soultown 52074) Ex ...15


Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose "Too Late To Turn Back Now" (United

Artists 50910) NM WLBL ...10

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose "Treat Her Like A Lady" (United Artists

50721) NM ...15 SOUL

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose "Big Time Lover" (United Artists 377

*promo) fact. slv. NM ...10

Creative Source "I Just Can't See Myself (Without You)" (Sussex 622) NM


Crocker, Frankie (Loveman) "Ton Of Dynamite" Instr. (Turbo 001 *reissue) NM


Crook, General "Do It For Me" (Down To Earth 104) Ex ...15 FUNK

Curtis, Chantal "Get Another Love" w/ "hey Taxi Driver" (Key 7200) Ex+


Curtis, T. C. "You Should Have Known Better" (Sire 29016 *promo) M ...10

SOUL boogie

Cutchins, Bobby "I Did It Again" (Lasso 503) Ex ...15 SOUL northern


Davis, Miz "Sing A Happy Funky Song" radio/ disco (Now 10 *promo) M ...15


Dawkins, Jimmy "1011 Woodland" Instr. (Excello 2334) M ...5 FUNK

Dean, Snoopy "Shake 'N' Bump" Pt. 1&2 Instr. (Blue Candle 1505) NM SWLBLTR


Debra "Can You Remember" (Gule 255) NM ...15 SOUL crossover

Deep Heat "Precious Woman" (Excello 2346) Ex+ ...10 BREAK

Delphonics "Trying To Make A Fool Of Me" (Philly Groove 162) VG+ WLBLWR ...5


Delreys Incorporated "Destination Unknown" (Tampete 5444 *reissue) Ex+ LBLWR


Detroit Emeralds "Set It Out" stereo/ mono (Westbound 55404 *promo) NM ...5


DeVaughn, William "Hold On To Love" (TEC 767) NM ...8 SOUL

Dibango, Manu "Soul Makossa" (Atlantic 2971) NM ...10 BREAK

Dionne, Carol "I'm In Love With You" Pt. 1&2 (Gateway 103) NM ...8 SOUL

Direct Current "When It's Love" (TEC 764) NM ...8 SOUL

Dr. John "Right Place Wrong Time" (Atco 6914) *fact. slv. VG++ SLBLWR

...10 BREAK

Dunlap, Gene w/ Ridgeways "Before You Break My Heart" (Capitol 4978) *fact.

slv. NM ...10 SOUL jazz

Dyke and The Blazers "Funky Bull" Pts. 1&2 (Original Sound 83) VG++ ...10


Dyke and The Blazers "Funky Broadway" Pts. 1&2 (Original Sound 64) NM ...10


Dynamic Corvettes "Funky Music Is The Thing" Pt. 1&2 (Abet 9459 *promo) NM


Dyson, T. & Company "It's All Over" (New Outlook 1002) NM ...8 SOUL modern


East Coast "The Rock" (Family 10001) Ex ...15 SOUL jazz

Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign "Oh Baby" w/ "How's Your Wife" (Innovation II -

