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Mark Rez Reduced 7" Sales / Most Stuff Half-Price Incs Sage, 400 Years Of What, Za


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Usual drill - strict grading - will post anywhere - postage extra:

PM or email on mail@resolutionrecords.co.uk

Ta...Mark Rez


I use the Record Collector standard to grade my records — as below:

M is ONLY for reissues / new releases / sealed records

M- is a pretty much unplayed record for me — any obvious signs that a record has been played and I usually downgrade to an EX+

EX+ is a very strong grade for me — just showing some signs of being played but no noise / cue burn / crackle / styrene burn at all.

VG+ is for records that have obviously seen some wear and have had a good few plays and may even have light intro crackle but play very, very well.

VG is for records with quite a bit of wear and surface markings and some noise / crackle but still a very good player

VG- is my lowest grade and VG- records for me are in bad shape — lots of sound quality deterioration and many, many surface marks — not nice.

All media links are directly underneath each item in red — just hover your mouse over the link and when it turns blue click on it and it will take you directly to the YouTube page or my own soundfile / scan.


Zarack ‘Look Into My Eyes’ (All Tone / UK / 1990s / M-) £100 £60

( When this was blowing up B-I-G about 5 / 6 years ago when firts discovered, I contacted Dean Ellis (Alton Ellis’s son, Alton wrote / produced this) to see if he had any copies and he didn’t…:-(…and this will be only the second-ever copy of this I’ve ever had / seen — it is immaculate and 100% M-…an absolutely wonderful midpaced Modern Soul dancer that is certified impossible to find…will soon be £200, believe me… )

Breakwater Work It Out’ / ‘Say You Love Me Girl’ (Arista / UK / 1980 / M-) £25 £15

( Nobody can tell me that this isn’t a rare 7”..?! I didn’t even know these tunes had been pressed on a seven…? 12” yep — had it many times but seven inch on UK?? Wow — immaculate copy here too… )

Rudy Mockabee ‘Sweet Thing’ (Atco / USA / 1960s / VG+) £90 £65

( Highly recommended black music 45 that should be in everyone’s “Hot Box” — uptempo Northern with a great funky edge and wonderful girlie backing…extremely rare…few scuffs here and there, minimal…check it….old Karl Heard cover-up… )

The Drifters ‘Be My Lady’ / ‘A Rose By Any Other Name’ (Atlantic / USA / 1960s / M-) £10£7

( Such a classy crossover tune and so underrated. One of the best records on the list, believe me, from one of the most unfashionable groups ever…! Hasalways been tough to find — considering the label — and comes correct in a clean Atlantic custom sleeve… )

Baby Washington ‘Breakfast In Bed’ / ‘What Becomes Of A Broken Heart’ (Atlantic (red) / UK / 1970 / VG/+) £15 £8

( Great double-sider from one of THE best voices….as later covered by all and sundry — flip is also well, well-loved….few crackles and could use a clean…. )

King George & The Fabulous Souls ‘Baby I’ve Got It’ (Audio Arts / USA / 1960s / VG/+)£100 £70

( One of THE all-time Deep Funk classics — offered here on an even harder to find WDJ copy — one of THE biggest basslines you’ll ever hear….my VG grade is a visual grade cos this one has lotsa scuffs but the play grade here is definitely VG+…big, big tune… )

Quixotics ‘Reach Out’ (voc/inst) (Blackman / USA / 1960s / VG+) £150 £125

( VERY rare Northern / Modern Soul dancer with great vox…was actually thought to be a one off / acetate-only spin till very recently when a few copies surfaced. Pressed very slightly off-centre like ALL other copies I’ve run into — some surface marks but plays like a dream… )

Gloria Lynne ‘If You Don’t Get It Yourself’ (Canyon / USA / 1970s / VG/-) £10 £7

( Sadly, this is a bit rough — looks bad with lotsa marks and scuffs and plays with some crackle BUT plays all thru just fine….amazing tune actually — pure Meters-styled swamp Funk with a copycat ‘Cissy Strut’ gee-tar lick running all thru it — new one on me…? Her fonk-iest tune? I think so… )

Wanda Jackson ‘Mean, Mean Man’ / ‘Money Bop’ (Capitol / UK / 1960s / VG+) £25 £12

( New one on me….? Great little Popcorn / R&B / Blues belter here on the rare/r purple Capitol UK press here — both sides pure dancefloor magic….some mildew on both sides which I’ll clean off before shipping — otherwise it’s very close to Ex+/M-…loving this kinda stuff at the moment… )

The Knight Bros ‘She’s A-1’ / ‘That’ll Get It’ (Checker / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £20 £15

(Great two-header with ‘She’s A-1"² as the topside and both sides proving that these two guys really were the equal of any other vocal duo of the day. A really inspired performance. Flip is also a brilliant midtempo dancer in the ‘Hold On, I’m Coming’ vein. I’ve said enough, so just please take a listen to the clip/s… )

Philly Devotions ‘I Just Can’t Say Goodbye’ (voc/inst) (Columbia / USA / 1974 / M-) £10 £5

