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Anglo American Latest List, Some Really Nice Bits

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Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com


. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk


. List 586 DEC 3rd 2012 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only

Postage and packing £1.50 for 1

st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.

Europe £4.00 for 1

st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )

Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1

st record (then 50p per record).

We accept most major credit cards.

Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list is ticked



1 Fred Hughes You Can’t Take It Away Vee-Jay M- 15

Yet another great piece of Northern Soul from this artist. Original version of Azie Mortimer on Okeh

2 Syl Johnson Try Me / Surrounded Zachron M- 15

Brilliant double sider out of the Windy City. Total value!

3 Mary Wells I Found What I Wanted Reprise M- 15

One of three versions of this song. ALL brilliant. Good flipside ‘I See A future In You’

4 Jay Jay Taylor I’m Not Tired Yet Jewel M- 10

Blackpool Mecca “last hour” special has all the right ingredients

5 Bates Sisters Symphony For The Broken-hearted Nola M- 10

New Orleans Northern from ‘66

6 Johnny Moffett I Found Joy Canterbury M- 15

Excellent stomper got Torch

7 Moments Nine Times Stang M- 8

Huge as a new release spin back in 1976

8 Sam Bowie (Think Of The Times) We Had Together WinGate M- 15

Midtempo dancer backed with a great beat ballad. Legendary Detroit label of course

9 Spydels Peace Of Mind Assault M- 25

Bob Gallo on production means a tremendous N.Y. harmony number

10 Manhattans I Wanna Be Carnival M- 10

Original version to the Pretenders tune on the label, oozes quality harmony from every groove

Don’t forget to check out our website — new additions every week.

Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc



11 Stratoliners What Do You Want With My Love Federal WD M- 200

12 Tempos I Gotta Make A Move Montel Michelle M- 200

13 Spider Turner Calling Girls Master M- 350

14 Linda Queen I Feel The Pain Rod M- 150

15 Masters I’ve Made A Mistake Dellwood M- 300

16 Brice Cofield Ain’t That Right Omen WD M- 350

17 Don & The Doves Together Dynamic M- 150

18 Tony Middleton To The Ends Of The Earth MGM M- 250

Rarer black issue copy

19 Detroit Executives Cool Off Pameline M- 300

20 Harriet Laverne Can’t Get Along Anymore Brenne M- 150

21 Marion Stewart I Must Be Losing You “R” M- 300

22 Ruby Yates It’s Been A Long Time Hit Prod’s WD VG++ 100

23 David Morris Stoned On Love Radnor M- 100

24 Pat & The Neurotics I Like The Way You Do Your Thing Crown Ltd M- 300

25 Marvelle & The Blue Mats Mellow Man Dynamic Sound M- 200

26 Helene Smith You Got To Do Your Share Reid VG 150

Very rare Florida release

27 Goree Smith Take My Word Belinda M- 100

28 Rose St. John & The Wonderettes And If I Had My Way United Artists M- 150

Rare black issue

29 Professionals There Goes My Baby Action Pac M- 150

30 Clydene Jackson Honest To Pete Dat Richfield Kat M- 500

31 Little Ron Johnson I Keep Telling You Hard Times VG++ 150

32 Flairs You Got To Steal It R A P M- 250

33 Little Flint ft Wayne Perry Pain Beast M- 150

34 Richetta Osborn My Sweet Baby Blue River M- 200

35 George Hughley That’s Why I Cry Buddah M- 150

36 Dynamics Love To A Guy Top Ten M- 200

37 “Baby Dave” Greenlee We Need Love Steel City VG+ 150

38 Voltaire’s Movin’ Movin’ On Bscone VG++ 250

39 Soul Blenders Love Built On A Strong Foundation Vanessa VG++ 150

40 Preludes Deeper Than That Harthon M- 300

41 Little Anthony Nobody But Me Show M- 150

42 Fantastics That One Copa M- 150

43 Frankie & Damons Here Comes My Baby JCP M- 200

44 Legend’s Hideout Mickay’s M- 200

45 Perfections Am I Gonna Lose You SVR M- 250

46 Dalton Boys I’ve Been Cheated V.I.P. 25025 M- 150

Rarer yellow orange issue copy

47 Vi Velasco I Don’t Want To Go On Vee-Jay D M- 40

48 Wonderettes I Feel Strange United Artists WD M- 35

49 Frank Lyndon Don’t Go Away Baby Uptown WD M- 50

50 Profiles Take A Giant Step (Walk On) Goldie M- 75

51 Bobby Day Pretty Little Girl Next Door RCA Victor M- 150

52 Pearlean Gray I Don’t Want To Cry Green-Sea WD M- 50

Rare on a white demo copy

53 Washington Smith Fat Cat Rainbow M- 50

First label before Okeh

54 Little Hank Mister Bang Bang Man Sound Stage 7 D M- 50

Now a pretty scarce original especially on a promo

55 Tony Daniels How Lonely Sport M- 50

56 Monorays Love 20

th Century-Fox WD M- 65

57 Annabelle Fox Lonely Girl Satin WD M- 200

58 Varios Operator, Operator, Operator Amy D M- 75

59 Fabulettes The Bigger They Are Monument D M- 45

60 Angelenos (Down in) East L.A. Highland WD M- 75

61 Martha Branch You Soild Soul M- 60

62 Gene & Eddie Sweet Little Girl Ru-Jac WD M- 50

63 Gloria Knight Faith, Hope & Trust Round M- 75

Original sixties version of Faye Ross on a very rare 1980 release

64 Tempos Don’t Leave Me Riley’s M- 100

65 Milestones The Jokey Andre M- 300

Slightly mis-spelled title is the real first issue (obviously)