9159) Ex+ LBLWR ...10

Electric Express "It's The Real Thing" Pt. 1&2 (Linco 1001) Ex STLBL ...8


Electrik Funk "On A Journey (I Sing The Funk Electric)" (Prelude 8048) Ex


Everett, Betty "Keep It Up" stereo/ mono (Fantasy 738 *promo) NM ...12


Everyday People "I Like What I Like" Pt. 1&2 (Paramount 0226) NM ...12



Family Circle "I Hope You Really Love Me" (Sky Disc 644) NM ...10 SOUL


Fatback Band "Njia (Nija) Walk" (Perception 540) Ex ...8 FUNK

Fatback Band "Put Your Love (In My Tender Care)" (Event 229) NM ...10


Faze-O "Breakin' The Funk" stereo/ mono (She 800 *promo) Ex ...8 FUNK

Feva, Sandra "Just To Be Close To You" (Venture 146) Ex ...10 SOUL

Finished Touch "The Down Sound" Pt. 1&2 (Motown 1463 *promo)*fact. slv. NM

...5 DISCO

First Choice "Double Cross" stereo/ mono (Gold Mind 4019A *promo) Ex ...5


Flamingos "Think About Me" (Worlds 103) M ...10 SOUL crossover

Flamingos "Dealin' All The Way" Instr. (Julmar 506) Ex+ LBLWR ...5 BREAK

Fletcher, Darrow "Improve" (Crossover/ Atco 7083 *promo) M ...10 FUNK

Final Seconds "Society" (Boo-Kou 423) NM SLWRP ...10 SOUL crossover

Five Stairsteps & Cubie "Baby Make Me Feel So Good" (Curtom 1936) Ex ...15


Franklin, Aretha "Think" (Atlantic 2518) Ex LBLTR ...10 BREAK

Franklin, Erma "Gotta Find Me A Lover" w/ "Change My Thoughts" (Brunswick

55403) Ex LBLTR ...10

Funk Deluxe "This Time" (Salsoul 7071) NM ...10 SOUL boogie

Fuzz "I'm So Glad" (Calla 179) NM ...12 SOUL northern


Garrett, Jo Ann "Can You Deal With That" (Duo 7462 *promo) VG+ ...12 FUNK


Gaye, Marvin "I Want You" w/ Instr. (Tamla 54264) *original duke-box tag.

NM ...8 SOUL

Gaye, Marvin "Come Get To This" (Tamla 54241) Ex ...15 SOUL northern

Gaye, Marvin "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)" (Tamla 54209

*Canada) Ex WLBL ...5 SOUL

Gibbs, Doug "I'll Always Have You There" (Oak 108) Ex+ ...8 SOUL


Graham Central Station "The Jam" (Warner Bros 8175) Ex+ ...10 BREAK

Great Expectations "Welcome To The World" Pt. 1&2 Instr. (Phil-L.A.of Soul

364) NM ...10 SOUL

Green Sisters "Win Place & Show" (Setting Sun 003) NM ...12 SOUL modern

Grey & Hanks "Dancin" (RCA 11460 *promo) Ex+ ...10 BOOGIE-BREAK


Hairston, Curtis "I Want You (All Tonight)" (Pretty Pearl 0150 *promo) NM

...12 SOUL boogie

Hamilton, Milton (Crystalized) "My Love Supreme" (TR Records 129) M ...15


Hancock, Herbie "Spank-A-Lee" w/ "Actual Proof" Instr. (Columbia 11094

*promo) NM ...12 JAZZ-FUNK

Hathaway, Donny "Valdez In The Country" Instr. (Atco 7092) VG++ ...5 SOUL


Hayes, Isaac "A Few More Kisses To Go" (Polydor 2068) Ex+ ...5 SOUL-BREAK

Haywood, Leon "Who You Been Giving It Up To?" (20th Century 2443) NM ...5


Henderson, Willie "Dance Master" Pt. 1&2 Instr. (Playboy 50057) NM ...8


Hidden Strength "Hustle On Up (Do The Bump)" Pt. 1&2 (United Artists 733)


Holloway, Loleatta "I Know Where You're Coming From" (Aware 050) NM ...12

SOUL crossover

Holloway, Loleatta "Only A Fool" (Aware 053) Ex ...8 FUNK-BREAK

Holloway, Loleatta "Hit And Run" (Gold Mind 4001) NM ...8 SOUL philly

Holman, Eddie "This Will Be A Night To Remember" (Salsoul 2026 promo) NM


Honey Cone "Want Ads" (Hot Wax 7011)*fact. slv. Ex+ ...5 SOUL crossover

Horne, Jimmy 'Bo' "Clean Up Man" (Dynamic Sounds/ Atlantic 4606 *JA press)

fact.slv Ex+ ...10 SOUL

Hosanna "Hipit" Pt. 1&2 (L.H.M.A. 10001) NM ...15 SOUL northern

Houston, Bobbie "I Want To Make It With You" (Konduko 124 *promo) Ex WLBL

...10 REGGAE soul

Houston, Larry "Let's Spend Some Time Together" (HFMP 001) Ex ...15 SOUL


Houston, Thelma "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning" (Tamla 54297) Ex ...12


