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Soul T-shirts, Badges And The Like

Guest soul_hull

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Guest soul_hull

Hiya, my names Paul, and like most of you, have been a fan of soul for a long time.

I'm also a designer and artist (Ba Hons), and was looking round the net a few weeks back at soul merchandise, and there ain't much.

Anyway, i'm in a writing/drama group (i'm multi-talented like smile.gif ) and we have a small t-shirt shop for our own use really.

So i thought i'd do a soul one, and i got a bit carried away. i was ill for a week, and bed ridden, so, with a laptop, i sat and designed dozens of t-shirts, badges, hats, underwear, aprons, emmmmmmmm clocks, bags, coats.........the list goes on.

I've set it all up at:


and done it all as cheap as i can - ie next to booger all in it for me - and let's face it, if i wanted to make money, i might have picked something a bit more saleable than us!

There are the usual classic designs, black fists etc, plus some new ones i've knocked up, label scans, photos, posters etc all on t-shirts and the like.

If there's anything you'd like to see on a t-shirt etc, let me know, or email it over to paul@soularcade.com and i can, copyright allowing of course, slap it on for you. all design ideas most welcome - eg we could do ones for a specific night etc - costs starts about £8.99 each

Honestly, i'm not a t-shirt salesman (ok i am now i guess), i'm not a businessman of any kind - just thought i'd get this off the ground. I'm always trying to turn people on to soul, so i s'pose this is an extension of that.

Hope there's something you like.

Oh and admin, cheers if you don't delete this :) it's all done for the right reasons.

any suggestions welcome. well almost any!!!!!

Paul, Soul Fan, Hull.


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Guest soul_hull

Think this one might have Universal Music on your back for trade mark infringement. smile.gif


you better get one before it gets removed then !!! :)

hope that's not the case - we'll see anyway - not the end of the world though...

cheers for feedback.



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Guest sigher the gutter snype

yeah thought they were ok....some diffo colours would be cool

to be honest i always like stuff that isnt so in your face so to speak.

lots of the label scan tee's have been doen time and time again

but must say yours are pretty cheap.

maybe a little twist on the soul theme that was kind of hidden within a design if you know what im talking about.

how about some thing like a wooden floor with a few damaged springs where it had been trampled by endless allnighters?

with maybe a small caption "allnight, all day, all LIFE!"



they have some great tee's

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Guest soul_hull

I'll work on some newer colours and designs, though there are over 40 different designs, and over 100 different items, which i thought would be enough to get the ball rolling at least.

I liked the idea of the 'twist' on the soul theme, broken springs etc - these ideas are hard to come by, so if you have any more - i'll see what i can do.....




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Guest soul_hull

hi y'all.

added a couple of new designs, bringing the total number of designs up to 47. is there a soul-stuff shop anywhere in the world with a greater range of, well, stuff?

i doubt it.

i also struck a deal to sponsor kev roberts on his radio show tonight, on the new vip radio (sky channel 0196, or vipradio.net). kev was well impressed with the designs, and needed a sponsor for his show, and i need to get the site known, so hopefully a match made in heaven there. fingers crossed. Kev's first nothern show is tonight at 8pm i believe - though i won't be able to listen - can anyone check the ad? it'd be mucho appreciated. hope his show goes well too - he seems like a nice guy.

i also now call the site 'https://soularcade.com', though any old links provided still work.

as an aside - does anyone remember the t-shirt that ripped off the pepsi ad 'foot-tapping, finger snapping floor-shaking etc etc northern soul' , or something like that? i'd love to reproduce those - if any has the text, i'd be grateful.

think that's it.

thanks to anyone who's taken the time to have a look in, and as always, any suggestions always welcome - sales@soularcade.com

Many thanks indeed,


https://soularcade.com - the best online soul shop in the world :good: , probably!

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Guest soul_hull

new design added.

many thanks for looking in.



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Guest soul_hull

couple new designs and colours added - and more coming this week.

Thanks to all those who have placed orders - little bit slower (the printers) due to the world cup rush, but still good turnaround - about a week from order to arrival.

eg new this week - polo shirts....(more colours available please ask) also these bags colour/design are also new


cheers admin for not treating this as spam - i'm a genuine soulie, who doesn't do ANY OTHER sales whatsoever apart from this soul stuff. i have a full time job in fact.

all merchandise from spreadshirt is top quality, and available from our 100% website at https://soularcade.com

https://soularcade .com are proud sponsors of the NORTHERN SOUL HALL OF FAME nightly on sky channel 0196 VIP Radio (see vipradio.net)

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Guest soul_hull

'nother new design added today


plus several others, including the new VIP radio t-shirts.

many thanks indeed,



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Guest soul_hull

more new things added over last few days including - surely w world first????

[drum roll..........]

northern soul umbrellas!!! coz, as we all know, northern soul is an outdoor bad weather pursuit whistling.gif . ok it isn't. but travelling there sometimes is!

15e8vnd.jpg (pic not working on my pc - but i work in a school and could somehow have gotten caught in the filter - pm me or visit site to see if not working)

These very fetching soul togetherness polos - i have spoken to one of the togetherness fellas to get these ok'd. also available - togetherness bags, caps, T's etc


These lovely new 'face' t-shirts are available in camel, in girls, and in XXXL for the 'less-than-slim' gentleman.


loads and loads and loads of other NEW stuff available.

pm me if you have any requests - or if you can't see any of the pics above or see site at....


proud sponsors of 'the northern soul hall of fame' on VIP Radio and Sky 0196

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