( Unplayed copy of this exquisite Modern Soul floater…John Davis all the way…

The Gilberto Sextet ‘Good Lovin’ / ‘Please Don’t Stop’ (Cotique / USA / 1960s / M-) £25 £15

( Stunning copy of a FANTASTIC Boogaloo / Latin Soul tune — appears unplayed…. )

400 Years Of What ‘Get Down People’ / ‘Do What You Like’ (Counterpart / USA / 1970s / M-) £250 £175

(Super rare Cincinnati, OH Deep Funk banger. Everyone in the band gets a shot at the limelight on this, espacially the drummer! Flipside is stunning as well. A H-U-G-E Ian Wright spin from a few years back…monsterous 7”… )

Sage ‘I’m Alive’ / ‘Song For Yvonne’ (Head / USA / 1970s / M-) £200 £150

( Monster Northern / Modern Soul 45 that created a HUGE buzz when it was discovered a few years back…and got some heavy DJ action in Europe too! Great flip also, btw… )

The Christian Harmonizers ‘The Rain’ / ‘He Can Depend On Me’ Hummingbird / USA / 1970s / Ex) OFFERS

( New Discovery? Seems unknown so I’ve absolutely no idea what to ask for it — absolutely zilch coming up on this via the internet so I am in your hands….wonderful uptempo Gospel-tinged R&B with a staccato backing and some immaculate backing vocals with a driving lead voice pulling it all along — ab-so-lutely magnificent disc — just a few very light scuffs here and there — minimal…flip is also mesmeric… )

Bobby Patterson ‘My Thing Is Your Thing’ (Jetstar / USA / 1960s . M-) £12 £10

( Much-loved Funky-Soul with sharp, rising horns done in a JB stylee…lovely copy here… )

The Windjammers ‘Poor Sad Child, pt 1’ / ‘All That Shines Is Not Gold’ (Kent / 1960s / USA / Ex+) £12 £10

( Off-the-wall Northern dancer for the more ‘open-minded’ DJ — will have it’s day as soon as the right DJ gets behind it — slight edge warp which d n a p decent midpacer on the flip too… )

The Rotations ‘Don’t Ever Hurt Me’ (Law-Ton / USA / 1960s / M-) £40 £30

( Killer uptempo Northern Soul with crisp drum rolls / breaks and male to female vocal interplay outta Detroit, highly recommended….a solid gold classic from the Motor City… )

Third Wish ‘You Gotta Believe’ (Le Cam / USA / 1960s / M-) £300 £225

( RARE ONE…definitely THE toughest release on this omnificent Texan label — huge all over the scene as I type — if you can find it……..! Wonderful condition…inst version on the flip… )

We The People ‘Making My Daydream Real’ (Lion / USA / 1973 / Ex) £40 £30

( One scuff which d n a p in any way — always a winner in my house…. )

Three Rivers Blues Band ‘Ophelia’ / ‘I Wanna Be Loved’ (Lion / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £150 £75

( Stunning copy…heavyweight Deep Funk / Northern Soul double-sider that only comes up for sale very rarely….topside is a brassy, pumping funky dancefloor monster that will fire up any dance while the flip is a superb Northern / Xover midpacer with gorgeous backing and sublime vox — a rare one, believe me…never, ever turned up in any quantity… )

Victor Johnson ‘When You Say You’re Mine’ / ‘After Dark In The Ghetto’ (Love / USA / 1970s / Ex+) £25 £20

( Such a classy AND rare record from the Windy City, both sides absolutely ideal for the more ‘open minded’ DJ’s out there… Strings & horns arranged by the great Richard Evans. Atmospheric soul with killer orchestration and a chorus to die for on the A side and a Jazzy / Bluesy, moody flip. Still very unknown and recently seen for £75+ on another List…highly recommended… )

Marc De Noel ‘Ain’t No Good’ (Magnum / USA / 1960s / VG+) £50 £35

( Former Michael ‘PoMonkey’ Robinson c/u and a VERY rare, semi-known, Psyche, Funky-Boogaloo jam with heavy drums outta the SF Bay Area. Also a Fine Wine spin — few scuffs here and there and labels are a bit rubbed but purely cosmetic — WD copy here too — crazy, FX’d vox on this — totally unique… )

Sophisticated Ladies ‘Check It Out’ / ‘Good Man’ (Mayhew / USA / 1977 / M-) £10 £6

( Cool double-header from the ladies who also brought us “If This Ain’t Really Love”! Topside here is a cover of the Bobby Womack cut and the flip is excellent Disco-Funk in it’s own right a la Jackson Sisters / Krystal Generation etc etc — noice…. )

The Futures ‘Party Time Man’ (PIR / USA / 1978 / M-) £30 £15

( Unplayed WDJ copy…has always been hard on 7”… )

Archie Bell & The Drells ‘Old People’ / ‘On The Radio’ (PIR / USA / 1977 / M-) £30 £15

( Unplayed copy of this excellent Modern Soul / Boogie-Funk double-sider…must say ‘On The Radio’ is much more my kinda groove thesedays — superb Disco-Funk cut… )