Human Body "Make You Shake It" (Bearsville 29296 *promo) NM ...12


Humphrey, Paul & His Cool Aid Chemists "Funky L.A." (Lizard 1009) NM ...8

FUNK psych

Hutch, Willie "Brothers Gonna Work It Out" w/ "I Choose You" (Motown 1222)

NM ...10 SOUL

Hutch, Willie "In And Out" (Motown 1637 *promo) M ...12 SOUL boogie

Hutson, Leroy "All Because Of You" (Curtom 0100) NM ...12 SOUL-BREAK

Hutson, Leroy "Ella Weez" w/ "Could This Be Love" (Curtom 1996) VG+ ...10

SOUL northern

Hutson, Leroy "Cool Out" Instr. w/ "Can't Stay Away" (Curtom 0107) Ex ...8

SOUL jazz

Hutson, Leroy "Blackberry Jam" stereo/ mono (Curtom 0124 *promo) NM ...12



Impressions "Mighty Mighty Spade & Whitey" w/"Choice Of Colors" (Curtom

1943) NM/VG+ ...12 BREAK

Impressions "I'll Always Be Here" (Curtom 1997) Ex ...8 SOUL crossover

Impressions "We're A Winner" (ABC 11022) VG+ LBLWR ...8 SOUL-BREAK

Incredible Bongo Band "Bongo Rock w/ "Bongolia" Instr. (MGM 14588) VG++/ Ex

...10 BREAK

Ingram, James w/ Michael McDonald "Yah Mo Be There" (Qwest 29394) *fact.

slv. NM ...5 SOUL

Instant Funk "I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl)" (Salsoul 2078) NM


Intruders "A Nice Girl Like You" (TSOP 4758) NM ...15 SOUL crossover

Isley Brothers "The Pride" Pt. 1 stereo/ mono (T-Neck 2262 *promo) *fact.

slv. NM ...12 FUNK


J.B's "My Brother" Pt. 1&2 Instr. (People 2502) VG/VG+ LBLTR ...5 FUNK

Jobell & Orchestra De Salsa "Never Gonna Let You Go" (Jan 300 *reissue) NM


Johnson, Benny "Visions Of Paradise" (Perception 1525) *fact. slv. NM ...8

SOUL crossover

Johnson, Diane "If You Want To Do It To Me, Tell Me" (Buluu/ Dunhill 73003

*promo) Ex ...12 BREAK

Johnson, General "Don't Walk Away" (Arista 203 *promo) NM ...15 SOUL


Johnson, L. V. "I Love You, I Want You, I Need You" (ICA 027) Ex+ ...15

SOUL modern

Johnson, Syl "Love Baby" (Shama 12) NM ...8 SOUL

Jones Girls "You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else" (Philad. Int. 3680

*promo) NM ...10 BOOGIE

Jones, Casey & The Fireman "Bring The Sunshine In" (EPi 102) Ex ...12 SOUL


Jones, Jimmy "Ain't Nothing Wrong Making Love The First Night" (Conchillo

001) Ex+ ...10 SOUL

Jones, Rufus R. "Boogie Man" Pt. 1&2 Instr. (Choice Cut 103) NM ...12


Ju-Par Universal Orchestra "Time" (Ju-Par 8002) M ...12 JAZZ-BREAK


Kay-Gees "You've Got To Keep On Bumpin" Pt. 1&2 (Gang 1321) VG++ ...10


Kay-Gees "Hustle With Every Muscle" (Gang 1325 ) NM WRLBL ...10 FUNK-BREAK

King Sporty "Music Maker" Pt.1&2 (Tashamba 1234) NM ...5 SOUL

Kirton, Lew "Talk To Me" (Believe In A Dream 4058) Ex ...12 SOUL boogie

Knight, Gladys & The Pips "I Love To Feel That Feeling" (Buddah 569) *fact.

