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Anglo American - Latest List

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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com

LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk

ENGLAND. List 588 Jan 21st 2013 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only

Postage and packing £1.50 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.

Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )

Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).

We accept most major credit cards.

Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list is




1 Joe Simon When Sound Stage 7 WD M- 15

Nice white promo of one of Simon’s numerous Northern goodies

2 Black Ice Girl, That’s What I Call Love Amherst 706 M- 15

Full on 1976 dancer that I’ve always liked a lot

3 Poets So Young (And So Innocent) Symbol M- 15

Their “other” Symbol release — and well worth owning

4 Ohio Players It’s A Crying Shame Compass M- 15

Pulsating bongo-driven sixties dancer. Great stuff

5 Occasions There’s No You Big Jim M- 25

Brilliant group dancer — few copies only, don’t miss out

6 Showmen The Honey House Swan M- 15

Ah, Norman Johnson and the boys never let you down

7 Lamar Thomas Blind Love The-O-Centric M- 15

Great midtempo seventies but sounds earlier

8 Inez & Charlie Foxx No Stranger To Love Musicor M- 15

Truly top quality midtempo item out of New York’s vintage period

9 Miss Madeline Lonely Girl Mar-V-Lus M- 15

Fantastic cheapie — now no longer available around the U.S., no matter how hard you look

10 Spydels Peace Of Mind Assault M- 25

Bob Gallo on production means a tremendous N.Y. harmony number

Don’t forget to check out our website — new additions every week.

Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk


11 Hollywood Flames Dance Senorita Symbol WD M- 300

12 Vee Vee With Or Without Your Permission Movement M- 300

13 Little Archie Walker Baby I’m Yours (All The Time) Pa-Mar M- 150

14 Chuck Bridges Don’t You Make Me Cry Scoop M- 200

15 Embers Just Crazy About You Baby eEe M- 150

16 Limitations I’m Lonely, I’m Troubled Bacone M- 200

17 Mickey Wilson Gee Baby Julet M- 125

18 Major’s Lost In A City Big Three M- 200

19 Georgetta Banks Autograph My Photograph G-Note M- 200

20 Vonettes Touch My Heart Cobblestone M- 100

21 Surgeons Don’t Tell Me Cee-Jam M- 350

22 Contemplations Alone With No Love Dontee VG++ 200

23 Art Falls I Want You Baby Nautilus VG++ 200

24 B. B. Carter Cool It Baby Kris WD M- 150

25 Gypsies It’s A Woman’s World Old Town WD VG++ 250

26 Ronnie Taplet I Can’t Stand To See You Go Mode VG++ 150

27 Pets I Say Yeah Carnival M- 100

28 Soul Blenders Tight Rope Knight VG++ 150

29 An Heywood Crook His Little Finger Hondo VG++ 100

Black label with some water damage hence price

30 Lenis Guess Just Ask Me Le Grand M- 100

First label before SPQR - rare

31 Marlynns My Heart Is Yours Tower M- 100

32 Jimmy Hart Tea House In China Town Mercury WD M- 300

33 Barbara Christian Not Like You Boy Brownie M- 75

34 Bobby Paris Night Owl Cameo D M- 130

35 Combination Inc I Got To Go Stacey M- 75

36 Sophisticates Back Up Baby Sonny M- 75

37 Technics Cause I Really Love You Chex M- 100

38 Tommy Sears Get Out Chalet WD M- 100

39 E J & The Echoes Say You’re Mine Ranger M- 250

40 Sissie Houston Bring Him Back Congress VG++ 75

41 Brothers Grimm Looky Looky Mercury M- 100

Rare red issue copy

42 Prominents Just A Little Lummtone M- 150

43 Anna King The Big Change Ludix VG++ 80

44 The Hockadays Hold On Baby Symbol WD M- 75

45 Jimmy Helms You’re Mine You Symbol WD M- 75

46 Richard Anthony No Good Swan M- 50

47 Wendy Woods Don’t Hurt Me No More Sincere M- 125

48 Kelly Brothers Love Time Sims WD M- 40

49 Pat Clayton Someone Else’s Turn Silver Tip M- 75

50 Gladys Love O-Gee M- 50

51 Chuck Carter I Can’t Help Myself Brunswick M- 25

52 Volumes My Kind Of Girl Inferno M- 25

53 Johnny Blues Boy I’m Going Away Scott M- 50

54 Gerri Granger Castle In The Sky Big Top WD M- 75

55 Charles Spurling That’s My Zone (He’s Pickin’ On) King M- 50

56 Curtis Blandon In The Long Run Wand D M- 150

57 Carltons Keep On Hoping Argo D M- 30

58 Lorraine Chandler Tell Me You’re Mine Giant VG++ 200

Very strong VG++ almost mint minus

59 Royal Jesters Use Your Head Jester VG++ 50

Very obscure version of the Mary Wells 20th Century label midtempo goodie

60 Rozetta Johnson Chained & Bound Clintone WD M- 40

61 Entertainers Baby Baby Brevit M- 50

62 Paramonts Until I Met You Cabell M- 100

63 Tracie Robbins This World Without You Brunswick D M- 50

64 Geoffrey Meteliko Got To Find A Way Happy Tiger M- 35

As per Cajun Hart song

65 Johnny Dunn All That’s Good Hull M- 125

66 Tony Washington You Played Me On A String Jamo WD M- 100

67 Casuals On The Square End Of Time LSP M- 75

68 Johnny Appollo Sweet Thing Luna M- 50

69 Monticellos I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face Red Cap M- 150

70 Eddie Sull I’m Looking For My Baby Renee M- 50

71 Gale Garnett I’ll Cry Alone RCA Victor M- 40

72 Susan Barrett What’s It Gonna Be RCA Victor WD M- 150

73 April, May & June He Went Away RCA Victor WD M- 75

74 Truetones Girls Are Sentimental LSP M- 75

75 The Lost Soul I’m Gonna Hurt You Raven M- 200

76 Jeanette Williams All Of A Sudden Back Beat D M- 125

77 Triplets Hey Little Girl Blue Rock M- 40

78 `Johnny Daye I’ll Keep On Loving You Star M- 80

79 Rain Out Of My Mind Bell WD M- 60

80 Cassadons 2 Sided Love Beltone M- 100

81 Bouquets Welcome To My Heart Blue Cat M- 50

Rarer blue and yellow label stock copy

82 Godoy Colbert Baby I Like It Revue M- 80

83 Spider Walker I’m Mad S&M M- 100

84 Delanettes You’ve Got That Feeling Shikari M- 60

85 Detroit Land Apples I Need Help Shotgun M- 125

Certain original complete with Nashville matrix

86 Teddy Greene Gotta Love You More Capitol M- 30

87 Jack Montgomery Dearly Beloved Scepter VG++ 250

88 Candy & The Kisses Out In The Streets Again Scepter M- 75

89 Detroit Executives Cool Off Pameline M- 75

90 Alvin Valentine Sweet, Sweet Revenge Brunswick M- 25

91 Heavy & The Soul Mates Roving Girl Token M- 30

Instrumental of the Betty Jean recording

92 Gene Latter Sign On The Dotted Line Liberty D M- 25

93 Malibus Ten Times A Day Sure-Shot M- 25

94 Fred Lowery I’m Sorry Atco M- 25


All play well or acceptably but are marked — VG++ less marks, VG+ more marks.

Lots of bargains here!

