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Crossfire ....reports?


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Most active in this topic

The whole event was a massive success yet again. The room that rocked the best for me was the Rnb/ska room. Can't remember all the DJ's names but Alan H.,Vic Ranger & Gavin did great sets. The beat/psych room was also very busy with people (loads of mods) enjoying the music plus they had a bar and you could get a drink Quicker that the main northern room.

The main room was busy and the usual suspects played all the favourites but nothing new to my ears but then again its very rare these days to hear DJ's playing something for the first time out. Flynny and myself went for the oldies and the crowd responded giving it large and seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

I missed most of Butchs set as went to Dance/support my fellow London boys in the rnb/Ska room but came back for Mr burrells set which was stunning. All in all another London United success.


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Guest in town Mikey

Had this in an email sent to me from a colleague in our Newport office:

We were a mixed bunch (12) of Northern and Mods so the 3 rooms suited the group well. Having made the effort to get off our backsides, it looks as though 3 or 4 of us may be more willing to travel more often. We've already agreed to go up to the Twisted Wheel 40th at the end of November (should be good), and there's a first allnighter in Weston on Dec 20th.

So looks like it has refreshed some guys apetite for going to soul clubs all over the country. Cant have a better revue than that.

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Have to endorse all that's been said. A great night had by all and, as an aging lover of all things R&B myself, thought both the Main Hall and the R&B room were superb. Mr Flynn, the lovely Jo Wallace, Mick Smith and Butch were the best for me but all the DJ's did a great job. Loved Ady's Luther Ingram 'Baby don't you weep' which no amount of pleading and doe eyes would let him pass an acetate over to me (so I'll have to mug him when he plays at the Plinston!) and that despite the fact I'd been commenting on his new slim like figure - fat bast***d!!!!! Great atmosphere, easy to find and park (Next to Gt Portland tube) and some mighty fine tunes (but agree with the comment that could have done with hearing newer sounds.) So, well done all involved, a top night and one to keep an eye on for the future.

Alan H you owe me a drink for sorting you out with Butch!


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X Fire2?! I didn't think it'd ever be able to compare with the first one, but it blew it out of the proverbials! The finest music spun by the finest DJ's, all under one roof. It's like a Centreparc for 60's obsessives.

So nice to see people I hadn't seen for ages, due to the disparate 60's scene at the moment. Brought back the heady days of the twin tub Mousetraps recleaning your ears from one floor to the other.

Only had a small time in the R'n'B room, and most of that was spent convincing people I was who I said I was. But the quality of stuff in there was awesome. Spins like 'New York City' by Sid Barnes proof that the DJ's weren't afraid to stick their neck out on quality soul. And to be followed by Darrow Fletcher's 'What Have I Got Now' was dreamy.

The beat room was a thriving mash of Fender fuzz, it's immaculate crowd melding in and out of vivid colours as they grooved into the night.

But the Northern Room was the grand prix. The jewelled award for those who had the sense to attend. The first track of my night (and saldy Jo Wallace's last) got me started on a white knuckle ride through dreamsville. You had it all. You lucky things. And I got Luther Ingram. If only for 3 minutes. Soul Inc., Flash McKinley, The Vanguards, The Montclairs, Martha Jean Love.

All this and the chance to act the fool to The Futures in Finsbury Park at 5 in the morning? For £10?! YOU MUST BE LAUGHING! The Rocket is dead. Long Live Crossfire.

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