slv. NM ...8 SOUL

Kool and The Gang "Jungle Boogie" w/ "North East South West" (De-Lite 559)


Kool and The Gang "Jungle Boogie" stereo/ mono (De-Lite 559A *promo) M ...8


Kool and The Gang "Hollywood Swinging" w/ "Dujii" (De-Lite 561) NM ...10


Kool and The Gang "Rhyme Tyme People" (De-Lite 1563) Ex+ LBLTR ...8 BREAK

Kraftwerk "Numbers" (Warner Bros 49795 *promo) NM ...10 ELECTRO-BREAK


L.T.D. "Love To The World" (A&M 1897) Ex+ ...10 SOUL-BREAK

Labelle, Patti "Teach Me Tonight (Me Gusta Tu Baile)" (Epic 50550) Ex ...8


Lacy, Herbert "Give Me A Chance" w/ Instr. (Georgia Gar 53272) NM ...8


Lady Margo "Simply Got To Make It" w/ "Stop By" (Cynthia 1000) Ex ...15

SOUL northern

Lakeside "Your Love Is On The One" (Solar 12188 *promo) NM ...10 BREAK

LaShannon, Ronnie "Where Has Our Love Gone" (Brunswick 55532 *promo) Ex

...15 SOUL crossover

La Vette, Betty "Do Your Duty" w/ "Love's Made A Fool Of Me" (Silver Fox

021) NM ...10 FUNK crossover

Laws, Eloise "Tighten Him Up" (Music Merchant 1011 *promo) Ex ...15 SOUL


Lewis, Ramsey Trio "The IN Crowd" Instr. (Argo 5506) NM ...10 SOUL


Little Ann "Going Down A One Way Street" (Ric-Tic 142) Ex ...15 FUNK

Love Unlimited Orchestra "Satin Soul" (20th Century 2162) *fact. slv. Ex


Love, Candace "Something Gonna Happen" (Aquarius 4050) NM ...15 SOUL


Lowrell & His Orchestra "Mellow, Mellow Right On" Instr. (AVI 325 *promo)


Lundy, Pat "Another Lovin' Kind Of Feeling" (DeLuxe 126) M ...10 FUNK



Mahoney, Skip & The Casuals "Bless My Soul" (Abet 9466) *fact. slv. Ex+ ...5

SOUL sweet

Mandre "Solar Flight (Opus 1)" stereo/ mono (Motown 1429 *promo) Ex+ ...8


Mandrill "Hang Loose" (Polydor 14187) NM ...12 FUNK-BREAK

Manhattans "I Call It Love" (Carnival 533) VG++ ...15 SOUL crossover

Mann, Herby "It's A Funky Thing - Right On" Pt. 1&2 (Atlantic 2671) VG+

...5 BREAK

Masekela, Hugh "Gettin It On" (Uni 55130) *fact. slv. Ex+ ...12


Mayfield, Curtis "Freddie's Dead" w/ "Underground" (Curtom 1975) VG++ WLBL


McCall, Al "If You Ever Knew (How Beautiful You Are)" (Profile 5026A *promo)

