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News: Black Music White Britain Book

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Ian Snowball has been in touch with a word about an upcoming book, titled Black Music White Britain written by Pete McKenna and Ian Snowball...

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Sounds interesting but Black music in White britain was before 1948- A recent TV programme highlighted about this (Cant remember the name of it but included Leslie Thomson) One of the main protagonists (Ken Snakehips Johnson) in the programme was killed during the war in a London Theatre. The progamme was about Black Bands in the UK- It was on late at night & was superb . 

Found this which is what the programe was about and proves pre 1948 :http://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk/#/black-british-swing-caribbean/4567525345

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There was a huge interest in jazz well before 1948, and I trust the authors aren't going to be foolish enough to assume that it was the arrival of Windrush in 1948 that introduced Black music to the UK as that clearly wasn't the case.

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Thanks Mike for the plug. We are getting news on the publication date next week. 

We could have started the book in many places. However we didn't and decided on the arrival of the Windrush. but yes well aware that it's a very wide subject.

As with any book some people will enjoy it and some will not.

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