95 Edward Hamilton Now You Have To Cry Alone Lanrod VG++ 85

96 Jimmy Love Two Sides To Every Story Josie WD VG++ 30

97 Keanya Collins It Ain’t No Secret Blue Rock VG++ 35

98 Soul Brothers Six I’ll Be Loving You Atlantic VG++ 30

99 Jimmy Ricks Romance In The Dark Atlantic VG++ 15

100 Marsha Gee Baby, I Need You Uptown VG+ 70

101 Jackie Wilson Haunted House Brunswick VG++ 25

102 Geraldine Hunt (The Big Lie) Two Can Live Cheaper Than One Bombay VG++ 70

103 Shelley Swoop Fair Shake Groove WD VG++ 20

104 Paul Vann You Should’ve Been There Instantlee VG++ 35

105 Dimensions We’re Doing Fine Washington Square VG+ 50

106 Bracelets You’re Just fooling Yourself 20th Century Fox WD VG++ 35

107 Jim Nabbie Look, Hear, Girl RPI VG++ 35

108 Chris Teller I’ve Been Hurt Ciray VG++ 30

109 Little Charles The Loner Decca D VG++ 20

110 Elmore Morris Before I Turned My Back On You Crackerjack VG++ 15

111 Carroll Lloyd I Can’t Fight It No Longer Tower WD VG++ 30

112 Harold Hopkins Glamour Girl Scepter VG++ 25

113 Johnny Moore Your Love’s Got Power Bright Star VG++ 15

114 Ed Bruce See The Big Man Cry Wand VG++ 30

115 Ronnie Milsap Total Disaster Warner Bros D VG+ 25

116 Turnpikes Cast A Spell Capitol D VG+ 40

117 Fats Domino Work My Way Up Steady Broadmoor VG++ 15

118 Helena Hollins Baby You’re Right Stonegood VG++ 20

119 Heartbreakers I’ve Got To Face It Derby-City VG++ 25

120 O’Jays I Dig Your Act Bell VG++ 15

121 Billy Webster Good People Silver-Tone VG++ 35

122 Miss Lavell Everybody’s Got Somebody Duke D VG++ 15

123 The Essence Don’t Press Your Luck Interstate VG++ 35

Current in-demander actually great condition but with an edge warp (N.A.P)

