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Paul Capon's Soul Sales List 'a' Is Here

Paul Capon

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Tel: 01708 501576 Mob: 07812 582042

EMAIL: xoversoul'at'ntlworld.com ( replace 'at' with @ )

All records are M- or EX unless stated.

All records are M- or EX unless stated.

Quality trades welcome. I can play anything over the phone (not on the first day if poss!)

I now take CREDIT CARDS BUT ONLY VIA PAYPAL (costs 3% charges) Paypal address is pcsoul'at'ntlworld.com ( replace 'at' with @ )

(Please use pcsoul3'at'ntlworld.com ( replace 'at' with @ ) if paying with a paypal balance (not debit/credit card)

(Bank transfer available - ask)

items marked cd1 = SALES CD = 24 FULL TRACKS - £4 inc post (hard case+colour)

items marked cd2 = 60+ 1 or 1.5 minute samples of tracks - £1.50


Sammy Acuna I never found a girl acd2 / acd1 The superb version. Top notch modern dancer New Wave 200

La-Jay Alexander Say so Another punchy crossover dancer. Always been a tough number to find on this label Black Gold dj 70

Anderson Brothers I can see him loving you exact reissue of this rarity GSF 15

Darrell Banks LP 'Here to stay' acd2 Another ace LP ' Inc 'Forgive me' + loads SUPER MINT DJ COPY!!! Volt dj 50

Beloyd Get into your life/same acd2 / acd1 FANTASTIC 70s - as good as they get!!!!!! 20th century 150

Sugar Billy Super duper love (are you diggin' on me) Classic. Original version of Joss Stone. Both copies have all over mks Fast Track 7 vg OR 3 g

J.B. Bingham All alone by the telephone Fantastic version of the Checkmates on Polydor. Lovely copy of this gem midtempo. VERY HARD TO FIND NOW UA dj 150

Black Nasty LP 'Talking to the people' Inc a great version of the £1000+ super rarity by Johnny Mae Mattews 'I have no choice' GREAT! In shrink Enterprise 45

Tom Brock I love you more and more acd2 Rare groove feel - sounds like Marvin Gaye. The Lp is all over the place but hard on a 7''. 20th Century 20

J.T. Brown Like taking candy from a baby Very much overlooked SUPERB 70's dancer - I'll have to put this one back in my play box!! Mahogany 30

Pep Brown I'm the one who needs you acd1 Polydor dj 120

Donny Burkes I was satisfied / You never know what you hae got (until you lose it) Great DOUBLE HEADER EX copy - slight label stain Metromedia 80

Jerry Butler LP ' You & Me' inc the ace version of Terry Callier 'Ordinary Joe' & 'One woman man'' Mercury 12

Jerry Butler LP ' It all comes out in my song' classic artist. Motown 5

Cado Belle LP 'same' acd2 I didn't realise just how good this LP is!!! Inc. the great dancer 'Got to love' and the fantastic 'I name this ship survival' with lotsa of others. RECOMMENDATION - check the sample CD Anchor 25

Richard Caiton I see love girl in your eyes acd2 / acd1 Monster track. Vinyl is mint except for a split in the middle of the record. This does NOT go to the outer edge of the record or into the run-out groove & label and the record plays through virtually mint. Would be £200 Caiburt 120

Godoy Colbert Baby I like it / I wanna thank you acd2 acd2 Double header nothern A - same backing as Len Jewell - 'All my good good lovin' & B side is a version of Sonny Craver on Terri De Revue 50

Cory LP ' Fire sign' acd2 Inc ' Take it or leave it' & and ''I saw the light'' Phantom 15

Sonny Crosby I'm in love with your love A Japanese firend put me on to this GREAT 70s track - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Chimneyville 40

Mac Davis LP 'Forever lovers' acd2 Inc 'I'm just in love'. Great mid-70's dancer - terrible picture of 'Mac' on the sleeve (David Haselhoff looky likey!!!!! complete with perm!). Columbia iss dj 20

Alfie Davison Love is a serious business all time classic 70's dancer ALWAYS a floorpacker. Double sided stereo vocal. Mercury dj 175 ex

Alfie Davison Love is a serious business / Knock on my door acd1 This time on an rare ISSUE Mercury 225 ex

