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[Rs] soul notes - how long will it last - way out 7

Title: soul notes - how long will it last - way out 7
Artist: soul notes
Track: how long will it last
Label: way out

Record information:

an old dave molloy tip, one of the many that are now seen as classics, and dave always said wait for the 45 with 2 good sides and even then they didn't come along that often, but mr lawson eventually came up trumps for me, although i had to jump through hoops purely for his entertainment before he finally sold me it. reminds me of the days pete and i went round to dave's, dave insisting pete promises to be on best behaviour, and we would have food before going out. pete, for some reason (!), was rarely hungry, but would try and eat, normally like a kid he would be stuffing his face when it was just us 2 in the room, once gargling with chile con carne!!! then i would have to stifle my laughter when dave and kim returned. pete always had great intentions but he would always manage to misbehave in some way before we left.

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