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Jimmy Gilford, Jackson Sisters, Ed Crook & More

if they are on dog bay why post the fact on here,dont use this site to be ripped off,if i wanted to buy on dog bay,quite capable of getting there myself.

can never get my head around people bulling on this site about what they have on e.bay,you are not doing any soul fans any favours,you are just looking for above price guide prices,and after a few mistakes,i onlly pay what the price I think is reasonable. unsure.gif:thumbsup::D

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  1. Jimmy Gilford & Jimmy Scruggs. Listen
    Record Sales by Rob Moss on Wed 24 Oct 2018
    • 1 / 263
    • Rob Moss on 24 Oct 2018
  2. Jimmy Gilford & Jimmy Scruggs And Bobby Sheppard Listen.
    Record Sales by Rob Moss on Fri 08 Dec 2017
    • 1 / 424
    • Rob Moss on 08 Dec 2017
  3. Jimmy Gilford & Jimmy Scruggs. Listen.
    Record Sales by Rob Moss on Thu 12 Apr 2018
    • 1 / 306
    • Rob Moss on 12 Apr 2018
  4. Bobby Sheppard, Jimmy Gilford, Jimmy Scruggs.
    Record Sales by Rob Moss on Wed 15 Nov 2017
    • 1 / 456
    • Rob Moss on 15 Nov 2017
  5. Bobby Sheppard Surely B/w Jimmy Gilford & Jimmy Scruggs
    Record Sales by Rob Moss on Wed 07 Feb 2018
    • 1 / 376
    • Rob Moss on 07 Feb 2018

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