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April 2013 Sales List

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For soundfiles, payment info, shipping costs etc go to below link and view records for sale!






Soul/Disco/Boogie Albums

Willie & the Mighty Magnificents - Very soulful - All Platinum / EX/VG+ / £350 (Super rare follow up to their On Scene ’70 album. Somewhat of a ghost record, can’t even find a trace of a copy being sold online, and hardly a mention of an original copy. With “Get away from me girl” alternative version to the Willie & West one, “Sunday” etc. Cover has light ring wear.)


*HOLD* Willie & the Mighty Magnificents / Willie & West - s/t - P-Vine / EX/EX / £30 (Japanese compilation from 1990 with one side including most tracks off the Willie & West album and other side eight tracks off the Willie & Magnificents albums. Complete with OBI and insert. “Get away from me girl”, “Key to my happiness” “Funky 8 corners”, “Take my love” etc.)


*HOLD* Tony Aiken and Future 2000 - Unity - Kimsha / EX/EX / £225 (Superb copy of this very rare album. Original complete with the silk screen printed cover. “She loves me”, “Good things”, “Sing it shout it” etc.)


*SOLD*Round Robin and Brimstone - s/t - Platinum City / EX/EX / £200 (Dallas, TX album containing two excellent disco/modern soul cuts - “Our love is so true” and “Plenty good lovin’”. Reissued a couple of years ago this is a definite original. Cover has tiny stain.)


Goldie Alexander - Fool in love - CBS / EX/EX / £110 (Very rare Canadian only album with modern soul/disco and boogie interest.).


*SOLD*The Albert - s/t - Perception / EX/EX / £75 (“One life” with Otis Smith on vocals. DJ stamp inside the gatefold.)


Albert Jones - The facts of life - Candy Apple / EX/NM / £70 (With the sampled “Mother nature”, the floater “You and your love” and more. As new copy still in shrink!)


Salty Miller - Album #1 - Beach Music / EX/VG+ / £70 (Modern soul out of North Carolina recorded in the Mega Sound Studios. Cover has some light general wear. Sticker on label.)


*HOLD* Joanne Tardy - Sorceress - T.M. / EX/EX / £50 (A very obscure one with a musical mix of soul, jazz and funk. Small stain on cover.)


*HOLD* Fathers Children - s/t - Mercury / EX/EX / £50 (“Hollywood dreaming”, “Got to get away” etc. Cover still in shrink.)


*HOLD* Weldon Irvine - Sinbad - Rca / EX/EX / £45 (Incl “I love you” & “Music is the key”. Cover still in shrink.)


Search - I - Philly World / VG+/EX / £40 (Rare boogie album! Radio station sticker on front cover. Vinyl has a few long very light scratches not affecting play.)


Various - WEBN Album Project #2 - Circle Communications / EX/VG+ / £30 (1977 Radio station compilation featuring [Pure] Essence “Third rock” of “Wake up”-fame. Cover has some light general wear.)



Northern/group/crossover/ funk 45’s


*SOLD* Norwood Long - I’d like to have you - Groovey Grooves / EX / £225 (Superb copy of this feel good slice of crossover soul out of Philly. So rare especially in this condition.)


Masterpiece - Love affair - YPSI / EX / £200 (Super clean copy of this always popular Detroit crossover sound.)


*SOLD* Motha’s Funkk - We’ve got love / It’s our thang - Street Star / EX / £200 (Quirky, great and super charming kiddie group.)


*SOLD* Dynamics — Woe is me — Black Gold / EX / £200 (Dead rare on 45, I thought it was an album only cut till I stumbled upon this copy in Pittsburgh a few years back.)


*SOLD* Dynamics - We found love / You can make it if you try  - Columbia / EX / £70 (Very rare issue copy with two superb sides.)


*SOLD* Henry Brooks - Greatest debt to my mother / Mini skirts - P&P / EX / £125 (Charming crossover dancer backed with funky funk. Very clean copy.)


Custer’s Last Band - I couldn’t last a day without your love / Before you - Golden Chariot / VG+ / £100 (Very rare blue eyed northern soul. Flip has name written on label.)


Sonny Allen - Your love is so wonderful - Hit Pack / EX / £100 (Rare and great Detroit soul.)


*SOLD* Tommie Young - Hit & run lover - Soul Power / EX / £100 (Comes in original company sleeve.)


Classic Sullivans - Shame, shame, shame - Master Key / VG+ / £90 (Very neat writing on flip.)


Impalas - Speed up - Capitol / EX / £80 (The slightly more laid back group version featuring an amazing falsetto lead. Promo copy)


*SOLD* Moonlighters Band - More than I can stand - Lamp / EX / £80 (Rare group soul version of the Bobby Womack track. Superb crossover dancer! Hard to find in this nice condition.)