Leon DeBouse LP 'A fine instrument' acd2 / acd1 LP 'inc 'Every fellas girl' ULTRA RARE LP- 'Every fella girl' is one of the best 70's dancers you will ever hear FANTASTIC. IN SHRINK. Light marks on vinyl - plays EX. A TK subsidary label and can't you tell it. Bold 250 ex

The Dynamics We found love / same acd2 / acd1 Another track I can't stop playing. Highly recommended midtempo Columbia dj 80

E.K.G. Give me love ace modern Roadrunners 40

John Edwards The look on your face / It's those little things that count acd1 acd1 FANTASTIC DOUBLE HEADER - an all time favourite of mine. LOVELY MINT WDJ copy. As with a lot of Bell stuff the label has few bubbles under it (no wear) and a date stamp Bell dj 300

Elan No limit acd1 Superb modern dancer. Lovely indie that came and went in the mid-80's. It's even got a 6min 30 secs extended mix on the other side. HOW did they get that on a 45!!!!!! ATL 100

The Eliminators LP 'Loving explosion' ORIGINAL LP Inc 'the AWESOME title track - Loving Explosion' . BRC 90 ALSO DOG RARE Original SPANISH RELEASE Zafiro 150

Alton Ellis, Lloyd Parks & We The People You make me happy Great indie 7'' dancer from 2004. Certainly needs playing out Alltone 5

Nate Evans & Mean Green The look on your face / This time with feeling great double header. A side is very close to James Phelp's version on Apache. VG- copy but plays well. Label has water damage DPR 15 vg-

Exciting Changes I've got something good for you mi-tempo 60's group crossover West Hill 50

Executive Jam I'm into your love acd1 Just found my only ever spare copy of this gem of a DANCER that I have ever seen and it's a MINTER. Check it out on Manship's rarest of the rare. B side is great a 'Raindrops, love & sunshine' type dancer aswell!!! Third Street 200

The Family Feeling what you wanna feel Superb modern soul dancer. A previous Arthur Fenn spin. Little City (LCR) dj 45

Fantastic Four LP ' Birth & death of a gangster - alvin stone' Inc ' My love won't stop at nothing' FANTASTIC track with 'Sweet' James Epps on vocals. MINT SEALED/SHRINK 20th Century/ Westbound 12 or 8 vg+

Wade Flemons That other place acd2 top notch northern VeeJay 130

The Foundations Change my life acd1 RARE MONSTEROUS mid-tempo dancer that was huge at Soul Essence a few years back. This is the first copy I've had since getting my own copy as an unknown track in 1999. UK only - VERY obscure little label. Psycho (UK) 250

POSTAGE RATES? - see bottom of list

Aretha Franklin LP 'You' Contains the OUTSTANDING LP only 'It only happens (when I look a you)' FANTASTIC cover of Jackie Wilson track Atlantic 22

Ray Frazier & Shades of Madness Your eyes Great mid-tempo - all the strings, horns and things - recommended. MINT. This used to crop up but I havn't seen one for ages. Carriage Trade 50

Bill Harris Am I cold, am I hot / long/short vesions acd2 / acd1 RCA 160

Leon Haywood Consider the source The awesome 60's version before the 70's version on 20th Century. Capitol ISSUE 65

Hodges James & Smith LP 'Power in your love' Their second LP 20th Century 5

Freddie Hughes LP 'Send my baby back' acd1 SUPERB LP!!!!!!!!! Inc the TOTALLY FANTASTIC LP only track 'Tonight I'm gonna see my baby' plus 'We gotta keep on', ''keep my bluff in'' and of course the title track. Radio stamps on label. Cover minor ring wear & seams and radio name writing. VINYL MINT- Wand 120

Willie Hutch LP 'Soul Portrait' inc ' Lucky to be loved by you' - great dancer. & ''ain't gonna stop'' . Still in shrink!!! RCA 50

J.O.B. Orchestra LP 'Open the door to your heart inc 'Don't want that illusion' (which is like Daybreak Everything man) & 'I believe in thee' & 'The soul' hightly recommended 70's Sudarshan 15

Micheal Jackson LP Don't be put off - this inc the great stepper 'Dear Michael' Motown 6

Gloria Jay Know what you want great!!!! punchy stepper with a great beat change!!!! ANYTHING on this label is worth picking up!!! Stage Prod. 50