M ...5 SOUL modern

McCrae, Gwen "Lead Me On" (Columbia 214 *reissue) M ...8 SOUL northern

McCrae "It Keeps On Raining" w/ "Rockin' Chair" (CAT 1996) Ex+ ...15


McCrae "Love Insurance" (CAT 1999) NM LBLTR ...10 SOUL northern

McKee, Lonette "Do To Me" (Sussex 624) Ex+ ...15 SOUL northern

McNeir, Ronnie "Wendy Is Gone" w/ "Give Me A Sign" (Prodigal 614) NM ...12

SOUL crossover

Midnight Movers Unltd. "Follow The Wind" Pt. 1&2 (Renee 3004) NM ...10


Mitchell, Willie "Wade In The Water" w/ "Tails Out" (Hi 2181) Ex ...12


Moments "Sexy Mama" (Stang 5052) NM ...5 SOUL-BREAK

Monzas "Hey! I Know You" (Pacific 104 *light blue) NM ...15 SOUL northern

Moore, Dorothy "Girl Overboard" (Malaco 1052) Ex ...8 SOUL crossover

Moore, Jackie "Sweet Charlie Baby" (Dynamic Sound/ Atlantic 2956 *Jamaica)

*fact. slv. Ex+ ...15 SOUL

Moore, Jackie "This Time Baby" (Columbia 4599) *fact. slv. NM ...5 DISCO

Muhammad, Idris "Boogie To The Top" Pt.1&2 (Kudu 943 *promo)*fact. slv. NM


Murray, Clarence "Baby, You Got It" (SSS International 730) NM ...15 SOUL



Natural Four "You Can't Keep Running Away" w/ "You Bring Out The Best In Me"

(Curtom 2000) NM ...10

Natural Four "Heaven Right Here On Earth" (Curtom 101) Ex ...5 SOUL


Nature's Divine "I Just Can't Control Myself" (Infinity 50027) NM STLBL

...10 SOUL

Nightingale, Maxine "If I Ever Lose This Heaven" (United Artists 944

*Canada) *fact. slv. NM ...5 SOUL

Nightingale, Ollie "It's A Sad Thing" (Memphis 104) NM ...8 FUNK


Niteflyte "If You Want It" w/ "I Wonder (If I'm Falling In Love Again)"

(Ariola 7747) NM ...10 SOUL modern

Nite-Liters "K-Jee" Instr. (RCA 0461) NM ...10 SOUL northern

Nite-Liters "Afro-Strut" Instr. (RCA 0591)*fact. slv. Ex+ WLBL ...8 FUNK

North By Northeast "Disco Unusual" Pt. 1&2 (Red Line 03) M ...15 BREAK

North, Freddie "Love To Hate" (Mankind 12019) *factory sleeve. NM ...5


Nu-Sound Express Ltd. "One More Time Y'all" (Silver Dollar 156 *promo) Ex+

...12 FUNK

Nu-Sound Express Ltd. "Ain't It Good Enough" Instr. (Silver Dollar 152) NM

...15 FUNK


Odyssey 5 "Got To Be An Answer" (BRC 115 *promo) NM ...15 SOUL northern

Ohio Players "O-H-I-O" (Mercury 73932) Ex ...10 FUNK-BREAK

O'Jays "I Love Music" Pt. 1&2 (Philadelphia International 3577) Ex SLBLWR

...5 SOUL northern

Olympic Runners "Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is" (London 202) Ex+ ...10


One G Plus Three "Summertime" (Gordo 705) VG++ ...10 FUNK-BREAK latino


Parker, Brenda "Help Me Find Mr. Good Man" (Black Falcon 19104) Ex+ ...15

SOUL crossover

Parker, Winfield "I'm On My Way" (Spring 116) Ex+ ...15 SOUL northern

Parliaments "All Your Goodies Are Gone" (Revilot 211) Ex LBLWR ...8 SOUL


Patterson, Bobby "Keeping It In The Family" w/ "My Thing Is Your Thing"

(Jetstar 115) Ex ...12 SOUL

Patterson, Bobby and The Mustangs "Broadway Ain't Funky No More" (Jetstar

111) NM ...15 FUNK

Peebles, Ann "Trouble, Heartaches & Sadness" (Hi 2205)*fact. slv. VG ...5


Peebles, Ann "I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down" (Hi 2232) NM ...8 SOUL