*SOLD* Harvey Averne Band - Love never stays the same - Fania / EX / £70 (Tiny sticker on label)


Milton Campbell & the R-D-M Band - Someone / Sweetthing - Zoom / VG / £70 (Crossover soul backed with funk. Rarer than their two 45’s on Virtue and similiar in style. Light marks only, plays well)


*SOLD* Gene Middleton - No one to love me - Funk Factory / EX / £60 (Crossover soul in the 2001 Black Essence style. Rare and as good. First label before Andee)


*HOLD* Drake & the En-Solids - Please leave me / I’ll always be there - Alteen / EX / £60 (Superb copy of this classic Chicago double header. Northern backed with quality group soul.)


Rennie & Gwenae - Work our way up / Just a pretty face - Single B / VG+ / £60 (Two very odd Detroit soul sides, messy basement production with acoustic guitars, congas, etc. Charming stuff!)


*HOLD* Kenny Hamber - Anything you want - Arctic / VG- / £60 (Label has ring wear and “Anything you want”-side has filt pen writing. Vinyl has lots and lots and lots of marks, visually G to VG- somewhere. But it plays surprisingly well, almost clean. No pops etc)


Rotations - If I could be like Columbus / Don’t ever hurt me girl - Law-Ton / EX / £60 (Superb sweet soul with some Smokey Robinson undertones.)


*HOLD* Universal Minds - A chance at love / I betcha - Charles / EX / £50 (Two fantastic sides!)


New Phase - Love is the name of the game - Gaytime East / EX / £50 (Odd and charming group soul! Label design suggests is out of NY.)


*HOLD* Collaboration - Where is love / Forgive me - Mohawk / EX / £50 (Two very nice sides on a rare 45.)


125th Street Candy Store - Loving you baby is so very hard to do - Uptite / EX / £45 (Clean stock copy.)


Liberation - Love looks good on you - S.O.A. / VG- / £45 (Very rare crossover on the Sounds of Atlanta label. Label has staining and small writing. Vinyl has lots of marks, plays ok but not perfect with some pops in the outro)


Decisions - You look like an angel - Sussex / EX / £40 (Superb copy complete with company sleeve. Group soul slowie of the highest quality.)


Jimmy Braswell - Time waits for no man / This time it’s got to be for real - Jar-Val / EX / £40 (Two southern soul styled cuts on this rare 45.)


Connie McGill & the Visions - I could never love another / For that great day - Super / EX / £35 (Two killer lo-fi group soul cuts.)


O’Jays - No time for you - Imperial / VG / £35 (To my ears the superior version of the Commands track. Record has plenty of light marks but plays well. Demo copy.)


O’Jays - Oh, how you hurt me - Imperial / VG+ / £15 (Group soul of the highest caliber. Label has bb hole.)


O’Jays - I dig your act - Bell / EX / £8 (Vinyl copy!)


J.J. Lewis - When (Will you be coming home) - Malaco / EX / £30 (Very rare Malaco 45.)


Sheryl Swope - One moment - Duo / VG / £30 (Label is a bit worn. Vinyl has plenty of light marks but plays well.)


Jimmy Castor - Fabulous New York - Jet Set / EX / £30 (Underrated northern soul! White demo in fabulous condition.)


Eddie Ray - You got me / Glad I found you - Prix / EX / £30 (Two nice crossover sides and once a big ticket 45.)


Joe King - Speak on up - Prix / EX / £25 (Crossover. Fairly sharp warp not affecting play)


Moses Dillard & Martha Starr - Cheating, teasing and misleading - Shout / EX / £25(Feel good duet dance track.)


Mellow Fellows - My baby needs me - Dot / VG+ / £25 (Group cut.)


*SOLD* Frank Lynch - Young girl - My / EX / £25 (Classic crossover soul.)


*SOLD* Fabulous Jades - Come on and live - Rika / EX / £25 (Later press with different matrix. Stickers on label.)


*SOLD* Bob Kayli - Tie me tight - Tamla / VG / £25 (Globes design. Record has plenty of marks but plays well.)


*SOLD* Tommy Good - Baby I miss you / Leaving here - Gordy / EX / £20 (Midtempo northern backed with a mod sounding version of the Eddie Holland track.)


Gwen McRae - Lead me on - Columbia / EX / £20 (Very rare vinyl copy of this superb slab of TK soul, usually comes in styrene. Complete with company sleeve as well.)


*SOLD* Ernie King - That’s when I woke up - Mercury / EX / £20 (Rare issue copy! Superb soul, the sweet strings makes such a nice contrast with the funky backing and Ernie’s gritty voice.)


Rivingtons - Don’t hate your father - Ladera / EX / £20 (Cool comeback disc. Midtempo group soul cut and a rare one.)