66 Temptations Check Yourself Miracle WD M- 60

Rare white promo

67 Sentimentals I Want To Love You Mint 808 M- 50

68 Sentimentals I’ll Miss These Things Mint 807 M- 50

69 Lou Roberts You Fooled Me MGM D M- 50

70 Billy Prophet Puppet On A String Merrimac M- 75

71 Arthur Freeman You Got Me Up Tight Jumbo M- 350

72 Jackie Taylor Walkin’ Back Jubilee WD M- 60

73 Tutti Hill He’s A Loser Arock M- 35

74 Pure Soul Band Headin’ West Magnificent D M- 80

75 Reparata & The Delrons Panic Mala D M- 40

76 Tony & The Mockin’ Byrds Walkin’ The Duck Associated Artists M- 35

77 Bobby Callender My Baby Changes Like The Weather Bamboo M- 100

78 Dynamic Deadbeats Band Movin’ Out Greenedeem M- 100

79 Harold Hutton Lucky Boy Checker M- 75

80 Kelly Sisters Some Girls Will Do Anything Coed WD M- 50

81 Edie Walker I Don’t Need You Anymore Mew M- 75

82 Attractions Why Shouldn’t A Man Cry Bell M- 150

Brilliant group dancer — now scarce

83 Marion James I’m The Woman For You K&J M- 100

Rarer orange and brown label

84 Maria Dallas Ambush RCA Victor WD VG++ 25

85 Blossoms That’s When The Tears Start Reprise VG++ 25

86 Sounds Of Lane Tracks To Your Mind Cobblestone D M- 50

87 Clara Hardy I Dream Of You Tuna M- 150

88 Lillian Dupree (I’ve Got A) Shield Around My Heart D-Town M- 100

89 Fabulous Carousels Would You Love Me Towne House WD M- 75

90 Styles Baby You’re Alive Modern M- 125

Rare maroon issue copy

91 Four Invaders Making Tracks Baby Bray M- 200

92 Deltas Hey Girl Just Like You New Chicago Sound M- 75

93 Butlers She’s Gone / Love Is Good Gamble M- 30

94 Modern Red Caps Never Kiss A Man Good-by Penntowne M- 30

95 Bobby Williams Baby I Need Your Love Sure-Shot D M- 35

96 Malibus Strong Love Sure-Shot D M- 25

97 J. J. Daniels Mr. Lonesome Sure-Shot D M- 50

98 Buster Jones I’m Satisfied Sure-Shot D M- 25

99 Lisa Richards Mean Old World Sure-Shot M- 40

100 Freddie North The Hurt R I K WD M- 150

101 Solomon Burke Cry To Me Atlantic M- 40

101x Marvellos Something’s Burnin’ Loma M- 75

102 Lee Dorsey Vista, Vista Amy D M- 40

This is his rare one — especially on a promo. Played at Stafford

103 Minnie Epperson It’ll Last Forever Peacock M- 25

104 Jimmy Castor Just You Girl Smash M- 30

105 Royalettes River Of Tears Roulette WD M- 35

106 Chuck Bernard Every Hurt Makes Me Stronger Satellite WD M- 40

107 Patti Austin You’re Too Much A Part Of Me Coral D M- 250

108 Bobby Bell Don’t Come Back To Me RCA Victor WD M- 50

109 James Gresham What Did I Do Decca D M- 30

110 Kelly Brothers Love Time Sims M- 50

111 Boston Hitesmen Can’t Let It Ride M T A M- 50

112 Dorelles You Are RSVP M- 100

113 Johnson Sisters I Found My Place Broadway WD M- 40

114 Splendors Please Don’t Go Karate WD VG++ 50

115 Chuck Corby Happy Go Lucky Veep WD M- 25

116 Strangers Night Winds Warner Bros WD VG++ 40

117 Jay & The Americans Got Hung Up Along The Way United Artists WD M- 30

118 Invincibles It’s That Love Of Mine Warner Bros M- 35

120 Vernon Garrett Angel Doll Venture M- 50

121 Soul Twins She’s The One Back Beat D M- 100

122 Barbara Mason Bobby, Is My Baby Arctic M- 25

123 Jimmy Holiday Shield All Around K T M- 50

124 Earl Grant Hide Nor Hair Decca M- 40

125 Climates No You For Me Sun WD M- 35

Nice white demo, not too many records on this famous label. Precious little soul but this one is great.

