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Although I've got thousands of B&S and various mags gathering dust in the loft, there's some proppa nostalgia out there in the shape of live recordings. I'm not generally into live recordings but.........

I was listening to a bit of Pickett the other day in the car and the last track is a live version of 'Midnight Hour'. You get the atmosphere of some smoke-filled club straight at you, women screaming, Pickett interacting with the two bands, and when it kicks off, the backing is fantastic - Booker and the Boys back with the Mar-Kays and Pickett tearing his throat out. Quality nostalgia :D

Likewise, the Temps live version of My Girl at the Apollo - back in about 65. Ruffin goes, "and we'd like to do our next single for you", the Funk Bros. kick in, and Ruffin and the crowd goes absolutely effin nuts. You can barely hear Ruffin initially amidst the kerfuffle. Who say's boy bands are a new invention. Fantastic bit of history for me :D

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four tops live album is great

i also like listening to live all nighter tapes, they send the hair on the back of my neck up

there's some good quality ones on here recorded through the decks by jon buck

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