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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com
LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
ENGLAND. List 592 Mar 18th 2013 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only
Postage and packing £1.50 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.
Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )
Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).
We accept most major credit cards.
Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list is
1 Royalettes Never Again MGM M- 15
Corking version, perfect female counterpart to Little Anthony’s
2 The Mob I’d Like To See More Of You Colussus M- 15
Classy crossover sound, floats along
3 Clarence Reid Fools Are Not Born Alston WD M- 15
Miami mover — simply storms along, neat white demo
4 Radiants Hold On / I’m Glad I’m The Loser Chess M- 15
One of the greatest double siders. Superb cheapie
5 Rick James Fool On The Street Gordy 7171 WD M- 10
Just about the only time James got away from funk on his smooth 1979 dancer. Nice white promo
6 Ronny Shannon One Way Street Ston-Roc M- 15
Excellent Detroit stuff from a label owned by Aretha’a husband
7 Olympics Baby, Do The Philly Dog Mirwood M- 15
Who can argue with this Wheel classic? The business!
8 Total Eclipes You Took Our Heart Right-On M- 10
Same backing track as the ultra rare Chris Jackson ‘Since There’s No Doubt’
9 Andre Williams Pearl Time Sport M- 15
Pounding Detroit instrumental — somewhat reminiscent of a Willie Mitchell instrumental too
10 Lee Dorsey Go — Go Girl Amy M- 10
Less “novelty” than some of his other dancers making for a great sixties soul mover
Don’t forget to check out our website — new additions every week.
Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc www.raresoulvinyl.co.ukNORTHERN SOUL RARITIES
11 Joe Douglas Something To Brag About Playhouse M- 250
‘Crazy Things’ on the flipside of course
12 Karen Stribling We’re Not Too Young (To Fall In Love) Jaber M- 200
13 Bobby Guy Good Enough APT M- 200
14 Earl Harrison Humphey Stomp ABS VG++ 100
Rare first label
15 Leroy Taylor Takin’ My Time Shrine M- 200
16 Chuck & Eddie We’ve Got A Good Thing Going S.I.G.N. M- 150
17 Oliver Lynch Oh What Have I Done Renee M- 100
18 Jay Griffin Lucky Me Now M- 150
19 Milt Grayson Your Old Stand By Derby VG++ 175
20 Gerri Granger Ain’t It Funny Big Top WD VG++ 100
21 Broadway Express What Love Can Do I & D M- 150
22 Margaret Glover This Will Never Do Mag M- 400
23 Sandy Gaye He’s Good For Me Moonshot VG++ 200
24 Dottie & Millie Talkin’ About My Baby Topper M- 250
25 Joan Baker Everybody’s Talking Diamond D M- 200
26 Andrea Henry I Need You Like A Baby MGM M- 350
Rare issue copy
27 Lewis McCants Its ‘Bout Time Dick Clarke, Moving One M- 500
28 Headlines He’s Looking For Love Luau M- 400
29 Dream Team I’m Not Satisfied Gregory M- 150
30 Charles Burns I Love My Baby Gene M- 500
31 Wilee McEwen Hello Darling S T Y B M- 150
32 Billy Storm Educated Fool Infinity VG++ 100
Rare red and white promo copy
33 Claudia Green Skate Awhile Baby ABC WD M- 80
34 Alan Bruce I Feel Better Gait M- 100
35 The Patrick Bradley Just One More Chance Decca VG++ 150
As played at Wigan (plus the inferior vocal version of course)
36 Don Ray Sampson Baby Come Back E Records D M- 80
37 Melvin Elling Lonely Eyes Stretch M- 250
38 Royal Robins Something You’ve Got Baby ABC Paramount M- 80
Very rare black issue, ever seen one?