Willard King Lady be mine left field 70's groover - great vocal Capitol 25

Denise Lasalle No matter what they say Tremendous semi-known dancer and really tough on a 45. Last copy. ABC 25

Denise Lasalle LP 'Unwrapped' Inc 'Think about it' - late 70's boogie & the steppy 'A miracle, you & me'' MCA 6

Betty LaVette You made a believer out of me 70's midtempos like this just don't turn up anymore. VG+ copy. Light crackles on intro - clears to an EX player Epic 65 vg+

Lazerus LP only track acd2 Includes the UNKNOWN MONSTER MID-TEMPO DANCER 'Brown Eyes'. Discovered by a friend Charlie M from London who discovered Beres Hammond 'Do this world a favour' & John Valenti 'Why don't we fall in love''. A future one for the 'Soul Essence' crowd I'm sure!!!! 60 or 50 ex

Lifeforce What'cha gonna do about it / The freeze acd2 super soulful stepper backed with a funk track Smokeout iss or dj 45

Pat Livingston Take me now or leave me be forever WONDERFUL CROSSOVER. (I'll be keeping this if it doesn't sell!!!) Wilstone 200

The Lost Family Blow my mind acd2 Tremendous mid 70's dancer. tiny needle mark on run in - 2 light clicks Innovation II 15

Love Committee Tired of being your fool acd2 Classic 70's dancer. A HARD 7'' release of the top cut from the 'Law & Order'' LP Gold Mind 30

Frank Lynch Young girl acd2 Another good 60's mid-tempo My 35

Barbara Lynn Trying to love two In demand dancer Ichiban 60

M'Lady Baby, You lied 80's dancer 20th Cent 5

The Magic Tones Together, we shall overcome /It's better to love double header Detroit Mah's 8

Magnetic Touch Ain't gonna be a next time P & P 10

Skip Mahoney Running away from love Abet 5 vg+

Main Ingredient Brotherly love acd2 A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED mid-tempo 70's group dancer. Version of BPS Revolution rarity RCA 10

Majestic Arrows The magic of your love great sweet mid-tempo stepper - recom (water damage on label) Bandit 12

Major IV All of my love recommended group mid-tempo Venture dj 20

Manhattans Baby, I'm sorry 60's group sound Carnival 8

Manhattans I can't stand for you to leave acd2 Uplifting 70's group dancer Carnival 10

The Manhattans Give him up the best version - issue ALSO rare Deluxe DJ copy Deluxe iss 15 dj 20

Donny Mann Treat me like a stranger another outstanding deep record Avalanche 30 or 20vg+

Vic Marcel You still got me WOW - soul builder of highest order. As good as 'Fly with me' if not better. UNKNOWN RCA dj 15 or 12vg+

Bobbi Martin For the love of him VERY STRONG - big production newie 60's dancer.semi - known. Check out tape T4 UA 15

Bobby Martin For the love of him Big production beat ballad Very weird Australian reissue Flamingo 2

Cloe Martin It comes to my attention Stepper - rare grove feel. 1 scuff - not affecting play GeNeva 12

Shane Martin I need you acd2 / acd1 mint copy of this northern classic Epic dj 70

David Martin & Rare Essence You're mighty right Great 70's dancer - havn't had one of these for a couple of years Rekord 30

David Martin & Rare Essence You're mighty right Great 70's dancer - havn't had one of these for a couple of years. Rare local Chicago label release Jay Pee 40

The Marvelettes Don't make hurting me a habit acd2 ONE OF MY FAVOURITES THIS Unplayed in original black Tamla 'penny farthing' 'going places' sleeve Tamla 20

Barbara Mason When you look at me/I should be leaving you TWO Femme mid-tempo National General 8

Barbara Mason LP ' Transition' acd2 Inc the great 'World in a crisis' . In shrink Buddah 25

Barbara Mason Ain't got nobody / Oh how it hurts acd2 superb 60's dancer backed with a mega soulful slowie Arctic 15 or 10 vg+

Harvey Mason Till you take my love Classic groover Arista 4

Barbara Mason & The Futures Make it last Huge 70's dancer. Obscure PICTURE COVER copy Buddah 20

The Masqueraders How big is big / Please take me back Monster group norther backed with a spine tingling ballad - I'm not really a big ballad fan but this one does me in! Scuffy marks all over but plays vg+ strong with light crackles. Bell 40 vg

