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John Manships Auction Results 24-4-2013

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Embracers Stop And Let Yourself Go C/w Mr. Sunrise

For lovers of the 60s vocal-group sound, this Doc Oliver project gives the Northern Soul collector all the ingredients that add up to a stand out 45.

Primitive street-level production, drenched in teamwork harmony, seamlessly floating over the fine trumpet interventions that add depth to the proceedings.

I just adore this style of Northern Soul, especially if it hails from Chicago, the city that gave the collector more us more rare soul sides of this style than any other. Rarely seen for sale, thus so far eluding the Club turntable exposure it must surely soon receive.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 216.00

Devotions Do Do De Dop C/w Can Ou Explain It

Oh yes!

Top Drawer vocal-group Northern Soul.

Beautifully constructed Impressions inspired mid-tempo stroller that just makes you want to shuffle your feet. The off-the-wall backing track enhances the simplistic “Do Do De Dop” lyrics as a distant echo-chamber horns add a subtle charm. Vocally, this rarity is as good as it gets for 60s harmony, with aching lead pitches, soothing back up and a rather weird but irresistible vibe rattling in amongst the brass.

Just fabulous isn’t it! But there’s more - the flipside is down a gear but every note as compelling. As the Devotions dive into despondency, despair and dejection without losing a note of the fluidity.

Two silky-sides of major importance!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 965.00

Invaders The Best Is Yet To Come C/w Just A Little Understanding

From a tiny obscure off-short of Chicago’s Chirrup label that boasted Johnny Ross’s version of the Four Tops “I Can’t Help Myself” - comes this extremely slippery customer.

A Northern Soul dancer powered by horns a plenty, twangy guitar and relentless piano rhythm. The most-unusual arrangement is the main attraction of this rarity, as the vocal penetrates the instrumentation with a defiant delivery - so much so a group vocal back-up is not required, as the studio musicians throw everything into the mix to whip up a storm!

Flip it over the pace slows but loses none of it’s fundamental potency, with the horns blowing just as hard and the lead vocal lifting his game to pleading proportions.

Both sides give it up big..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 197.00



Dean Parrish Bricks, Broken Bottles And Sticks

The Northern Soul Big City Sound served by an irrepressible BIG CITY vocal.

A purring juggernaut created by some of New York’s most-prolific exponents of the sound. Written by Tony Bruno & Victor Millrose, arranged by the great Bert Keyes, produced by Stan Khan & Bill Stanley. Who wisely elected Dean’s booming vocal to paint a picture of the Big Apple in 1965.

Creating an anthem that will still be ringing around the walls of Northern soul events long after you and I are long gone. Some recordings are bigger that time itself… some label images are too impressive to ignore..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 200.00

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Triumphs Coming To Your Rescue C/w The World Owes Me A Lovin'

A record that epitomizes everything that the early years of Northern Soul was all about; Back-drops, spins, acrobatics & adrenaline - drug-fueled nights of constant dancing to the wonderment of USA Soul.

So far and away were these Stateside productions from the insipid dross the British studios were forging - the effect was for most was lifelong. Putting the energy of Larry Williams & Arthur Wright into one studio coul only end with one result. A weighty production with no limits, energy with no equals, penetrating vocals screaming each and every word as they spit out the lyrics.


Now take time to absorb the lush flipside, as Delilah Kennebrew takes the microphone and softens your heart. This side has been overlooked for too long, now we have out-grown to need for artificial stimulants, let pure soul move you.

This copy is an immaculate PROMO with no flaws whatsoever…ownership beckons..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 444.00

Patrice Holloway Love And Desire C/w Ecstasy

A thing of beauty - twice over!

Los Angeles songbird serves up two remarkable Motownesque Northern Soul classics on one disc. Former Motownette comes under the trusty coaching of Billy Page and younger brother Gene as the pair try emulating what might have been for Brenda’s sister if her Motown career was more than one solitary “withdrawn” single.

This accomplished pair had an ear for the 60’s dance tune; Billy had already captured a moment by writing the “The “In” Crowd” and Gene still in his formative years, would later move up to produced most every “big” Soul artist ever to record in California. Highly talented siblings they were..

Before you today is the excruciatingly RARE and truly beautiful “Discotheque ‘66 Series” UK DEMO in blinding condition. Offering Two spectacular Northern Soul classics that have been gracing Uk DJ sets for over 4 decades, not matter which side you drop the stylus on..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 305.00

Barrett Strong Money (that's What I Want)

The ironically titled record that in 1959 was to form the financial foundation for the Motown organization to spring from.