39 Jesse Fisher You’re Not Loving A Beginner Way Out M- 150
Red and white original label
40 Roosevelt Grier Pizza Pie Man D-Town M- 150
41 Roy Hamilton The Panic Is On MGM M- 125
42 Vala Reegan Fireman Atco WD M- 250
43 Artie Fullilove Santa Claus Please Listen To Me Marlu M- 100
Still a very rare one
44 Bobby Jason Wall To Wall Heartaches Ranwood WD M- 100
Rare white promo copy, so big at Wigan in ‘74
45 Bill Pinkney Millionaire Game M- 40
46 Lenny Williams How Can I Forget You? Galaxy M- 6047 Bobby Adams You Got Next To Me Baby Pilma M- 60
48 Little Henry Lee Better Use Your Head Gismo D M- 60
49 Tony Williams How Come Philips WD M- 75
50 Intrigues Don’t Refuse My Love Port M- 40
51 Charlotte O’Hara What About You Ava D M- 75
52 Ann Hodge Nothing But The Truth XL M- 125
53 Presentations Call On Me American Music Makers M- 50
54 Johnny Maestro Phone booth On The Highway APT WD M- 100
55 Little Tommy I Walk On ABC Paramount WD VG++ 60
56 Earl Dawkins Ain’t Gonna Ride Aqua VG++ 75
57 Ed Bruce See The Big Man Cry Wand M- 40
58 Victones My Baby Changes Front Page M- 50
59 Charades Power of Love Mercury WD M- 50
60 Lonzine Cannon You Still Love Her Philips VG++ 35
61 Carol Fran Any Day Love Walks In Port WD M- 80
62 Willie Tee I Want Somebody Atlantic M- 60
63 Vicki Baines We Can Find That Love Symbol M- 50
64 Rosetta Johnson That Hurts Atlantic WD M- 50
65 The Essex Moonlight, Music And You Bang WD M- 35
66 Nathaniel Kelly Do The Jerk With Me w.o.l. Jubilee WD M- 50
67 Shirley Lawson So Much To Me Enterprise M- 80
68 Maxine Brown Am I Falling In Love ABC Paramount M- 75
69 Virgil Murray I Still Care Airtown WD M- 40
70 Dell-Vikings Tell Me, Tell Me Fee Bee M- 100
71 L H & Memphis Sounds Double Up Hollywood M- 100
72 Carroll Lloyd I Can’t Fight No Longer Tower WD M- 50
73 Kenny Smith Lord, What’s Happening To Your People G A R issue! M- 200
74 Steptones Lonely One Diamond Jim M- 300
75 Styles Baby You’re Alive Modern WD M- 100
76 Apollas Mr. Creator Warner Bros M- 125
77 Dynamic Deadbeats Band Movin’ Out Greenedeem M- 100
78 Melvin Boyd Exit Loneliness, Enter Love Era M- 50
Rarer blue and green issue. Great, gritty dancer
79 Patty Livingston I’ve Got My Baby Dimension WD M- 50
80 Ann Byers Dead End Academy M- 50
81 Teddy Greene Gotta Love You More Capitol M- 40
82 Leslie Uggams Don’t You Even Care Atlantic WD M- 75
83 Traffic Jam I Can’t Get Over You Toeholt M- 150
84 Love Affair I Can’t Stop Loving You UA M- 100
85 Swiss Movement I Wish Our Love Would Last Forever Gold M- 300
86 Rideout Someone Special Hot Licks M- 200
87 Aaron L. Broomfield I’m Gonna Miss Ya Mountain M- 100
88 Eryke & Arronette Got To Get Over Honey M- 100
89 Superstars ft. Willie White Come To Me T.A.P.S. M- 500
90 Robert Ruffin Cruise Rolyn M- 30091 Harold Tyler Reality TyMo M- 100
92 God’s Gift To Women Let Your Heart Be The Judge A-I M- 100
93 Sandra Richardson Love To Be Your Woman Dellwood WD M- 100
94 Brewster Crew Outta My Life slt label damage Lifeline WD M- 150
95 Herman George Mental High Bet It’s A Hit M- 80
96 Moody Scott A Man In Need Sound Stage 7 WD M- 25
97 Bobby Womack Wind It Up Columbia M- 25
98 Olympics Girl, You’re My Kind Of People Warner Bros WD M- 40
99 Bill ‘Sugar Bear’ Jones We Been Fighting Ne-Bo M- 30
100 Iron-Knowledge
Give Me A Little Taste Of Your Love Tammy M- 40
101 Blue Notes Standing By You Girl Glades M- 15
102 Johnny Otis Show/ Barbara Morrison Hey Boy! I Want Ya Jazz World M- 30
103 Carletta Sue You Keep Holding Back On Love String M- 15
104 T.H.E.M. The Time Is Now Hawk M- 20
105 James Brown & The J.B.’s People Wake Up And Live Polydor M- 20
106 Crystal Image Gonna Have A Good Time IX Chains M- 25