Hard promo too

126 Four Sonics Where Are You Triple “B” M- 50

127 Patty Livingston I’ve Got My Baby Dimension WD M- 50

128 Fantaisions Unnecessary Tears Satellite M- 30

129 Sandra Phillips You Succeeded Broadway M- 30

130 Yvonne Vernee It’s Been a Long Time SonBert WD M- 100

131 Corvairs A Victim Of Her Charms Sylvia WD M- 35

132 J. J Barnes I’ll Keep Coming Back Buddah M- 25

133 J. J Barnes So Far Away Mickay’s 353 M- 50

134 J. J Barnes Hey Child, I Love You Mickay’s 3004 M- 40

135 J. J Barnes These Chains Of Love Mickay’s 3114 M- 40


136 Luther Davis Group You Can Be A Star Life Time M- 250

137 Dependables It’s Incomplete Vestpocket M- 100

138 Fred Mark Rowboat Omega M- 200

139 Luther Don’t Wanna Be A Fool Cotillion M- 150

140 Ivan Neville Dance Your Blues Away Cookie M- 150

141 Eddie Billups Shake Off That Dream Seventy 7 WD M- 125

142 Flame N King Ho Happy Day N.Y.C.S. M- 300

143 Richard Caiton I See Love Girl In Your Eyes Caiburt VG++ 200

144 Four Below Zero E.S.P. P&P M- 150

145 Patterson Twins I Need Your Love Malaco M- 350

146 Traffic Jam Traffic Jam / I Can’t Get Over You Toeholt M- 150

147 Timi Yuro When Something Is Wrong With My Baby Frequency M- 40

148 Sisters Love Mr. Fix-It Man Mowest 5014 M- 25

149 Lady Margaret & The Stovall Sisters If It Is Let It Be Gemini M- 30

150 Vivian Reed Save Your Love For Me Atco M- 200

151 Collaboration Forgive Me Mohawk M- 75

Great modern midtempo

152 Bill Space Lady Dollar Bill M- 25

153 El Shobey & Co Never Missed What You Got Shout M- 30

154 Lovemakers All Because Of Me Balance M- 75

155 John Edwards The Look On Your Face Bell M- 300

156 Relatives Lenient With My Love Archway M- 100

157 Clem Easterling Half The Way Hep Me M- 25

158 Sea Level Make You Feel Love Again Arista D M- 40

159 Carla Whitney I’ve Been Hurt (So Many Times) Attic

Canadian M- 100

160 Steeplechase Never Coming Back Polydor WD M- 75

161 Gloria Gaynor This Love Affair Polydor WD M- 50

Surprisingly tough to locate and more so on a promo!

