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Radio Soul Obsessions

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We've gone guest crazy at reflections on northern soul after the very entertaining two hours spent with Fraser Dunn.

This Saturday at 2:30pm we welcome DJ and promoter Derek Robertson to www.radiomagnetic.com .

Derek is promoting the first weekender of Northern Soul we've had for some time in Scotland. If we 've ever had a weekender in Scotland. Anyway it's called Obsessions and you can check out the line up at http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~abdnpaul/weekend.html

Or head for www.soulscotland.com and proceed from there. Or you can listen in and hear Derek himself tell you all about it. He'll also be bringing a box of records through. Good stuff guaranteed.

As usual your comments questions and shout outs will be more than welcome at studio@radiomagnetic.com

We should be able to squeeze in a gig guide, and some quick comments on the top 5 highest priced northern soul singles on e bay.

Remember to check out previous playlists at http://www.radiomagnetic.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=918 and beyond

And vote here for internet station of the year


Could I paste another link?

Keep the faith


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