Dexter Wansel ‘Life On Mars pts 1 & 2’ (PIR / USA / 1976 / VG/+) £8

( Pretty good copy here, few scuffs / surface marks — believe me, this is TUFF to find on 7”…all-time classic Jazz-Funk sides… )

Billy Paul ‘Am I Black Enough For You’ (PIR / USA / 1972 / M-) £10 £5

( Unplayed copy…..THE original version….must say Billy had one of THE best voices in the business when he was at his peak… )

Patti Labelle ‘The Spirit’s In It’ (PIR / USA / 1981 / M-) £10 £5

( Unplayed WDJ copy here — absolutely murder to find, believe me…on red wax here too… )

Polly Cutter ‘Ooh, I’m Satisfied’ (RCA / USA / 1975 / M-) £20 £16

( Nuther new one on me this month…cracking mid-paced Modern Soul dancer with great horns…lovely layered vocals too…WDJ copy here too…could go big in the right hands…. )

Walter Bee ‘Angel Man’ (Robot / USA / 1974 / M-) £8 £5

( Recently-discovered Modern / 70s Soul dancer — recent discovery — immaculate copy here… )

Tac Taylor ‘Cut You Loose’ (Rosebud / USA / 1967 / VG/-) £20 £15

( Visually, this looks VG- but plays like a strong VG ie some background crackle / noise but no pops / clicks at all — pretty much unknown and totally obscure lo-fi Blues Funk cut with a great breakdown at the end with killer hard drums. Could be the next Wendell Western ‘Nag On Me’, don’t sleep on this…! )

George Perkins ‘I’m So Glad You’re Mine’ (Royal Shield / USA / 1970s / VG/-) £25 £20

( Again, this one looks rough but plays very, very well…wonderful Xover tune and a total bargain here…superlative vocals here and an outstanding backing…

Johnny Adams ‘You Make A New Man Out Of Me’ (SSS Int / USA / 1970s / VG/-) £6 £4

( Again — looks rough but plays almost a whole grade better — snappy little Funky groove from our man from Nashville… )

Royce Javan ‘Throw Down’ (Stallion / USA / 1986 / M-) £10 £5

( Unplayed copy of this early Modern Soul spin from right back in the day… )

Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels ‘Jenny Take A Ride’ / ‘Baby Jane’ (Stateside / UK / 1965 / EX+) £20 £10

( Pretty much-unplayed copy of this MASSIVE NS oldie which goes right back to the dawn of the ‘Scene in the mid-late 60s…both sides smash it… )

The Cordells ‘You Do A Thing To My Mind’ / ‘Love Is Here It’s At’ (Steel Town Sound Inc / USA / 1960s / M-) £20 £15

( Frantic Boogaloo on the topside and a lovely Northern groove on the flip — hopelessly obscure and still WELL under the radar…immaculate copy here… )

4th Generation ‘Revolution Phase II’ (Teen Town / USA / 1970s / M-) £50 £40

( Quite brilliant and as-yet-unknown ‘righteous’ Deep Funk outta Chicago — new one on me…could go huge — grab this while it’s still cheap…’I’m So Happy’ on the flip is a quite delectable mid-paced Soul cut too — dubble-bubble…….. )

Rosetta Hightower ‘Pretty Red Balloons’ / ‘How Can You Mistreat The One You Love’ (Toast / UK / 1968 / Ex+) £40 £30

( SUCH a great doublesider and a completely overlooked record! ‘Pretty Red Ballons’ is an uptempo Northern Soul cut with such a catchy chorus and great horns and crisp drums. The flip is an uptempo cover version of this well known Hayes / Porter tune with killer drums and nice flute break, recommended….! Grab it now….seen @ £75 elsewhere — few light scuffs here and there, otherwise A-1…definitely rare — I’ve never had / seen one before…… )

The T.S.U Tornadoes ‘My Thing Is A Moving Thing’ (Volt / USA / 1969 / VG+) £30 £20

( Great funky soul from this legendary band, did they ever make a bad record? NO…….! Few scuffs here and there — still a great copy — WDJ issue here too…. )

Bobby Peterson ‘Piano Rock’ / ‘Irresistable You’ (V-Tone / USA / 1960s / VG+) £6 £4

( Two heavy-hittin’ Titty Shakers here — few scuffs — minimal…one vocal, one instrumental… )

Eddie Horan ‘City Life’ (WMOT / USA / 1982 / M-) £100 £60

( Hopelessly and horribly rare midtempo Modern Soul groover from a surprise source…absolutely wonderful and totally infectious dancer with beautiful male / femal vocal interplay and superb, absolutely superb female harmonies — I hope this goes to a good home, it TRULY is stunning…! UNPLAYED COPY…. )

Sonny Knight ‘The Quiet Man’ (World Pacific / USA / 1967 / Ex+) £25 £20

(Semi-known and extremely rare Northern dancer with a great spoken intro….lovely side…. )

The Bloody Truth ‘Baby I Love You’ (Yas / USA / 1960s / VG+) £40 £25

(Rare Ohio Funky Soul with snappy drums / breaks and great horns…….! Still totally under the radar — few scuffs — great copy…so, so rare…. )

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