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Llandudno Niter - So Good It Hurts ..now

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What a cracking nighter that was!

Always a bit wary about writing stuff on local niters, as view living down the road my be a bit different than someone who travels to it.

but this time made sure checked with all a fair few travellers and as their views matched mine think can get away with saying, one if not best ones yet.

Have had good ones before there but this was best both music wise and event wise, and to be honest finding it hard pushed thinking when recently had such a good enjoyable nite both ways, last monkey of course :) and then errrr .... mmmm

Anyway niter was a good one, numbers up , all djs delivered own mix and style of sets, what caught was both refreshing , well put together and worked great, one of them nites when all sets worked well and djs fed of each other, nite flowed Ritchie Andrew , Mark and Chico doing their now usual joint two hour set that works so well, Neil Jones on top form Steve Thomas at his best, Ricey, Shelia, Gary B , Ann A , Sam Moore finished nite .

Travellers from afar good to catch up with few mates and such, all gave music and event thumbs up

New Soul Up North Out and About

Did hear was a mix up in listings mag which meant that last months djs were listed

Been running bout 10 years now and in current team for 7, own unique style and way of doing things and as said was one of best niters had there.

try and get few highlights/plays of those concerned later

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Got to agree with all Mike has written here. Have tried not to miss over last few years and, although I always enjoy this niter, last weeks really was a top night.

Music did flow really well all night with all styles and tastes catered for. Mark & Chico's two hour set was stand-out (The Prophets, The Cautions, The Spartans as a couple of top drawer examples). Really enjoyed Ste Thomas too but all DJs played to enthusiastic crowd, and atmosphere was as good as I've known it.

A few regular faces had gone across to Skeggy but I thought that these had been replaced by a few newcomers so all in all, attendance was up on of late.

"Nice one" to Dave, Gary and all concerned and looking forward to the next one.


(A f***ing long way from Llandudno on a Sunday Morning :thumbup: )

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Guest Netspeaky

Glad to hear people enjoyed mine and Chico's joint spot, really enjoyed myself to the point I played the Spartans twice just for fellow DJ Ricey, it's so good, it's going to be a MONSTER Sound. Great spot's from all the other DJ's kept the crowd buzzing all night, and the dance floor bouncing. If you didn't make it this time around, make sure you get to the next one it's Gary's 50th, so it's sure to be a good night.

laugh.gif Some of the Sounds I spun:

Spartans - I don't need another lover (Era)

Prophets - One Gold Piece (Shine)

Cautions - No Other Way (Shrine)

Imperials C's - Someone Tell Her (Phil la Soul)

Unique Blend - Spread The News (Acetate)

Soul Bros Inc - Pyramid (Golden Eye)

Sweets - Something About My Baby (Soultown)

Bill Dennis - I'll Never Let You Go (Shine)

Montclairs - Hey You (Arch)

Purple Munday - Stop Hurting Me Baby (Cat)

T C Lee & The Bricklayers - Up & Down The Hill (King)

Cashmeres - Showstopper (Hem)

George Blackwell (Smoke)

J J Barnes - Real Humdinger (Strings Version)

Carol & Gerri - On You Heartaches Looks Good (MGM)

Chico also played some real corking sounds as well, including the following:

Unique Blend - Yes I'm in Love

Venturas - Heart of Love

Spidells - Dream Girl

Temptones - Girl I Love You

Cookie Scott - I Don't Care

Nicky C & The Chateaux - Those Good Times

Arcades - Theres Gotta To Be A Loser

Arabians - Please Take A Chance On Me

Roy Brown - Baby It's Love

Ernestine Eady - The Change

Brand New - 1000 Years

Charisma Band - Aint Nothing Like Your Love

Celeste Hardie - Your Gone

Bitter & Sweet - I Won't Have Any Babies For You

Natural Four - Hanging On A Lie

By the way any promoters out there, we are both available for bookings! we don't get enough chances to spin our discs.


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thanks Mark for passing on yours and Chico's plays

Steve T give us sample 5 that went down well from his set

ree flores - look into my heart

good humoured - clifford curry

my baby - dobie grey

margie joseph - medicne bend

voices inc- thinkin'

can catch Steve at marine fleetwood event this Saturday

Also Neil Jones passed on his complete plays from the same nite

(big thanks Neil)

Carl Spencer - Cover Girl

Johnny Howard - The chase is on

Charles Mintz - Running Back

Loveman Ronnie Stokes - Touch You Again

Eddie Billups - Shake off that dream

J B Troy - Live on

Edwin Starr - 24 hours to find my baby

Cavaliers - Hold to my baby

Shirley & Jessie - You can't fight love

Tammy Wayne - Have a good time

Dee Dee Sharpe - Deep Dark Secret

Elbie Parker - Please keep away from me

September Jones - I'm coming home

Deon Jackson - One day my sun will shine

Bill Bush - I'm waiting

Jimmy Seals - Yesterday of our love

Gene Toones - What more do you want

Enchantments - I'm in love with your daughter

Mickie Champion - What good am I

Sam Fletcher - I'd think it over

Dickie Wonder - Nobody knows

Dynamics - I need your love

Wooden Nickels - Nobody but you

Falcons - Good Good Feeling

of course can catch Neil at many places inluding his own Bury North Manchester Soul Nites - Next one is on 15 Oct and is - 6th Anniversary 3 room All Niter

thanks to all for passing on

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