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AUCTION CLOSES 14 NOVEMBER 2003 9 pm french time

Hi ,

Here is a new list of records i am selling by auction.

all the records are original unless noted & in the conditions stated. Satisfaction guaranteed .

When two conditions are listed after the 45's , two copies of the same 45's are avalaible in the conditions stated. Same for regular or WDJ.

You can bid in UK Pounds,US Dollars & Euros. just observe the minimum bid after each record listed.

Tape with excerpts of each record listed is avalaible @ 5 euros ( includes postage ).

If you're not shure for some records, i can play them over the phone.Just call between 5pm & 9 pm French time. However be patient & indulgent with me for my basic English .

Payment can be done:

1. payment card with PAYPAL ( exta charge of 3,9% of the Total due for covering PAYPAL fees, i don't take them in charge )

2. by transfert on my Belgium bank account , ask me info & detail.

3. by international postal money order in euros funds (no check please see below).

4. avoid sending cash by the mail, if you do all the same , please insure your letter for the amount you send out.( for UK use " AIRSURE " " SWIFTAIR " "SIGNEDFOR INTERNATIONAL" & take extra compensation up to £250 or £500 ). If you don't , it will be at your ow risks. Do not send any coins, just bills, I know it is obvious to tell that but i preffer to remind it. I would send you back the cash change with the record(s) in the same currency UK Pounds, US Dollars or Euros.

5. Any foreign checks cause me cashing fees ( around 13 euros per check ) so I only could accept this kind of payment if you pay them.



45's 45's 45's 45's 45's 45's 45's 45's 45's 45's 45's 45's 45's 45's

Kellie Greene move on 20th cent Foc M- mb 20 promo wol

The Lyrics so hard to get along Abc EX mb 25 wdj

Freddie Mitchell Seaweed Abc VG mb 25

Lenny O' Henry Cheated heart Abc M- mb 30 or VG wdj X ol mb 20

The Elites you'll break two hearts Abc VG+ mb 40

Hill Tutti he's a lover Arock M- mb 25 lbl missing b side

Jackie Hairston monkey on my back Atco M- mb 10 wdj

Wynonie Harris tell a whale of a tale Atco VG++ mb 60

Earl Paradise don't pass me by Atco M- mb 20

Jeff Lane Carmelita Battle EX mb 40 wdj

The Attractions that girl is mine Bell EX mb 20

Johnny Duran someday i'll get over Big City M- mb 100 white lbl, promo ?

Frenchy & all stars Rock a cha Capcity EX mb 23 surface noise due to a bad pressing, not the record condition.

The Cadillacs white gardena Capitol EX mb 40

Zabette Wilde oh what a feeling Capitol EX mb 23 French Ep's with EX cover

Fuller Jerry I dreamed about my lover Challenge VG+ mb 23

Wyatt Johnny Ill stand by you Challenge VG mb 20

Jackie Harris No kind of man Chess EX mb 12 dh

The Marquis strange is love Class EX mb 30 wdj sol wol

The Marcels give me back your love Colpix EX mb 35

Walter Jackson this world of mine / I don't want to suffer Columbia VG+ mb 35 wdj sol tiny wol

Cassius Clay stand by me Columbia VG++ mb 30 or VG++ edge chip nap 20

Dee Clark in my apartment Constellation EX mb 25

Lenny Dell my old girl friend Coral (promo) M- mb 40 or VG+ promo sml wol

Donald Jenkins somebody help me Cortland VG++ mb 80

Merritt Jimmy I'll forget about you Crackerjack EX mb 180 sml stamp trace on lbl

Merritt Jimmy I'll forget about you Crackerjack EX mb 180 2 X on lbl on 1 side

Wanderers somebody else's sweetheart Cub M- mb 50 or M- warp 30

The Harptones Devil in velvet Cub M- mb 30 dj copy

Conetta Lew you got me crazy Decca M- mb 60 sml wol

Eden Kane a new kind of lovin Decca UK VG++ mb 15 or sol VG+

Borders Tony counting on you Delta M- mb 50 slightly warp

Big Dee Irwin and heaven was here Dimension M- mb 30 or EX sol

Gene Chandler forgive me/check yourself/you threw a... Discophon EX mb 60 Spain Ep's with M- cover

Saunders Cathy restless / making believe Edit EX mb 60 sol

The Jay Cee's the waddle Enjoy M- mb 15 sol

R. Popcorn Wilie brand new man Epic M- mb 35 wdj

Scott Billy carole Everest M- mb 15

Jimmy Hughes time will bring you back Fame M- mb 12 dh

Tjader cal evil ways Fantasy M- mb 20 or EX copy

Bobby King Thanks Mr. postman Federal M- mb 85 regular copy

Bobby King Thanks Mr. postman Federal EX mb 70 regular copy

Randolph Jimmy miracle after miracle Felsted VG+ mb 40 promo

Barry Cryer hey eula Fontana VG++ mb 30 French pressing only ? I think so .