Berry Gordy & Janie Bradford’s timeless lyrics of cold priorities & goals paved the way for Motown’s unparalleled success during the sixties. With “Money” going on to earn even more dollars as artists seemingly stood in line to do their version over the next 4 decades.

A huge USA R&B hit for Barrett at the time, but passed unnoticed upon this it’s 1960 British press. This copy is in fine clean condition, with two perfect labels, original company sleeve and two vinyl surfaces that only reveal insignificant surface blemishes in strong light!

An essential addition to the British or the Tamla Motown collection..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 117.00



Mike Vickers On The Brink

1965 every Wednesday on the BBC was the “Wednesday Night Play”

Mike Vickers was asked to do the score for it; with the influences of the day - James Bond’s Thunderball, Clint Eastwood’s - Fist Full of Dollars etc the style was for the big explosive theme tunes. Mike delivers raging instrumental that scream MOD-a-Go-Go.

A monster dancefloor favourite in the 80s, covered up with an ideally descriptive pseudonym as Matt Parsons - Boogaloo Investigator -

Yes, this session completely captures the mood of Boo-Ga-Loo / A-Go-Go and the mid-sixties, so much so it makes you wonder if Mom & Dad ever felt like shaking a leg before the play started?

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 136.00

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Four Shades Something Special

If you list a record and it flies out the door the same day, it is wise to take another listen.

So shall we start with the extravagant harmony Sweet Soul ballad side, that offers a beseeching lead vocal cradled by his teammates perfectly pitched harmony. Full string section adds depth to what is already a crammed full production. Oh this is just beautiful - Sweet Soul at it’s most-compelling an attention seeking session of pure class.

But that is not he reason our last copy of this 45 left the building the moment it hit the website - the flipside is vocal-group crossover Northern Soul of equal if not finer quality! Strings are now joined by a potent horn section as the pace quickens to be the perfect “Soul Essence” afternoon head-turner.

Two sides to die for - two different genres offering the same high standard of opulent Rare-Soul!

Wow how as this not been at top of DJ set, 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 115.00



Players He'll Be Back

1966 vocal group album with few if any equals in it’s genre

The steady hands of Calvin Carter & Riley Hampton guide this 3 man gathering through a 12 track testament to harmony soul.

Title track the desperately sad song “He’ll Be Back” sets the standard to follow as Herbert Butler, John Thomas & Otha Givens craft what is rightly considered one of the major Vietnam laments of the era.

The high quality never falters as a blend of ballads and Northern Soul dance tunes make the Chicago session a must listen to experience. “Why Did I Lie” is killer Northern Soul - but the stand put track that lifts this album from an essential home listening to a DJ imperative are the awesome no 45 tracks “Get Hep To Love” + “Why Do I Love You”

Check out the impressive sound-file and wonder why “Get Hep To Love” or “Why Do I Love You” have not had a wider audience, they surely deserves.

DJ LP track enthusiasts, this platter takes some beating…don’t it!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 89.00


Geater Davis Breath Taking Girl

One of the most-impressive male vocalists of the last Century, his legendary Deep Soul ballads are amongst some of the finest ever made. His mesmerizing pebble-dashed vocal carried a magical rough-edge that made all his recordings a compelling listen.

Like Bobby Bland no matter what style he performs, Vernon Davis’s nicotine-coated deliver carries the “Soul-Factor” But lets not forget Geater’s contribution to the rare soul dance scene.

This listing is the man’s most-wanted dance 45, a rare upbeat feelgood session released just two years before his untimely death in 1984, written by him and hidden away on the flip of an attempt to cash in on the Funk-Disco scene. Strong horn section, timely key changes, sultry girl backing, drive this jerky production with Geater’s vocal as always stealing the show.

Go forth and check out every session this great Soul-Man recorded

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 50.00


Parliaments A New Day Begins

For those of you who like the historical side of the rare soul scene - how about this April 9th. 1969 Atlantic / Atco mail shot of the Parliaments last Revilot recording.

Encased, unopened in it’s original mailer for fully 44 years at last this PROMO sees the light of day. Addressed to Bay Area music-entrepreneur Ray Dobard this was part of 100s of unopened mailers that littered his vinyl-hoardings.

I have been reluctant to open these packets, like a child just opening one occasionally to savor the “stocking & suspender” type thrill, only an unopened packet can ignite.

Apart from the carefully cut-open side, this is in the same state, as the day it was posted, in New York on that Wednesday 39 years and 361 days ago.

Original cardboard stiffener, unopened sealed flap, PERFECT promo copy inside, Atco sleeve has taken on a light orange tinge from the envelope during it’s imprisonment.

a UNIQUE, tactile and fascinating eye-popping piece of “Soul Music” history…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 54.00

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