124 Dynamics I Wanna Know Big Top WD VG+ 40

125 Parakeets I Love You Like I Do Big Top WD VG++ 60

126 Ray Paige Ain’t No Soul (Left In These Old Shoes) RCA Victor VG+ 50

Rare black issue

127 Harvey Any Way You Wanta Tri-Phi VG++ 25

128 Attractions Burn Up Some Road (Back To My Baby) De-To VG+ 50

129 Dells Inspiration Cadet VG++ 20

130 Marian Love Walk Proud And Pretty Capitol D VG++ 25

131 Debra Healy Don’t Do Nothing I Wouldn’ Do Chrysler VG+ 25

132 Cheers Mighty, Mighty, Lover Penny VG+ 20

133 Jimmy Burns Powerful Love Tip Top VG+ 25

134 Cookie Scott Mislead Orr WD VG+ 50

Rare vocal / instrumental

135 Roosevelt Grier In My Tenement R I C WD VG++ 40

136 Ben E. King I Can’t Break The News To Myself Atco WD VG++ 50

137 Valeris & Nick It Ain’t Like That Glover WD VG++ 20

138 Artistics End Up Crying Okeh VG+ 15

139 Billy Butler Right Track Okeh VG++ 20

140 Bernice Holland I’ve Got To Love You Eclipse VG++ 20

141 Chuck Wright Love I Won’t Be A Fool Anymore Ember VG++ 30

142 Fabulous Peps With These Eyes Wee 3 VG+ 15

143 The Boss Man When I Had Money Gamble CG++ 25

144 Hal Miller On My Own Two Feet Amy VG+ 40

145 Mary Moultrie Rover Columbia WD VG++ 30

146 Twentie Grans Giving Up On Your Love Columbia WD VG++ 25

147 Brooks Odell The Lively Ones Columbia WD VG++ 20-

148 Corvairs Ain’t No Soul In These Old Shoes Columbia WD VG++ 30

149 Nancy Preston I Got A Right Banward VG++ 40

150 Jean Brooks Tomorrow Never Came H-Note VG++ 20

151 Tony Clarke Joyce Elaine Chess VG++ 25

Mint minus vinyl but slight warp, plays fine

152 Robbie Mitchell It’s A Shame Watts VG+ 25

153 Dee Dee Warwick Don’t Think My Baby’s Coming Back Tiger VG++ 50

154 Sapphires Evil One ABC-Paramount VG++ 25

155 Bobby Sheen Something New To Do Warner Bros WD VG++ 50

156 Players IV The Two Of Us Knoll VG++ 75

157 Insiders I’m Just A Man RCA Victor WD VG++ 20


158 Billy Kent Love Me Forever Expo M- 250

159 Family Of Eve I Want To Be Loved By You Full Sail M- 300

160 Mel Davis Double Or Nothin Rock Mill M- 100

161 Billy Boomer You Can’t Hide Blast M- 100

162 Arrival Four Star Day Travelrama M- 100

163 Alfie Davison Love Is Serious Business Mercury M- 250

164 Virgil Henry You Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’ New Colossus VG++ 250

165 Cloudburst Specialty Item Sound Machine M- 200

166 Tawana It’s So Good KB’s Enter Prize M- 200

167 Trumains Ripe For The Pickin’ RCA Victor M- 300

168 Reggie Garner That Ain’t The Way You Make Love ABC M- 100

169 Jo Ann Garrett Sting Me Baby Duke D M- 15

170 Lee Garrett See The Love On Your Face American First M- 30

171 The Gaslight Just Because Of You / It’s Just Like Magic Polydor WD M- 100

172 The Gaslight Drifting Away Grand Junction M- 15

173 The Gaslight Here’s Missing You Grand Junction M- 15

174 James Gaylyn You Come First At Last RCA M- 50

175 Gloria Gaynor This Love Affair Polydor M- 60

176 Gloria Gaynor Honey Bee Columbia WD M- 10

177 Gloria Gaynor Honey Bee Columbia M- 10

178 John Gee Not Enough Love-Makin’ Pashlo M- 40

179 Gemini (You’ve Got) Something Special) M&M M- 8

180 General Soul Assembly The Happy Song Scarab VG++ 25

181 General Soul Assembly The Happy Song Scarab WD M- 30

182 Gentlemen & Their Ladies Now Generation Jean D M- 20

183 Gentle Persuasion A Little Bit Of Love Capitol M- 8

184 Gentle


Dynamite Explodes Soul


M- 15

185 Gentlemen Four I Don’t Want Nobody To Lead Me On Sonday D M- 30

186 John Gilliam Come Back Carol ICA M- 15

187 Gino The


Heaven Must Have Known Atac Int’l M- 35

188 Eddie Giles Sexy Lady Custom Sound M- 40

189 Joey Gilmore Night And Day Red Rooster M- 25

190 Gary Glenn Cause I Love You PPL M- 15

191 Frannie Golde I’m Hypnotized Atlantic M- 10

192 Benny Gordon Sugar Mama Estill M- 10


193 Count Ferrell Wizard Of Ah’s Astra VG++ 200

194 Charles Sheffield It’s Your Voodoo Working Excello VG++ 300

195 Tommy Bass (Can’t Help It, Baby) This Is My Thing Soulful M- 150

196 Jesse Thomas That’ll Get It Ace M- 125

197 Tony Walker Big Cadillac Shirley M- 100

198 Ted Taylor You Gave Me Nothing To Go On w.o.l. Okeh M- 25

199 Charles Jackson Hula Hula Clock M- 10

200 Chuck Jackson Hula Hula Beltone M- 20

201 Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown C C Rider Wand M- 10

