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Broughton Is Not This Saturday -main Guest Dj ?

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Anyone help??

Know the main guest djs for nov and dec have swapped around

Mick H was one, but not sure which way swop worked - anyone out there got info

so can add to event guide

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just clocked that its on next week

finger on pulse or what :thumbsup:


Resident DJs Brian Ellis and Soul Sam welcome this month's guest, from Bury Town Hall - Neil Jones, with North Wales guest Kevin Jones for another top-drawer event. Wall-to-wall top records in a plush venue, very friendly crowd creating an extra special and unique atmosphere. £2.50 in, cheap beer, great dance floor, superb sound system

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Sorry not to have been around to answer query - on holiday abroad!

Just to put the record straight - October's Broughton will be on 23rd October (4th Saturday because of a prior booking of the venue on the usual 3rd Saturday) with guest DJ Neil Jones (Bury Town Hall)

November 20th - Mick H;

December 11th (Christmas Special) - Keith Williams (Soul Searcher Records).



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