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Mansfield/ Notts

Yes, had a superb night, again caught up with people I'd not seen in years. I was chatting to a couple who had come down from Halifax, they thoroughly enjoyed it, they didn't know about The Corner House and due to commitments they can't make the next two, but hope to attend in the new year. 

It was a very well organised event and I hope there'll be many more.


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On 13/10/2016 at 15:26, Banner said:

For the life of me, I just can't remember Jambo's real name, yet we went about together for quite a while. Unfortunately the 'gear' ultimately took it's toll on him. He had a Hillman Hunter, an ex Fire Chief's car, with a 999 reg number. Boy, did it shift and believe me, he made it on trips up to the Casino & back... lol

Platt & Pags are still knocking about, though well off the scene I'm told. Pags has been seen walking his greyhound/s along the MARR road. Frank Hopkins was at a Soul Re-union a couple of years ago, though we didn't speak, as neither of us recognised each other. Dennis Palmer was there. I'd not seen him for about 40 years. Bogie was there, missed him too, though caught up with him at Geoff Davey's funeral. Only tend to see a lot of the old boys at funerals, which is sad.

I can't remember Betty Jameson going with Jambo though. She had years with John Wragg when we all used to go to the 'Tufty Club', then she was with Trot Thompson for a long time. Always remember her in the 'Two-Tones' & the Monkey Boots during the skinhead era. Tough cookie, was Betty & she'd fight anyone, male or female. Sadly she passed on some years ago.

Studge, as we all know is still around & I often see Smudgie Smith & Big Ivor at the Stags... Smudge actually dropped it out a few months ago that he was never REALLY into the Northern sounds... Said he was more into Heavy "Head Banging" stuff & only went to the Swan, Wigan etc etc to be with the lads... I always thought he was strange..lol

Does anyone's memory go far enough back to the Cow & then the Eight Bells? Remember Sat afternoons at the Bells? Stew Butler, with his WW2 Willey's Jeep parked outside. His dog, called Fred, after Fred Mellors. Vicious little b*stard. It was ok until you got too close to the Jeep. Much different to these days, when the "In Crowd" congregated in one Pub. There was then the Horse & Groom & then the Belle Vue, run by John, Verne & Cam, under the name of 'The Colours' & then the Swan. Many, many fantastic nights Dj'ing in there, with Phil Kingswood, after we'd persuaded Arnie Scutt that Northern Soul was what almost everyone wanted.. Dianne & Helen Wood? Dave Kettle? Drew Shannon? to name a few.... Also mammoth amounts of time spent in Syd Booth's on Regent St.

Eddie's tattoo parlour at the side of the Shoe Co.? I lived to regret visiting his place one Tues night at about 10.30pm. No way was I having a tattoo. No, never, not no way... We were all absolutely bladdered and the lads said, if you have one we'll pay for it... Being a tight sod & always ready to take owt for nowt, I went with it. BIG MISTAKE!

Big Ivor? He could peel an orange in his pocket. Always carried two fag packets. One was full & the other had one in it, so when it was his round, it was, "I've only got one". Tight sod.

Strange how I can remember some things, but not others when people talk about them... Also struggle with a lot of names & faces. Someone mentioned Chalky on this thread. I remember the name, but not a face...  I remember Denny from Nottm & Maddo, also a Nottm lad.. Met him again at Powey's funeral last year...Caught up with Dave Kettle at the Cornerhouse in July & I'd not seen him for about 40 years.

Great times that I'd gladly live through again, given the chance ....

Bit late but just come across this thread.

Jambo’s real name was Colin James. A few others who haven’t a mention but were around at this time were, Loxy (Dave Wilton), Diane and Sue Wood, Helen Petrovski, Sid Hopper. Also remember Tig, another one sadly no longer with us, ( a mate of Maddo from Kirkby.  Also, Kev “Arnie” Palmer, Villa and Fritch. Good people one and all. Jambo and Betty were together for a short while up until he died. Colours was above the Belle Vue on Rosemary St cracking venue which ran alongside the Horse and Groom? ( was were the entrance to four seasons is now) used to get in there for free if you had paid in the Colours. 

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On 29/03/2006 at 14:40, Makemvinyl said:


Would that be the Cavendish suite in Mansfield on route to the East Midlands chesterfield bus stop.

