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Trade These For Memphis / New Orleans Label Stuff

These are in sales but posting here too, as interested in trades for any interesting 60's Memphis, New Orleans and other southern label stuff


Pm me if you have anything

Cheers, Mark.




Jimmy Gilford - Nobody loves me like my baby - Thelma vg at best visual , but plays very well just a couple of minor crackles 80 (Only selling this coz I picked up the acetate recently).

Dynamite Singletary - Same way you love your man - Dynamite 150

Twilights - You're the one - Aqua 100

Whispers - The dip -Dore 50  (Unfortunately a  tear on label and a bit of WOL, but actual vinyl is excellent. Bargain price to reflect)

Appreciations - She never really loved me -Sport demo 50

Lad Teens - White rice / Keep on rollin' - Cadillac 150

Johnny Guitar Watson - Ain't gonna move - Jowatt WOL and flipside trashed, this side excellent, so bargain! 120

Barbara and the Browns - You don't love me / If I cant run to you I'll crawl - XL 40 

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Hi Mark Gibby here will checkout a few for trades Memphis or new orleans stuff its funny but I do look out for both those araeas myself  seem to always have quality vocals and production will get back to you asap.

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