162 Al Foster Band Night Of The Wolf Roulette WD VG++ 75

163 Famous Flames Who Am I King WD M- 30

164 Fantasie The Composer X.K.R. III M- 25

165 Fantastic Four I’m Falling In Love Eastbound M- 25

166 Fantastic Four I’m Gonna Carry On Soul 35072 M- 15

167 Fantastic Johnny C Don’t Depend On Me Phil L.A. Of Soul M- 35

168 Maryann Farra Never Gonna Leave Me Brunswick M- 10

169 Maryann Farra Living In The Footsteps Of Another Girl Brunswick M- 15

170 Fat Larrys Band Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself Fantasy M- 6

171 Fat Larrys Band Center City WMOT

UK M- 6

172 Lily Fields He’s A Wonder Boy Spectrum M- 10

173 Lily Fields Love Has So Many Meanings Sunburst M- 8

174 Fiestas Is That Long Enough For You Chimneyville M- 15

175 Fiestas Sometimes Storm Respect D M- 25

176 Fiestas Sometimes Storm Respect D M- 25

177 5

th Dimension No Love In tHe Room Arista M- 15

178 5

th Dimension Everybody’s Got To Give It Up Motown 1453 WD M- 10

179 Final Decisions Keep On Walking Bumpshop WD M- 10

180 Final Decisions You Are My Sunshine Hi C M- 100

181 Final Edition Betcha Can’t Love Just One VAP M- 25

182 Final Touch I’m Ready To Give Up My Love Epic M- 50

183 Finished Touch The Down Sound Motown 1463 WD M- 15

184 Mike Finnigan Just One Minute More Columbia WD M- 15

185 First Born If This Is Our Last Time Atlantic M- 25

186 Bruce Fisher At The End Of A Love Affair United Artists M- 50

187 Willie Fisher One Way Street Tigress M- 20

188 Willie Fisher You Said Call Me Tigress M- 25

189 Five Keys Stop Landmark M- 25

190 Five Special The More I Get To Know You Mercury M- 15

191 Five Special Lets’ Stop Making Small Talk Mercury M- 10

192 Five Special The More I Get To Know You TEAI M- 25

193 5 Wagers Come And Ask Me Tiara M- 25

194 Garfield Fleming Don’t Send Me Away Becket M- 75

195 Joy Fleming Are You Ready For Love Private Stock M- 15

196 Darrow Fletcher We’ve Got To Get An Understanding Crossover M- 15

197 Floaters Take One Step At A Time Fee M- 15

198 Eddie Floyd Disco Summer Mercury D M- 15

199 Frankie Floyd I’m Gonna Get You IX Chains M- 10

200 Force Of Nature Do It (Like It Ain’t Got No Backbone) Phil Int’l M- 50


201 Hoagy Lands (I’m Gonna) Cry Some Tears Judi WD

w.o.l M- 150

Very rare R&B mover

202 Buster Benton Catherine Alteen M- 150

203 Four Bars What’s On Your Mind Shelley M- 200

204 Garlon Davis Oh My Soul Ended M- 100

205 Lord Charles & The Prophets Cherry Pie Modern WD M- 100

206 Jewel Akens Wee Bit More Of Your Lovin’ Crest M- 100

207 Fay Simmons Please Tell Me I’m Yours Senca M- 50

208 Clarence (Gatemouth) Brown The Grass Is Always Greener Cinderella VG++ 150

Very rare R&B dancer from this legendary artist

209 Untouchables Raisin’ Sugar Cane Madison M- 50

210 Clentt Gant Just Like You Like It Duke D M- 40

211 Eddie Harris Freedom Jazz Dance Atlantic D M- 15

212 Jackie Harris No Kind Of Man Chess WD M- 15

213 Peppermint Harris Little Girl Jewel M- 20

214 Thurston Harris Do What You Did Aladdin M- 15

215 Van Harris Hey, Hey (Feel Alright) ABC M- 15

216 Sterling Harrison Let’s Wobble V M- 10

217 Wilbert Harrison Off To School Again Doc M- 15

218 Wilbert Harrison Gonna Tell You A Story Glades M- 15

219 Wilbert Harrison Sugar Lump Port WD M- 15

220 Wilbert Harrison Baby Move On Port M- 15

221 Wilbert Harrison Pretty Little Women Wet Soul M- 15

222 Joe Haywood I Would If I Could White Cliffs M- 15

223 Head Lyters You’d Better Come Home Wand D M- 15

228 Roy Head Ain’t Goin Down Right Mercury M- 15

229 Ernie Held The Rain In Spain Pride D M- 15

230 Bobby Hendricks Good Lovin’ Mercury WD M- 20

231 Margie Hendrix Don’t Destroy Me Sound Stage 7 WD M- 10

232 Margie Hendrix Somebody’s Gonna Plow Your Field Sound Stage 7 WD M- 15

233 Henry & Mamie Two Big Feet Amy D M- 20

234 Woody Herman Sting Ray Columbia WD M- 15

235 Woody Herman Come On And Ska

label sticker Philips M- 15

236 Monk Higgins Ceatrix Did It St Lawrence M- 15

237 Monk Higgins Watermelon Man Solid State M- 15

238 Monk Higgins Who-Dun-It? St Lawrence M- 10

239 High Keyes Pistol Packin’ Mama Atco WD M- 20

240 Jessie Hill Sweet Jelly Roll

label sticker Minit M- 15


241 T-E Corp Get It On Seibu M- 100

242 Chuck Carbo Can I Be Your Squeeze Fire Ball M- 100

243 The Lumpen Seize The Time Black Panther Party M- 100

244 Uptighters Smoke Pity M- 100

245 Freda Alleyne Money, And All Your Love J & S M- 200

246 Bob Stone Foxy Little Mama Jive M- 100

247 Jo Ann Garrett Can You Deal With That Duo WD M- 20

248 Delia Gartrell Fighting Fire, With Fire Demin-Kalo M- 35

249 Willie Gauff Communicate Not Hate Eureka M- 25

250 Gene & Jerry Ten And Two Mercury VG++ 8

251 Gene & Jerry Ten And Two Mercury WD M- 10

252 Gentlemen & Their Ladies Now Generation Jean M- 10

253 George & Gwen Stranded In This Broken Heart Alston M- 10

254 Brenda George What You See Is What You Get Kent M- 100

255 Billy Gibson The Wiggler Brunswick M- 15

256 Dizzy Gillespie Unicorn Pablo M- 10

257 Glass Family Crazy JDC M- 8

258 Bobby Glenn Must Be Funk Koala M- 25

259 Good Times Dyn-O-Mite Jewel M- 15

260 Good Guys Do Your Thing Jasmam M- 35

261 Cal Green Revolution Rap

label sticker Mutt & Jeff M- 25

262 Clarence Green Keep A Workin’ Duke D M- 30

263 Jimmi Green The Robot Wand D VG++ 20

264 Don Gregory Soul Line APT WD M- 25

265 Don Gregory One More Time Chess M- 20

266 Jesse Gresham Plus 3 Bust Out Jewel M- 20

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