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Derek Pearson Shades Of Soul - Sep Show - Plays

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Derek just passed on the playlist from Seps Show

so here you go

can listen to it up here in the radio section

visit radio section

sat 18 sept 04 playlist

little charles 'talking about you' decca;

larry davis 'I've been hurt'; kent

willie hightower 'because I love you' capitol;

steinways 'hearts not it it anymore' oliver;

betty boo 'say it isnt so' uk grapevine;

winstons 'aint nothing like a little' curtom;

grover mitchell 'take your time' josie;

choice of colour 'your love' apt;

king diamond 'black woman' powerhouse;

lou ragland 'I cant take it' co co;

albert jones '15 cent love' kapp;

keni lewis 'whats her name' buddah;

debra johnson 'if you want love' uk kent;

johnny gilliam 'find yourself another' bomar;

stewart ames 'king for a day' j&w;

ascots 'another day' miradon;

jackie edwards 'feel so bad' french vogue;

dee dee warwick 'worth every tear' uk mercury;

ike & tina turner ' somebody somewhere' uk wb;

soul twins 'give the man a chance' karen;

carol anderson 'taking my mind' whip;

deletts 'look at me' bluerock;

jackie wilson 'brought about a change' brunswick;

ghetto children 'its not easy' roulette;

al wilson 'you did it' playboy;

gwen mccrae 'lead me on' Columbia;

eddie billups 'shake off that dream' 77;

derek martin 'sly girl' tuba;

detroit emeralds 'holding on' westbound;

stunners 'nobody but' promo cd;

king diamond 'that's all she wrote' powerhouse;

roosevelt mathews 'got me digging you' promo cd;

jean plum 'back to you' uk london;

debbie taylor 'I don't wanna lose you' arista;

staple singers 'trippin on your love' promo cd;

mel williams 'sweet little woman' buddah;

gloria scott 'what you gonna do' casablanca;

anthony white 'hey baby' pir;

big maybelle 'I cant wait' rojac

bernard williams 'focused on you' harthon;

elbie parker 'please keep away' veep;

jimmy norman 'family tree' mercury;

jamer carr 'losing game' goldwax;

international gto's 'I love my baby' rojac;

four tops 'cant seem to get you' uk tmg.

can listen to it up here in the radio section

visit radio section

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