Milt Matthews All these changes under-rated 70's dancer Bryan 8

Holly Maxwell Never love again / Winter go away Two great 60s sides - mega vocals & big production Smit-Whit iss dj 12 iss or 12 dj

Curtis Mayfield Love me, love me now typical Mayfield groove RSO dj 2

Jimmy McCloud When love hits ya' Nice indie from 1982 with just a touch of a southern feel Corn 8

Bobby McClure You've got the makings early 80's groover on his own label! B-Mac 4

Bobby McClure You bring out the love in me SUPERB MID_TEMPO - has the same backing track as The Love Affair on WB - UK only 2nd copy - centre missing). Island (UK) 35 or 30 no centre

George & Gwen McCrae Winners together or losers apart acd2 Fantastic modern dancer that has been overlooked. Recommended Cat 12

Billy McGregor Mr Shy / Fall on my knees acd2 beat ballad backed with a R&B sytle dancer Flash 9

Skip Mchoney Your funny moods outstanding ballad - real gut-wrencher !!!!!!!! DC Intl. 5

Lonette McKee Do it to me acd2 In the 'Terry Callier - Ordinary Joe' vane. Snappy dancer Sussex 8

Landy McNeal Counting on you baby / same Classic northern dancer Columbia dj 20

Ronnie McNeir Different kind of love / Same Great 70's dancer Try finding an issue with 'Good side of your love' on the flip! This copy has a virtually invisible hair line crack. Not all the way through and not affecting play Tortoise dj 10 hlc dnap

Mellaa Free acd1 TOP NOTCH modern soul. This just doesn't turn up. Larc 100

Melodics Ain't that sharing my love / I never thought I'd lose U acd2 Swinging dancer from 1970 MOC 35

Harold Melvin & Blue Notes Get out (and let me cry) Nice UK release of this northern classic. Route UK 7

Barbara Mercer Call on me / So real acd2 Two cracking Detroit soul sides. Produced by Mike Terry. Original label before Capitol all play great. Sidra 25 ex or 20 vg+ or 10 g

CD2 = SAMPLE CDs £1.50 each inc post - 60+ tracks per cd

Call me if you have anything to sell - collection or single item

Prince Phillip Michell LP ' Top of the line' inc 'I'm so happy' issue or stamped promo with radio timing strip Atlantic iss dj 30

Midnight Keep on walking by Ariola UK One of the best 70's dancers around 75

Barbara Mills Try nice midtempo 60's obscurity. Lovely wdj copy Hickory dj 20

Little Milton Let me back in acd2 Stax 12

Garnet Mimms It was easier to hurt her Beat ballad of highest order. This has all the RCA style production. UA iss or dj 12

The Mirettes Ain't you trying to crossover girl group crossover Uni 10

Prince Phillip Mitchell Paying the price Outstanding mid-tempo stepper. GREAT. Nice 12'' Atlantic 20

The Mob I'd like to see more of you acd2 Another cheap great 70's dancer Colossus '' 8 or 5 vg+ pic sleeve 10

The Mob I dig everything about you acd2 70s dancer. Absoulute classic - a GREAT CHEAP record! G copy - mint with minute hairline crack totally inaudible Colossus 10 or 3 g Polydor Germancopy 12

The Moments So this is our goodbye Don't be put off - a great midtempo. Highly recommended Stang 5

The Monitors Since I lost you, girl Motown Yesteryear 2

Ben Monroe Broken home 70's dancer Dakar 25

Harolyn Montgomery Gonna make a change Big production beat ballad Ronn 25

Delilah Moore (Bobby Davis) LP 'Hit them hard' RARE Soundtrack LP containing the GREAT snappy dancer 'It takes love' which came out on a MEGA RARE 45 on ''Middle Earth'' . Apparently the film didn't actually get a release but the soundtrack did!!!! Still in shrink!!! The only way to get this top track for a reasonable price. (also contains 'I need your love' which is a great funk track). BDE (Bobby Davis Enterprises) 75

Jackie Moore Never is forever / Puttin it down on you Kayvette 7

Jackie Moore Wonderful, marvelous Atlantic 4

Jackie Moore Somebody loves you great 70's dancer Kayvette 25

Johhny Moore Thank you baby classic - seen at £20 Mercury 12 or 6 vg

W.J. Moore Everything good to you acd2 ace 70's dancer Gutter 7 or 5 vg+

W.J. Moore Shame, Shame, Shame acd2 GREAT version of the Classic Sullivan's track on Masterkey Gutter 7