James Carr only fool run away Goldwax M- mb 35 wdj

James Carr Lover's competition Goldwax M- mb 50 wdj

James Carr Lover's competition Goldwax EX mb 40 gold label

The Bobettes Mr Johnny Q Gone VG++ mb 30

Lawing Mike In L.A. Hawk M- mb 30

The Matadors Listen Jamie EX mb 175 one X on lbl

Linda Gray Gotta make him mine Karate EX mb 12 wdj

Milton Grayson it ain't necessarily so Kenn EX mb 30 sol

Del Shannon don't gild the lily lily Lana VG++ mb 10

Grayson Jack go ahead on Liberty VG+ mb 25 wdj lbl slightly tears

Pair Extraordinaire girl i think I love you Liberty M- mb 10 dj sml n° wol on 1 side

Ray Barretto soul drummer London EX mb 15 maybe German press ?

Gladys Knight If Ishould ever fall in love Maxx M- mb 30

Little Eddie Mint Bring yourself back here Memo EX mb 75 slight water stain on lbl

Darlings two time loser Mercury M- mb 30 or EX wdj sol wol

Bobby Scott I gotta run now Mercury VG++ mb 35 wdj

Solitaires fool that I am Mgm EX mb 75

Hill Z.Z. one way love affair MH EX mb 40

Shari Dee no feeling any more Michelle EX mb 80 sol

Stone Miles too many tears Monogram EX mb 40

Teddy Mack Hey Hey gypsy woman Monroe M- mb 30 sol

Debbie Dean but I'm afraid Motown EX mb 50

Willie Jones where's my money Mr Peacock M- mb 75 or VG copy mb 25

Sims Gerald Little Echo Okeh M- mb 40 wdj

Artistics Ill leave it up to you Okeh EX mb 40 or VG copy mb 20

Beverly McKay baby you're so right Old town VG+ mb 25 wdj

Billy Bland doing the mule Old town M- mb 40 multi colors

Donald Height crazy little Girl Old town VG++ mb 25 wdj

The Originals little lonely girl Original Sound VG mb 25 white lbl, promo ?

Henry Lumpkin I m a walkin Pageant EX mb 40 regular copy

Williams Tony how come / when I had you Philips VG+ mb 30 wdj sml date wol

Jo Ann Anderson Baby please don't go Phonagrah EX mb 85

Bobby Adams you got next to me baby Pilma M- mb 35

Ruby Lee I believe in you Poptone M- mb 20

Curtis Blandon Mr Imagination Port M- mb 50 or VG+ copy mb 30

Nate Nelson once again Prigan EX mb 40

Reese Della Clock that's got no hand Rca EX mb 75

Reese Della Clock that's got no hand Rca M- mb 75

the above 45's has the title " bottom of old smokey" written on both side.

Billy Bland my heart s on fire Regency EX mb 40 Canadian lbl sol

Bobby Day I need help wdj wol Rendezvous EX mb 25 or VG+ regular mb 20

DeMilo Cardella mama, tell me what to do Republic VG+ mb 30 wdj

Way Lites sumertime Ron VG mb 75 scarce Popcorn

Tommy Hunt poor millionaire / didn't i tell you Scepter EX mb 30 sol wol

Pat Clayton you've gotta share / someone eslse's ... Silver tip M- mb 115

Barbara Simpson waiting for my baby bay Simpson VG++ mb 80

Mickey Wilson I just don't understand Sims M- mb 130

Luther Ingram I spy ( for the F.B.I. ) Smash M- mb 20 dh

Simon Joe when S.S.7 M- mb 15 or EX copy

Williams Danny promises promises promises Star M- mb 65

Amanda Love You keep calling me by her name Starville M- mb 30 or EX sol

William Bell any other way Stax M- mb 15

Washington Baby leave me alone / you & the night ... Sue M- mb 40 or EX sml wol

Washington Baby there he is / no time for pity Sue EX mb 20

Gino Parks for this I thank you Tamla EX mb 35 or EX copy sol xol

Buddy Hottinger I need your love Tanya M- mb 60

Jimmy Soul Clark nothing like a mother Teek VG mb 25 wol

Alan Knight chills Tide VG++ mb 50

Warwick Dee Dee don't think my baby's coming home Tiger VG+ mb 35 light blue, dh, sml wol

Billy Joe Royal mama didn't raise no fools Tollie M- mb 40

Dee Edwards you say you love me Tuba M- mb 50 or EX wdj wol 3%lbl torn

Sound od Dawn If I had my way Twin Strack VG mb 15

Azie Mortimer You re ashamed of me U.A. M- mb 25 wdj sml wol

The Four Holidays nobody loves you like a me U.A. VG mb 30

West Siders don't you know U.A. EX mb 50 black regular copy

Williams Danny forget her forget her U.A. VG++ mb 25 wdj

Tommy Dodson one day love Uptone EX MB 110 lbl reversed

Crowns better luck next time V.J. M- mb 30

Wade Flemons that other place V.J. VG+ mb 75

Wade Flemons I came running (back from the party ) V.J. EX mb 25 wdj

Small Karen to get you back again Venus VG+ mb 25 wdj

Minion Frank how much land does a man need Vik EX mb 50

Ronnie Gallant in the night W.B . VG+ mb 30

Ed Townsend Cherrigale W.B. EX mb 23 sol

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