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Pete Lawson - 20 Years Today


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20 years! 


R.I.P. Pete


What records have you still got that you got of Pete Lawson ?


( I seem to remember Joan saying on here a while back, she wouldn't sell her Doris Smith-No good guy as she got it off Pete ?)


The record I Got off Pete that I wouldn't sell is Little Jimmy Thompson-Jimmy's place!




P.S. I wouldn't sell my Doris Smith cos I trod on it and cracked it in 2 places !!!

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He asked me to sell his records for him at a leicester all nighter, top sounds in his box at that time,( from memory), venturas-heart of love, larry allen-can we talk it over etc. Never done for money, but he gave me, lou roberts-you fooled me- issue( complete with his usual descriptive comments) and king george-I'm gonna be somebody-uk rca demo, both priceless to me, as I still have them. Plus, all the memories, and hospitality he gave me, before and after all nighters, but that's another story.

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Think of my buddy every day ..Soul scene never been the same without Pete mad has owt but a lovely bloke

have to say ian, never met the guy but even to me, his name is synonimous to the scene...shows how much his presence was felt, that he is remembered with such affection now.

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I remember one night before the 100 club Pete, tried the old break a glass on your head trick, and ta-daa unscathed!! Unfortunately it went wrong, exit Pete to A&E, I took his sales boxes to the 100, next morning at Val Palmers he's moaning that I didn't sell much!


Still miss my old buddy


Now he's got Micky with him!!

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Guest Byrney

Rest in Peace Pete, the scene has never been the same without Pete.

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Guest frenchie

Gone but never forgotten.   

Got a few more mates to reek havoc with this year. Still miss your craziness.

RIP buddy.


Stuart and Penny

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Always remembered, Pete will never be forgotten he was a total one off.......the scene is a poorer place without him :(

Rest easy mate



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There was a guy who lived, ate and breathed the scene.


He'd often jump on a train to Leeds during the week back in my vinyl junky days and he'd spend the day at my place just playing through stuff and talking music. I got to really look forward to Pete coming over 'cos he always had a new slant on things and his knowledge was pretty awesome in the pre-internet age. I learnt something from every visit. That guy was no slouch although I'd often have to work through what he was saying at times. :lol:


RIC. Rest In Chaos Pete! :yes:


Ian D :D

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