202 Cookie Jackson I Didn’t Lose A Doggone Thing Press M- 20

203 Willis Jackson Swimmin’ Home, Baby Verve M- 10

204 Willis Jackson Swimmin’ Home, Baby Verve D M- 15

205 Willis Jackson Goose Pimples Cadet M- 20

206 Eddy Jacobs Why Don’t You Make Up Your Mind King M- 25

207 Hank Jacobs Out Of Sight Sue WD M- 15

208 Eddie James Her Mamma Won’t Leave Us Alone Startown M- 25

209 Elmo James Dust My Broom Sphere Sound VG++ 25

210 Jay Cee’s The Waddle / Just Say The Word Enjoy M- 15

211 Jazz Crusaders Ooga-Boo-Ga-Loo Pacific Jazz M- 20

212 Jazz Crusaders Uptight Pacific Jazz M- 15

213 Jazz Tribe Wa-Pa-Cha / The Ritual Little Star M- 15

214 Barbara Jean You Don’t Love Me Odex M- 50

215 Eddie Jefferson Psychedelic Sally /See If You Can Git To Prestige M- 25

216 Joe Jefferson Courtin’ / If I Could Turn Back The Clock Wade M- 100

217 Gus Jenkins Copper Tan Flash M- 15

218 Jimmy & Jean I Can’t Believe slt label damage Sue M- 30

219 Jodarettes What’s In The Box Jocida WD M- 10

220 Joe & Ann Can’t Help It Hermitage M- 15

221 Montego Joe It Be’s That Way Sometime Ninandy WD M- 15

222 Bobby John Falling Imperial WD M- 75

223 Little Willie John I’m Shakin’ King VG++ 20


224 Betty Wilson Let Me Groove You Warren M- 100

225 Sweet Breeze Good Thing Willpower M- 100

226 James & The

Incredible Showmen

James Brown’s Boo-Ga-Loo Disco M- 100

227 Ray Frazier (You’ve Got To) Push And Pull Chess D VG++ 125

228 Shackleford Singers God Is All Over Me R.S. M- 100

229 Samuella Williams Ah-Junkie Man Tops M- 125

230 Family Portrait Takin’ Inventory Ghetto M- 100

231 Soul Agents She’s Blowing My Mind Hoecutt M- 100

232 Church Da Da Song Silas M- 150

233 Jimmie Willis Soul Power Orr M- 100

234 Hot Chocolate Who Do You Call Duke M- 20

235 Hot Line Juice It Up Red Coach M- 6

236 Hot Line Feelin’ The Feelin’ Vigor M- 15

237 Eddie Houston Away From Home Ovation WD M- 20

238 Eddie Houston Away From Home Ovation M- 25

239 Paul Humphrey Supermellow Blue Thumb M- 8

240 Pat Hunt Super Cool Early Bird M- 30

241 Bobby Husband Man’s Best Friend Mid-Way M- 100

242 Willie Hutch Use What You Got Maverick D M- 20

243 I Band Jungle Walk Warner BrosD M- 15

244 Impact Of Brass Never Can Say Goodbye Rare Earth D M- 10

245 Image Funky Thing Grande M- 15

246 Injun Joe Someone white label Turbo M- 25

247 Inner Drive Smell The Funk Zodiac WD M- 25

248 Interns Soul Drippins w.o.l. Julet M- 30

249 Jablonski Soul Makossa Randys M- 30

250 Willis Jackson Heavy Makes You Happy Big Chance M- 25

251 Jacksonians Laugh (Tickle Your Belly Button) Pawn D M- 15

252 Eddy Jacobs Pull My Coat Columbia WD M- 75

253 Jesse James Don’t Fight It Uni M- 10

254 Marion James Don’t Come Around J And J M- 30

255 Jason And Pam Soul Train Happy FoxWD M- 25

256 J.B.’s The Grunt King M- 15

257 J.B.’s These Are The J.B.’s King WD M- 15

258 J.B.’s Crossover Polydor M- 10

259 J.B.’s My Brother People M- 20

260 J.B.’s The Rabbit Got The Gun People M- 10

261 Diane Jenkins Recycle Creative Funk M- 200

262 Donald Jenkins Fighting For My Baby Thomas M- 25

263 Frankie Jenkins You’re Hurting Me Skann VG++ 50

Edited by Quinvy

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