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Found this on the Daily Mail website (hate the Mail, but was doing me mum a favour- honest!!)

'Ebay avenger' offers a truce00:01am 31st May 2006

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The 'ebay avenger' who posted an embarrassing web page about a student who sold him a faulty laptop last night offered to take it down in exchange for his money back and an apology.

Thomas Sawyer, 23, was so incensed after forking out £375 that he decided upon the most humiliating form of revenge. After fixing the computer and inspecting its contents, he designed a site entitled 'The Broken Laptop I Sold on eBay' and, in a mocking first person account, told the story of the sale in detail. He showed pictures of Amir Tofangsazan kissing a girl, sleeping and with a bare chest, a copy of his passport and pornographic images he claimed to have found on its hard drive. Amir, an 18-year-old A-Level student from Barnet, North London, said his life had been made a 'living hell' since the website was published and announced he was going to sue for libel.

Yesterday, however, it emerged he is being investigated over at least one other eBay 'scam'. Mr Sawyer, who is in the final year of a degree in cognitive science and lives in Exeter, said: 'I still have the laptop and would be happy to hand it over to police if requested to. 'All photographs remain on the hard drive along with date stamps proving that they were saved onto it before i bought the laptop. 'I did not make any allegations against Amir, I simply documented what I found on the hard drive after he broke repeated promises to refund my money for goods which were broken when I received them. 'I am also sorry to hear that he has received angry phone calls from people, these are not from me and I did not post his phone number on the Internet. 'The site is genuine but I would be happy to take it down after a refund and apology from Amir himself.'

Meanwhile, Debbie McInerney, a 42-year-old IT administrator from Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, said she paid Amir £147 for an iPod in March but it never turned up. Amir banked the cheque but failed to answer emails asking when it would arrive. So Mrs McInerney complained to site regulators and took the matter to the police. It is still being investigated.

Shortly afterwards, Amir's account - for which he invented the username 'thomasbuckly' - was deactivated. 'My disabled mother has come to live with me so I wanted an iPod so I could listen to music quietly,' said Mrs McInerney. 'I bid for this one on eBay and was asked to make a cheque out to A.Tofan, which I later discovered was not even the seller's full name. 'You have to trust people on eBay but he's the only one I've ever had a problem with. 'He sent me repeated emails asking when he could expect to receive funds, but never responded once after I started asking him when he would send it. 'I was really upset and became angry and frustrated wondering why anybody would do that to me. To other people it might not seem a lot, but to me £127 and the £20 for postage that he demanded was a lot of money and I had worked overtime to pay for it. 'Since then I have been contacted by somebody else who had similar problems.' Mrs McInerney posted 'feedback' to Amir's eBay account saying: 'Banked my cheque 31/3 for £147.00 - still not sent the item despite e-mails.'

Another eBay member, who had agreed to sell Amir a Ted Baker tie for £2.50, wrote: He phoned to say cheque would be posted but still nothing arrived!'. Amir was exposed yesterday after selling what he claims to have been a 'fully working laptop' on the Internet site. But Mr Sawyer said it not work when it arrived at his home two months later. After mending it he was amused to find it contained all sorts of embarrassing information about Amir and set up the website to ridicule him. Included were a selection of '90 pictures of women's legs' that had apparently been taken on trains with a camera phone. Amir, who claims the laptop was not broken and that the pornographic images and pictures of legs were nothing to do with him, said he had been forced to go into hiding since the website was made public because of threatening and racist phone calls. He refused to comment on Mr Sawyer's offer.

'The police are investigating the iPod case and I can't comment on it,' he added.

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Guest sigher the gutter snype

i just googled his name and had a look at the blogger

superb stuff.

who needs the police,this should be common practice.

embarass the culprits something rotten.

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Guest Netspeaky

Bet ebay wouldn't have done a thing about it if this story hadn't hit newsdesk all over the place. :thumbsup:whistling.gif

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I would love to shake Thomas Sawyer by the hand and buy him drinks for a whole night.......that is absolutely brilliant!

Hope they don't take the site down.....at least not until I've downoladed the pics of all those legs and the toe-sucking! biggrin.gif

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I would love to shake Thomas Sawyer by the hand and buy him drinks for a whole night.......that is absolutely brilliant!

Hope they don't take the site down.....at least not until I've downoladed the pics of all those legs and the toe-sucking! smile.gif

Gene I always knew the tube was full of weirdos, I mean what sort of sadcase goes round taking pictures of womens legs on the train? That reminds me I must take my camera to work. :)

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