People's Choice "Do It Any Way You Wanna" (TSOP 4769 *promo) fact. slv. NM

...8 DISCO

People's Choice "Here We Go Again" (TSOP 4781 *promo) *fact. slv. NM ...8


Perfect Touch "What Goes Around" (Celebrity 40717) NM ...15 SOUL


Perry, Linda & Soul Express "I Need Someone" Instr. (Mainstream 5550) Ex+


Persuasions "Darlin" (A&M 1698) NM ...12 SOUL crossover

Peterson, Leon "Don't Squeeze The Sherm" (Fire Mountain 3834) Ex ...12


Phillips, Esther "What A Diff'rence A Day Makes" (Kudu 925) Ex ...8 SOUL


Pieces Of A Dream "Warm Weather" (Elektra 47181 *promo) *fact. slv. M ...8

SOUL modern

Players' Association "Love Hangover" (Vanguard 35198) NM ...12


Pleasure "Glide" (Fantasy 874) Ex+ LBLSTN ...10 BOOGIE-BREAK

Pleasure "Let Me Be The One" w/ "LET'S DANCE" (Fantasy 803) Ex ...10


Pop-A-Groove "Dance Your Ass Off" (SFO 711) VG+ ...10 DISCO-FUNK

Presidents "Sweet Magic" (Sussex 212) Ex ...12 SOUL crossover

Price, Lloyd "Love Music" (LPG 111) Ex ...12 SOUL northern

Prince George "Wrong Crowd" (D.P.G. 105 *reissue) Ex+ ...8 SOUL northern


Qualls, Sidney Joe "How Can You Say Goodbye" (Dakar 4537) Ex ...12 SOUL


Quaterman, Joe & Free Soul "The Way They Do My Life" (GSF 6893) *fact. slv.

NM ...15 BREAK


Rare Earth "It Makes You Happy (But It Ain't Gonna Last Too Long)" (Rare

Earth 548) NM ...5 SOUL

Raw Soul Express "Sanctified Groove" (Turnstyle 001) M ...10 DISCO-FUNK

Reed, Danny "What Makes Her A Woman" (International Music Bag 1102) Ex

...12 SOUL northern

Revelation "Feel It" (Handshake 5305) NM ...12 SOUL boogie

Rhyze "Just How Sweet Is Your Love" w/ "I Found Love In You" (Sam 5014) Ex

...10 SOUL northern

Right Combination "How Can Your Heart Be Free" (Select-O-Hit 023) Ex ...12

SOUL crossover

Rivers, James "Let's Live" Instr. (Eight Ball 2555) Ex+ ...15 SOUL-BREAK

Robinson, Ed "I Just Wanna Be There" (Atco 6830 *promo) NM ...12 SOUL


Robinson, Rudy and The Hungry Five "Vick" Instr. (Mier 07) Ex+ ...10 SOUL


Rollins, Bird "I'm Gonna Try To Be Real True To You" (Disco 202) Ex+ ...12


Rose Royce "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" (Whitfield 8712) Ex ...5 SOUL

Ross, Diana "I'm Coming Out" (Motown 1491) NM ...8 BREAK

Rufus feat. Chaka Khan "You Got The Love" (ABC 12032)*fact. slv. VG+ ...5


Rufus feat. Chaka Khan "Sweet Thing" (ABC 12149)*fact. slv. Ex ...8 SOUL



S.O.S. Band "Take Your Time (Do It Right)" Pt. 1&2 (Tabu 5522 *promo) VG++


Sain, Oliver "London Express" (Abet 9460) NM ...15 FUNK-BREAK

Sain, Oliver "Bus Stop" Instr. (Abet 9457) NM ...12 FUNK-BREAK

Scott Brothers "Gotta Get Away From You" (Capri 1012) Ex ...15 BREAK

Scott-Heron, Gil "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" (Flying Dutch 26011