Tried booking that place in 1971 didnt want to know strictly ballroom as is the regency in Sutton to this day

what venues they could have been,

Syd Booths was a good record shop in 1969 as you could buy all sorts of things as was Selecta Disc on Arkwright st Notts,bargainsat 5 shillings galore,

Shame they had to close or move

Venues from the old days see if you can add a few.

Mansfield Palias

Swan Hotel

Horse and Groom(known as Colours 2)

8 Bells (Legendary 6ts club soul venue)

Brown Cow Friday Nights

Revolution(Jimmys night Sunday)

Tufty Club (Tuesdays and Fridays

Squinting Cat(having a renassiance nowadays)

Forest town Welfare (Thursday nights)

Bull Farm yc

Masons Arms

years 1969 To 1974

. :thumbsup::lol:


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Remember all those and Sutton Baths, GENO, GENO. Petal Friday nights at the Rev, great times.

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On 02/05/2006 at 17:46, ste said:











first got into "Soul" at the (Annie Holgate) School Club, John Black one of djs,


fave records from then were


"(Accept My) Invitation" - Band Of Angels


Jimmy London - Shake A Hand


Lesley Gore - Maybe I Know




held a few niters there at one time, with Soul Man Sam (Jeff), gotta be the smallest venue ever for a niter.


What about Hucknall Welfare on wednesdays, some cracking live acts there.....






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I well remember Soul Man Sam (Jeff) what happened to him not seen him since mid 70’s He used to DJ at the Oval on Carsic Estate, Sutton-in-Ashfield, great guy and so funny.

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On 13/10/2016 at 18:09, Banner said:

Ivor bought you a pint? Give over.... If that's true, then you've got something no one else has.

This is absolutely true. Their Chris told me about when they were younger (In the going down town era). He used to stick his Wrigley's on the bed headboard at night & then use it the next day. Chris said he'd have about 4 or 5 pieces & then pick the one that had the most taste to it. 

KevH, you're probably right about Maddo. He was/is a big Forest fan, but I always thought he was a Nottm lad. Apparently, so he told me, one night when I was DJ'ing in Mr M's he'd got me to wear his flying helmet. I think it was something like the one Chubby Brown wears, though I can't remember.

Jambo lived on the Coxmoor estate, Warwick Close., not far from Studge, who I think still lives on Glenside. Jambo's mother didn't like me, she thought it was me leading him astray... lol

JB also lived on that estate. His parents house backed onto Studge's. He's yet another one who's sadly departed. Big mates of Trev, who's also gone, and Geoff Whitton. Geoff's still keeping the brewery profits up at the Cockle & the Cornerhouse.lol


You definitely wore that hat in Mr M’s, I was there, cracked a few up especially when you did the Biggles goggle thing with your hands, great times.

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Mansfields still got a soul scene going with some old faces still trucking on going to venues & gigs.

Some faces dont see any more dont think they go out or lost touch with the soul scene over the years,plus as mentioned in the post some of them are not with us anymore R.I.P to the ladies/gents,im still enjoying the music different genres etc,cant get stuck in the same old timewarp.


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To say that I've come to this thread late is the understatement of the decade.

What a superb thread it is though. I've lived in the Mansfield area for just coming up to 5 years and I've knocked around the Rare Soul Scene for 10 times that long. So the content in this has given me a brilliant insight into the past, the venues, the people and the nature of the Scene in and around Mansfield.

I've had the pleasure to have met many good people, some of whom have contributed to the thread, and to have enjoyed the company of many of them.

I think you'd have to go a long way to find anyone more enthusiastic and passionate about this than Deryk Banner, a man with great history and great stories, not to say great humility given his pedigree on the Scene. 

For me the thread is also lifted by the contribution of what I'll call the "Attic generation"... the slightly younger but nonetheless important part of the evolution of the Scene in this area.

As an 'incomer' the friendships I've made from it have been very important in helping me settle into what was a totally new start in my life.

Nice to see the Corner House mentioned, as I was involved in it with Studge.I think I'm right in saying that Mr.Banner was enticed out of retirement to grace the decks there.

Brilliant thread..brilliant.


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Nice post Damian. We're not that much younger than you lol !! See you at the Brown Cow if you're going.

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18 hours ago, KevH said:

Nice post Damian. We're not that much younger than you lol !! See you at the Brown Cow if you're going.

Speak for yourself old codger, I am......

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Steve...everybody's younger than me!! Even my Dad....lol.

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