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Sales: Freddie Lowe, Rosebuds, Gracie Darnell, Johnny Dixon - Loads More

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Hi all, nice 45s for sale, first batch, there will be loads this week

You pay Postage: £2.50 for signed for post, £6 for insured special next day.

Payment direct into my Bank Account, Cheque, or Pay Pal:

Masqueraders - One More Chance / La Beat £100 M-

Somebody had this at £350 on here last week, claiming it never turns up mint, well this is, and I'm asking a third what that guy wanted, minter and lets face it this group don't make crap records.

Sam Dees - Fragile Handle with care / Jamaican Atlantic VG++ £70

comes in its original sleeve which looks very cool, bough this direct from the chap who found them...

Albert Jones - I Do Love You / Tri City VG++ (WOL,See Scan below) £70

Classic Crossover

Ray and the Bel-Aires - The Blame is on you / ARV International M- £200

Great texas release from the same people who did 'She didn't Love you'... GREAT TRACK..

Alcon Shades - All Is Forgiven / Blue Rock demo VG++ £45 (label has a tad bit discolouration, see scan)

Very Good record this...

St. George & Tana - without your love / Dutch Kapp (Pic sleeve) M- £20

Only blemish is on the pic cover where somebody has applied a bit of tip ex to cover a blue ink stain...check out the scan.

Jon Tee - Crazy / Jay Tone WD VG++ £70

One of two rare releases from Jon Tee on this label, I bought this some years ago on here; heres the thing its pretty warped, however if you look away and listen there is no distortion or clicks, plays perfect, I paid 70 for it, I want 70 for it.

Jackie Ross - Keep your Chin up / Brunswick VG ++ £30

Classic Brunswick release, there're all there, Gerald Simms, carl Davis, sonny sanders

Carol Woods — If I Let You / Ember — UK test pressing) VG+ £20

Nice track from the same singer who did Heartbreaker. Plays and looks fine, comes with original sleeve, which looks the business.

Aldora Britton - No Cookies in My Bag / Decca £15 VG++

Very Nice slowie, got onto a Kent LP in the eighties.

Lamont Dozier - Dearest One / Melody VG++ (Demo stamp) £80

Classic Detroit Motown track..

The Splendors - Please don't Go / Karate WD VG++ £50 ** SOLD **

Classic Stafford track I think, really good record

Ambers - Another Love / Potion of Love / Smash (2nd Issue) VG++ £15

Think there was some speak as to whether these were actually legit, I believe they are, Classic Northern and crossover sides...

The Aristocrats Organisation (Feat Ms. Linda Blakely) - Dont Go / Now and again £15 M-

One off Funk rarity put out by Now and again in 2003, top track with a pic sleeve

The Rosebuds - Say You'll Be Mine / Tower M- £100

Act III - To-Day I Want to Stay Inside / I can feel the Tears / Harley Records M- £125

Crossover favorite, with a very nice deep flip...

The Cassadons - 2 Sided Love / Beltone M- £45

Luvly disc, great Chicago track.

Gracie Darnell - The Bad Guys / RUTH VG++ £125

Another great Clip clop dancer, label is a tad dirty but it does not detract at all..

Lee Stone - I'm Gonna get you down / M- £150

Great record, I mean a great dancer worth every penny, why the F888 am I selling it..

Johnny Dixon - Where Are You / Inst / Boss M- £80

Class Detroit recording...also covered by the Four Sonics, actually Dixon might have been in the group, i'll have to check

Soul Notes - How Long Does it Last / Way Out VG++ £20

Lot of interest in this label lately, this is one of the most common release, but my golly it's a good one, if you don't have it, you need it..

The Sensations - Lonely World / Way Out M- £15

Slightly harder than the above, some might disagree, but the music is utterly brilliant, 2 very very nice sides..

Bobby Bland - Jelly Jelly Jelly / Duke Demo M- £15

Styrene release, which is unusual on duke, this is a stunning looking copy, and a classic from the man!!

George Soule - Get Involved / Fame M- £15

Classic seventies release, very nice track.

Tammy Montgomery - If I Would marry You / Checker DJ Copy M- £40 ** SOLD **

I dont think these turn up much these days, spanking copy and a demo too, arranged by Garry Sherman no less..

Marvin Smith - Who will do your running Now / Mayfield VG+ £20

See scan below, WOL, but it actually plays perfect.. its quite a loud recording / track anyway, cheap way to get a tune worth allot more.

Clovers - Try My Lovin on Me / Josie M- £50

One of the best from this label, great Group track and very minty condition...

Harold Hutton - Lucky Boy / Checker VG++

Plays a treat, classic northern spin...

Freddie Lowe - Decisions / Sirocco WD VG + £70 ** SOLD **

Big Modern rarity that fetches £300 or so usually, never issued, it's a rare one, this copy plays through, there are clicks, and noise, and the label has got dirty over the years, I assume cause it was stacked without a sleeve, but both sides play through, short version is better, served me well for many years, you cant afford em all in mint condition, good for seventy quid I think.

Hoagy Lands - Friends & Lovers Dont Go Together / Laurie advance release £20 VG++

Great track from Hoagy, don't think he sang this when he came over, but Ady played it allot, also made a Kent comp...

Little Denise Stevenson - Would It Be Me / Voice VG++ £35

Read this was picking up spins recently, good unknown crossover, suppose with a funky edge, check the label below (12 Years old with 50 Years of Soul), cool or what..

Marla Debrick - Um Um darling / Phil LA of Soul VG++ £60

Had this for twenty years, very nice track, quite distinct moody slow to mid tempo sound, Marla give a great vocal..

Georgetta Banks - Sweetly and Completely / G-Note VG ++ £60

original release, or local B4 Dot, Fabulous Beat Ballad...

The Whispers - As I Sit Here / Dore VG++ £20

Slow one from the Whispers, very nice track...

Sebastian Williams - Get your Point Over / Ovide DJ Copy VG+

Plays fine and look well good on a DJ copy see below..

Gifted Four - Are You Choosing / Hamito-Semitica VG ++ £60

Class Crossover 45...

The Exportations - I Want You / VIR-RO VG ++ £75 ** SOLD **

Class Dancer from believe it or not 1980...

And finally:

The Heeey baby Days of Beach Music by greg Haynes, Plus the first 3 CD's neatly tucked inside the cover as it was delivered... £80 Plus you pay post

Book's hardly been read, bit of wear on the jacket on the top but otherwise in great condition, I know these have now sold out so these are hard to come by, £90 Plus you pay the post, what ever that it, it's a brick of a coffee table book...

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Posted (edited)

more scans

Edited by Mal.C.

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