*promo) VG+ ...10 BREAK

Sexton, Ann "You're Losing Me" (Seventy-Seven 133) Ex ...15 FUNK

Sha-Rae, Billy "Do It" (Hour Glass 007) VG++ ...12 BREAK

Sha-Rae, Billy "Crying Clown" (Spectrum 114) NM ...15 SOUL crossover

Sha-Rae, Billy "Let's Do It Again" (Spectrum 120) NM ...15 FUNK

Shelton, Roscoe "You're Still The One" (T-Jaye 785) NM ...15 SOUL


Skip & Earnest "Pickin' And Chippin" (Bunky 1319) NM ...15 FUNK

Skyy "First Time Around" stereo/ mono (Salsoul 2087 *promo) Ex ...5 DISCO

Smith Brothers "Let Me Take Care Of Your Heart" (Shield 6102) Ex ...15

SOUL sweet

Smith, Kenni "Lord What's Happening To Your People" (GAR 317 *reissue) NM


Smoke "Have I Really Lost You" (J Bridge 7542) Ex ...15 SOUL northern

Soul Patrol "Saigon Strut" w/ Instr. (Shamley 44017) Ex ...12 FUNK

Soul Searchers "If It Ain't Funky" w/ "Wind Song" (Sussex 627) NM ...12


Soul, Johnny "Lonely Man" (SSS International 785) Ex ...15 SOUL northern

South Shore Commission "We're On The Right Track" (Wand 11291) M ...10

SOUL philly

South Side Coalition "The Power Play" (Brown Dog 9012) Ex+ ...10 BREAK

South Side Coalition "Get Off Your Seats And Jam" (Brown Dog 9007 *promo)