Our Ladies of Soul - Let’s groove together / Don’t make it impossible - Kelton / VG / £20 (Light marks only, plays well.)


*SOLD* Arlene Bailey - Ain’t that something - Cobra / EX / £20 (Nice cover of the Ashford & Simpson track. Dark blue label, silver lettering.)


Chuck Ray - Baby please don’t let go - Buddah / EX / £20 (very nice copy of this feel good classic.)


*SOLD* L.J. Reynolds - All I need - Lady / EX / £20 (Nice 1972 gritty take on this Tempts classic produced by Bobby Martin. Flipside label has stamp.)


Maurice Long - I don’t love you anymore - Cyclone / EX / £20 (Rare white demo.)


*SOLD* Spinners - Sweet thing - Motown / EX / £15 (Evergreen Motown northern soul.)


*SOLD* Bobby Star - Together - United Artists / EX / £15 (White demo of this lesser known quality northern dancer.)


*HOLD* Maryann Farra & Satin Soul - Living in the footsteps of another girl - Brunswick / VG+ / £15 (My fave version and a bit harder to find too.)


Barons - There’s more out there - Sunshine Movement / EX / £15 (Super clean copy. I love the quirky backing here especially in the breaks towards the end.)


Chuck Brooks - You can’t be in two places at the same time - GSF / EX / £15 (Crossover dancer, comes in company sleeve.)


*HOLD* C.P. Love - Never been in love - Chimneyville / VG+ / £10 (Southern flavored crossover soul dancer. White demo.)


Barrett Strong - I better run - Tollie / VG+ / £8 (White demo, label has mis-coloration)

Modern and disco 45’s


Luther Davis Group — Keep on dancin — Inner I / EX / £550 (Their dead rare other 45 and as good! Super clean copy.)


*HOLD* Luther Davis Group — You can be a star / To be free — Life Time / EX / £300 (Super double sider that needs no presentation. Very clean copy but has labels reversed.)


George Franklin Smallwood & Marshmellow - Mr Sunshine - Smallwood / EX / £275 (Such an amazing artist here with one of his best songs. So hard to find on original 45!)


Steel City Band - Reality - Salt Creek / EX/VG+ / £125 (Rare modern soul dancer! Label has name written on it, picture sleeve is slightly stained and got creases but still look great)


Original Drifters - Just let your heart be your guide - Sounds South / EX / £60 (Popular modern soul dancer.)


*HOLD* Chain Reaction — You’re the one / Feel it — Regency III / VG+ / £60 (Very rare modern soul out of NJ. As auctioned by John Manship a few years back. Soundfiles taken from record for sale.)


*HOLD* Melvin Davis - You made me over - Invictus / EX / £50 (Superb classic! Fave floater. Comes in company sleeve.)


Sly, Slick & Wicked - Sho’ nuff/ Ready for you - People / EX / £40 (All time classics! Purple label vinyl copy.)


David Martin - You’re might right - Rekord / EX / £40 (Classic modern.)


Jimmy “Handyman” Jones - That was my mistake - Jen-Jillus / EX / £40 (Charming modern soul dancer, a quite rare one too.)


*HOLD* Jay Poole - I love you / Funky music - Mable / EX / £35 (Midtempo modern backed with funk. First label)


Imperials - I just wanna be your lovin’ man - Tammi / EX / £30 (Original UK release of this excellent modern soul side that was also released with a different flip in the US on a rare TK 12”.)


Oscar Perry - Main string - Peri-Tone / EX / £30 (Clean copy of this modern soul classic.)


*SOLD* Bingo - We can’t get enough - Silver Blue / EX / £25 (Superb Philly soul dancer. The more common promo copy.)


*HOLD* Invitations - I didn’t know / Living together is keeping us apart - Silver Blue / VG / £20 (Rare issue with different flip. Two solid Philly soul sides. Light marks only, plays well)


*HOLD* Debbie Taylor - Just don’t pay - Arista / VG+ / £20 (Lovely floater that was re-issued recently.)


Keith & Darrell - Don’t be afraid / You’re my gardener - Tamla / EX / £20 (Issue only and a great slowie by Smokey Robinsons nephews.)


Glass City Band - Don’t be watchin’ me - Glass City / EX / £15 (Killer two step!!)


Jimmy Jones - Make believe everything’s all right - Capitol / EX / £15 (NY floater sound. )


*SOLD* Cory - Take it or leave it - Phantom / EX / £12 (Promo copy of this blue eyed modern soul dancer.)


*HOLD* Ice Water Slim - Supersonic megatonic flash - Hawk Sound / EX / £12 (Very good and very cool slab of soul music, a bona fide Leolyxxx classic.)

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