Meli'sa Morgan Fools paradise Classic 80's - nice on a 7'' Capitol 6

David Morris Jr. Midnight lady Buddah 15

Dorothy Morrison I can't go without you Great 70's crossover RECOMMENDED Brown Door 70

Moses Sweet love soulful indie midtempo Pure Silk 6

Joe Murphy So blue (without you) / It's a weakness Two superb northern soul sides, one up-tempo dancer and one superb mid-tempo finger snapper. Backing vocals by the Dells. Vivid dj 20 or 12 vg

Natural four Love that really counts Yet another quality Hutson 70's group midtempo Curtom 5

The Naturals DA-DA-DA (I love you) On one of the modern soul CD's great group soul Quadran 35

The Naturals Crystal blue persuasion / Color him father Two great sides. 'Color' is a 70's dancer and 'Crystal' is a BIG production midtempo. RECOMMENDED Shout 10

Frances Nero Footsteps following me Classic motor city - nice on a 7'' (pic sleeve) Debut 5

Ollie Nightingale I don't know why I love you acd2 Stunning soul - IF YOU DON'T KNOW IT, BUY THIS BLIND (covered on a 90's 12'' by Lyn White) Scuffy copy - plays vg++ Memphis 20 vg+

Niteflyte All about love Early 80s - tremendous. Howard Johnson on lead vocals. RECOMMENDED Ariola 20

Northern LP ' Lady luck' Guiness 10

The Notations I can't stop acd2 Top notch 70's group dancer. Clifford Curry song produced by Syl Johnson. Has that punch Bridges,Knight,Eaton sound Twinight 40 ex 25 vg+ 12 g

O'Bryan LP ' You and I' EMI 5

Original Drifters Just let your heart be your guide One that's in my play box at the moment. Great dancer from 1978 Sounds South 30

Our Ladies of Soul Let's groove together One of the best Detroit girl dancers you'll hear - BRILL. Even the G copy plays well Kelton 30 or 25 vg+ or 8 g

C.B. Overton Superstar lady under-rated 70's dancer - great cheap tune!! Shock 10

Chuck Overton Is it possible / I'm so thankful Two uptempo crossover dancers. Choker Cambell produced. Kapp dj or iss 25

Eddie Parker Crying clown Big 60's vocal - the first and best version - Triple 'B' 15

Winfield Parker I wanna be with you GREAT MODERN SOUL - recommended. GREAT PRICE ON THIS P & L 10

Parrish Your smile left field dancer Uptite 20

Kellee Patterson I'm gonna love you just a little more baby acd2 / acd1 Great rare groover. THE version of Bazza Whites classic Shady Brook 70

Patti & the Lovelites Love so strong / Oh my love An all time fav of mine. Sheer class female SOUL!!!! - on original label before the 20th Century release. A BLIND BUY IF YOU DON'T KNOW IT Lovelite 25

Freda Payne We've gotta find a way back to love / Two wrongs don't make right These are the outstanding tracks from her 'Reaching Out' LP. VERY underrated this one! Invictus ISS 15 15 RARE DJ 10 vg+

Freda Payne Unhooked generation / Deeper & deeper Another to classic sides Invictus 15

Lawrence Payton Love makes you human ABC Dunhill 5

Mr Danny Pearson Honey please, can't you see later 70s dancer Unlimited Gold dj 8

Teddy Pendergrass The more I get, the more I want Nice on a 45. A bit crackly but still playable PIR 2 vg

Percy and Them Look into the mirror of my eyes / Trying to find a new love great 70's dancers - GREAT double header!!!!! Virtually impossible to find nowadays. Incorrectly priced on the last list Roulette dj 125

Al Perkins Yes my goodness yes 70's mitempo - all the strings etc. Buddah 20

Jeff Perry Call on me Ace modern dancer. A record that has just DISAPPEARED. I have not seen one for sale for a very long time Epic dj 45

Jeff Perry Love don't come no stronger Classic also VG+ plays EX Arista US 12 or 10 vg+