NM ...10 BREAK

South Side Movement "Can You Get To That" (Wand 11259) Ex+ ...12 BREAK

Spice "What Do We Mean" (LPG 112) NM ...15 SOUL northern

Spice "Sweet Norma Jones" (Sound Gems 101) Ex ...15 SOUL crossover

Spinners "It's A Shame" (V.I.P. 25057) Ex ...8 SOUL

Stage IV "Just Another Guy" (Millie 600) Ex ...12 SOUL crossover

Stanback, Jean "Ain't Nothing In The Streets" (Mankind 12021) NM ...12


Steely Dan "Do It Again" (ABC 11338) *fact. slv. VG+ ...5 BREAK

Stevens, Cat "Was A Dog A Doughnut" (A&M 1971) NM ...10 BREAK

Stormy Monday "Boogie Children Let's Get Down" Pt 1&2 (Jean 732) Ex ...10


Strong, Chuck "You Beat Me At My Game (Like A Lady)" Pt. 1&2 (Venture 114) M

...8 SOUL northern

Suprlatives "I Don't Know How" (Westbound 144) NM ...15 SOUL-BREAK

Sutton, Mike and Brenda "We'll Make It" (Sam 5023 *promo) NM ...12 SOUL


Sweet Promise "Funky Jungle" (ALA 102) NM ...15 BREAK

Sylvia "Pussy Cat" (Vibration 536 *promo) Ex ...8 FUNK-BREAK

Sylvester "I Need You" stereo/ mono (Fantasy/ Honey 903 *promo) Ex+ ...12

SOUL boogie

Sylvester "I Need Somebody To Love Tonight" (Fanatsy 855) Ex++ ...8



T-Connection "At Midnight" (Dash 5048) *fact. slv. Ex+ ...5 DISCO

T-Connection "Do What You Wanna Do" (Dash 5032) *fact. slv. NM ...10


Taylor, Gloria "You Got To Pay The Price" (Silver Fox 014) Ex+ ...8 SOUL


Taylor, Ted "I Want To Be A Part Of You Girl" (Ronn 65) NM ...10 SOUL


Third Avenue Blues Band "If You Don't Love Me" (Revue 11028) NM ...20

SOUL crossover

Thomas, Lamar "You Been Grazin" (The-O-Centric 20) NM ...8 SOUL crossover

Thomas, Leone "Thank You Baby" Pt. 1&2 (Don 102) *fact. slv. NM ...8 SOUL


Thomas, Robert "Crazy About Your Love" w/ Instr. (Hawk 2054 *promo) M ...10

SOUL crossover

Thomas, Timmy "Why Can't We Live Together" w/ "FUNKY ME" (Glades 1703) Ex


Thompson, Johnny "Mainsqueeze" (New Miss 777) Ex+ ...15 FUNK

Thurston, Bobby "Check Out The Groove" (Prelude 8011 *promo) NM ...8


Tradewinds "Strange" Instr. (Triumph 301) Ex ...12 SOUL crossover

Trammps "Where Do We Go From Here" (Golden Fleece 3253) VG++ SLBLWR ...5

SOUL philly

Turn Of The Century "Money Can't" (Bump Shop 125) VG+ LBLTR ...10 SOUL


Two Tons O' Fun "Just Us" w/ "I Got The Feeling" (Fantasy/ Honey 888) Ex+

...8 SOUL disco


Unifics "(Working My Way Back In) Funky Thing" (Fountain 100) NM ...8 FUNK

Unlimited Touch "I Hear Music In The Streets" (Prelude 8023) Ex ...10



Van Dyke, Earl "Runaway Child, Running" Instr. (Soul 35059) NM ...8


Velvet "Bet You If You Ask Around" w/ Instr. (Perception 543) *fact. slv.

Ex+ ...12 SOUL northern

Vibrations "Ain't No Greens In Harlem" (Mandala 2511) Ex+ ...12



Waiters, L.J. and The Electrifiers "If You Ain't Gettin' Your Thing" Pt.

1&2 (La Shawn 527) NM ...12 FUNK

Walker, Curtis "That's The Way The World Works" (Bet 6647) M ...10 SOUL

Washington, Ella "If Time Could Stand Still" (Sound Stage 7 1507 *promo) NM

...12 SOUL crossover

Washington, Ella "Fragile (Handle With Care)" (Sound Stage 7 - 2642) Ex+

...8 SOUL crossover

Watson and The Sherlocks "Standing On The Corner" (Soulville 1015) Ex+

...10 SOUL northern

Wesley, Fred "House Party" (RSO 1037) *fact. slv. NM ...8 BREAK

Wesley, Fred & The J.B's "Sportin' Life" Instr. (People 619) VG++ ...8


Whatnauts "Give Him Up" (GSF 6905) Ex ...15 SOUL-BREAK

Whispers "And The Beat Goes On" (Solar 11894) Ex+ ...10 BOOGIE-BREAK

Williams, Bobby "You Need Love Like I Do" (R&R 15312) Ex LBLWR ...5 SOUL


Williams, Lee and The Cymbals "I Can Make Mistakes Too" (Black Circle 6001)

NM ...12 SOUL

Williams, Lenny "Choosing You" w/ "Problem Solver" (ABC 12289) Ex+ ...8


Williams, Maurice "Being Without You" (Deesu 302 *reissue) NM ...8 SOUL


Wilson, Al "Show & Tell" (Rocky Road 30073) NM ...10 SOUL crossover

Wilson, Charles "Trying To Make A Wrong Thing Right" (Alley Cat 1392) Ex

...12 SOUL crossover

Withers, Bill "Use Me" (Sussex 241) VG++ ...5 SOUL

Withers, Bill "Kissing My Love" (Sussex 250) NM ...8 SOUL-BREAK

Womack, Bobby "How Could You Break My Heart" (Arista 421 *promo) NM ...15

SOUL crossover

World's Funkiest Band "When You're Alone" (California Gold 79) NM ...12

SOUL crossover

Wright, Betty "Where Is The Love" (Alston 3713) *fact. slv. NM ...8 SOUL

Wright, O.V. "Ace Of Spade" w/ "Afflicted" (Back Beat 615) NM ...10 SOUL

northern/ deep


Young-Holt Limited "California Montage" w/ "Straight Ahead" (Brunswick

755417) Ex ...12 NORTHERN

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