107 Tyrone Edwards Can’t Get Enough Of You Invictus M- 20
108 Westmoreland Co. Together We Stand Vanessa M- 25
109 Dustin Wilson Have Some Sympathy Judus VG++ 10
110 Art Wheeler Band That Number Gets Paid Cee-Jam M- 25
111 John Turk Love Yo’ Love Brown Door M- 15
112 Rick Smith (We Should Be) Lovers Birdie M- 25
113 Sharon Revoal Reaching For Our Star Forte M- 25
114 J P Rodgers Won’t You Give Me Your Love Inculcation M- 20
115 Jimmy Jones Ain’t Nothing Wrong Makin’ Love Conchillo M- 20
116 M-W-T Express I’ve Lived The Life Forte M- 30
117 Deon Jackson I’ll Always Love You Shout M- 20
118 Sting Rays I’m Gonna Surprise You Saturn M- 100
119 Curtis Knight Voodoo Woman Gulf VG++ 150
120 Sir Arthur Do The Walk Coleman M- 40
121 Freddy King One Hundred Years Federal WD M- 50
Rare white promo
122 Jay Dee Bryant I Want To Know Alfa M- 50
123 Larry Birdsong Somebody Help Me Sur-Speed M- 50
124 Distants Come On Warwick M- 50
125 John Lemon Afro Bossa Nova Timbre M- 20
126 Earl Lett Soul Sax Beantown M- 15
127 Bobby Lewis What A Walk Beltone M- 15
128 Dave Lewis Dave’s Fifth Avenue Jerden M- 20
129 Dave Lewis David’s Mood A&M M- 15
130 Clarence (Junior) Lewis Half A Heart Fury M- 50
131 Junior Lewis Raise Your Hand Scepter VG++ 20
132 Junior Lewis Forty Days And Forty Nights Columbia VG++ 20
133 Luvenia Lewis Let Me Be The One Suave M- 25134 Marty Lewis Holding On To What I Got Alon WD M- 30
135 Ramsey Lewis Trio Black Eye Peas Argo M- 15
136 Ramsey Lewis Function At The Junction Cadet M- 10
137 Ramsey Lewis Trio If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It Cadet M- 6
138 Ramsey Lewis Trio Hi Heel Sneakers Cadet M- 15
139 Raymond Lewis Miss Sticks Instant VG++ 20
140 Linda Come On, Let Me Try Crackerjack M- 30
141 Little Bessie For Your Love (I Shed A Million Tears) Amy M- 25
142 Little Clarence Since My Baby Hunter VG++ 30
143 Little David It’s Only My Love For You Unity M- 30
144 Little Eddie The Skrooch Reginald M- 30
145 Little Esther T’ain’t Whatcha Say It’s Whatcha Do Savoy VG++ 40
146 Little Louie Nothin’ But The Two-Step Viscount M- 25
147 Little Luther Du Dee Squat Dot M- 50
148 Little Luther Eenie Meenie Minie Mo Checker M- 25
149 Little Mack I’m Happy Now Checker WD M- 30
150 Chain Reaction Lady In Red Oshowleo M- 150
151 Leon Gardner Who Are You Igloo M- 100
152 Danny Kirkland Get Off Your Butt And Boogie TCB M- 35
153 Jean Knight Humpin’ To Please Ola M- 25
154 Fela Ransome Kuti Lady Editions Makossa Int M- 20
155 Charles Lattimore Do The Thing Shout WD M- 25
156 Charles Lattimore Do The Thing Shout M- 20
157 Calvin Leavy Enjoy Being Hurt By You Downtown WD M- 25
158 Warren Lee Funky Belly Wand M- 30
159 Jimmy Lewis I’m Just Doing To You What You Did To Me Buddah D M- 40
160 Luvenia Lewis Your Love Is All Over Me Wet Soul M- 15
161 Life ft. John Gates Do The Disco Bump Capitol WD M- 10
162 ‘Lil’ Willie Crazy Stomp Golden M- 40
163 Little Frankie Broke Up My Home Interstate M- 10
164 Little Frankie Lee I’m Making Love Peacock M- 20
165 Little Grady Lewis Soul Smokin’ Wand D VG++ 50
166 Little Hooks Give The Drummer Some UA M- 25
167 Little Joe Soul Finger Jesna M- 40
168 Little Richard Call My Name Manticore M- 50
169 Little Royal Switch Blade Trius M- 50
170 Little Sonny The Creeper Returns Enterprise M- 10
171 Preston Love Cool Ade Kent M- 20
172 Denise Keeble Love School B.F.W. M- 25
173 LRL & The Dukes Double Funk Brown Dog M- 15
174 LTG Exchange Huddle Big Tree D M- 10
175 Lunar Funk Slip The Drummer One Bell M- 15
176 Pat Lundy Closer RCA Victor M- 15
177 Pat Lundy Only Mama That’ll Walk The Line De Luxe M- 1

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