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First Ever Bootlegs Soul Sounds Label

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Interesting dilemma John. I'm anti-bootleg but very much pro-history so agree with what you say. I would be intrigued to see how much they went for. Like other posters I remember them in Ralphs with the protective steel rod through the middles preventing theft. Since they were knowingly sold as bootlges this is a great example of thieves protecting themselves from theft.

But now they are very much 'scene history' and maybe we need to look at the issiue anew. Rather than be pursist its worth thinking where else the same issue applies certainly in art and design there are imitations and copies which now fetch big money irrespective of their 'provenence.'

I'm always intrigued by the arguments that flow from this. One is about copyright the other about reward to the original artists. The scene has double-standards on both counts. If you take the OKEH logo, that has been ripped-off shamelessly across 40 years on badges, tee-shirts and flyers without any embarrasement, despite it being copyright protected. It has frequently been used by purists without any sense of shame. As regards the reward to original artists, we all trade old rare records and none of us - unless there is a very virtuous person out there - sells a rarity then tracks down the artist.

So I suspect you probably would get 'blasted' by some but the whiff of hypocrisy would be in the air.

l have all 30 of the soul sounds series, and it took me over 30 years to get them. Regarding the BJD and Green Light pressings...they were made by London based company "Lyntone" who specialised in small batch manufacture...they also made those awful "FLEXI-DISCS" for magazines like "Practical Motorist" highlighting faulty engine noises etc..

and they played at 33rpm and 16rpm (sometimes) you had to place a coin somewhere between the deadwax area and the centre hole to hold it firmly to the turntable, otherwise it

wouldn't play...and the sound quality was shite due to the low speed.  l hope this answers a few questions. best 2U..Tony Warot. 

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Soul sounds were Bootlegged by the notorious Jeff King of Leicester. I always thought that the BJD titles were also done by King... probably prior to the Soul Sounds things (

Interesting dilemma John. I'm anti-bootleg but very much pro-history so agree with what you say. I would be intrigued to see how much they went for. Like other posters I remember them in

Soul Sounds Label (images) One of each colour! Apologies for the delay. Sean Hampsey

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hi john
I was told by Keith Minshull they were all pulled of his records & i think they were pressed @ president records

Kieth had a great British collection during the Wheel era.

It was highly likely that he was the source and that was the story put out at the Torch (i'm talking about June 1969 from memory)

when Keith was top DJ there.

This was pre-all nighter days when many used to shoot off to the Wheel after the Torch as it

closed around 11.30 pm, having no late license.

I seem to recall Jeff King calling on his way to the Wheel with boxes of Soul Sounds.

Tina and I bought one or two at the time for £1 1s, earning about £8 a week at the time they were quite expensive.

I still have my copy of Baby Reconsider, which I foolishly pasted a home drawn Fat Fish label on.

Although the rumer persisted that Jeff King was sent down for his boot legging, this was

refuted in the threads below.

See here for more info on early boots:


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I remember going to ralphs records in manchester in the early seventies.zan the bouncer from the twisted wheel used to work there.They used to sell bootlegs under the name soul sounds.Leon heywood Alexandera patton etc .Were these the first ever northern soul bootlegs???

Selectadisc, based in Nottingham were banging 'em out not long after Mr. Godin  asked for, got, and started listing everyones favourite sounds in his Blues and Soul column, Northern went from underground to overground :yes:


From memory I had Kick that little foot SallyAnn - Round Robin, Nothing else to say - Incredibles and What's wrong - The invitations, long gone and replaced with originals.


I'm open to correction, answering original poster not read ALL replys, but I thought a geezer with the monica Simon Sousson kicked off the Soul Sounds label?, and we bought them because reputable dealers, Selecta Disc in this instance were selling them and assumed they were pukka, we'd NEVER heard of bootlegging in the context of vinyl, Were talking 1968/69, I can even remember going to the Harborough niter with a van load of peeps,all off our faces, singing Kick that littlefoot SallyAnn, think B side were Slauson Party ?.




Now read the replys, WHY didn't  I keep the one's I had, simple, found out they were boots :g: , AND where did I read Simon Sousson was involved in Soul Sounds then ????

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The record shop on Piccadilly approach was One Stop Records, I got a copy of Tired of Being Lonely-The Sharpees thrown in for nowt with one batch of 45's I bought for my mobile disco. Think one of the guys was called Dave, who dj'd at City's ground, I used to have a pint or two with him in the Mancunian Arms before buying, hence ending up with more records than I really wanted, still, brilliant days and many, many great memories of The Wheel and Blue Note to mention just two. KTF.

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