The Persuaders Tryin' to love two women 70's group dancer Calla 5

Ray Pettis Together forever Dee Dee 10

Little Esther Phillips Something you never get used to Atlantic 10

Susan Phillips Key in the mailbox fantastic crossover - RECOMMENDEDThis is a one sided promo - B side has a white blank label All Platinum (unusual 1 sided promo) 30

Philly Devotions I just can't say goodbye 70's group dancer CBS (uk) or US 4

Wilson Pickett Let me be your boy Classic northern dancer. Nice blue mint minus issue. Nashville matrix. Verve 20

Pieces of eight Come back girl Good northern dancer A & M 15 vg+

The Platters LP 'Going back to Detroit' Inc 'Get a hold of yourself' storming northern dancer Musicor 8 vg+

Pleasure Glide 70's funky soul Fantasy 5

Annette Poindexter You'll get it right back Brena 20

Pointer Sisters Don't try and take the fifth great rare groove sound from 71 - similar to Voices of East Harlem Atlantic dj 10

The Posse That's what makes us happy E.J.K. 4

Powerful People (Little girl) Say yes 70's dancer that has shot up now Epic dj 35

Pricilla Price Only yesterday 2 step brilliance BASF 8 vg+

Prophecy Everybody walking together All Platinum 10

Michael Prowtle What you're looking for is here Great modern dancer Castle 25

Arthur Prysock All I need is you tonight 70's dancer Old Town 6

Pure Pleasure By my side Modern soul ace that just doesn't turn up. Also vg+ with strong play grade. QC 125 or 100vg+

Sidney Joe Qualls Where the lilies grow Dakar 8

Sidney Joe Qualls LP ''I enjoy loving you'' Inc 'Run to me'' , ''Where the lilies grow'' and the OVERLOOKED 'The next time I fall in love'' Brunswick 12

Quazar Saving my love for a rainy day another semi-known 70's dancer Arista 8 uk 8 us pic sleeve 10 us

Barbara Randolph Can I get a witness / same classic rare groove sound (S35050) Soul dj 35

Barbara Randolph You got me hurting all over / Can I get a witness acd2 classic rare groove sound. (S35050) Soul dj 35

Barbara Randolph You got me hurting all over/ I got a feelin Nice issue with both of these great sides. Highly recommended. Soul (S35038) 35

Lou Rawls Groovy people swinging Philly dancer. Lovely stone mint unplayed wdj copy in orig sleeve PIR 5

Chuck Ray Please don't let go Massive favourite of mine at the moment. GREAt uplifting dancer Buddah 35

Razzy I hate hate Feel good 70's dancer with more strings and backing singers Aquarian 8 5 vg+

Razzy I hate hate Feel good 70's dancer . Alternative UK version with the toned down backing singers Chess (UK) 5 3 vg

The Realistics I think I'll cry out loud Not the mega sugary stuff the normally put out. A realy nice group mid-tempo Brunswick dj 5

Paulette Reaves Jazz Freak classic finger snapping dancer Blue Candle dj iss 10 ex or 6 vg+

Call me if you have anything to sell - collection or single item

CD1 SALES CD = 24 FULL TRACKS - £4 inc post (hard case+colour)

Bobby Reed I'll find a way acd2 Another TOP TOP tune from Bobby. This has everything going for it. Monster written all over it Loma iss dj 60 mint or 45 vg+

Neil Reed Not as beautiful as you This label keeps on turning great tunes up. Very highly recommended. Music Now 20

Revelation Where it's warm / Are you ready for this acd2 ''Warm'' is a TOP NOTCH mid tempo group dancer that NEEDS playing RSO 15

Revelation Feel it acd2 classic sounding group dancer from 1980 Handshake 6

Burny Reynolds Try me / If she's your lover A side fantastic original version of Donn Mann Surkar 20 or 15vg+

Jeanne Reynolds Unwanted company Quality stepper - top notch soul Casablanca 10

L.J. Reynolds All I need awesome tune Lady 50

Jay Rhythm Wouldn't it be a pleasure acd2 The only other release from the guy 'J.T.RHYTHM 'who recorded the big northern track on PALMER Great northern Leo 30

Henry Richardson Dancing Girl Great vocal ,great production. This was covered up as Jackie Wilson - 'Pretty dancing girl' ages ago. QUALITY!!! Elois 40

Minnie Ripperton LP 'Adventues in paradise' inc ' Simple things'' which I can't stop plating at home!!! Has a couple of small marks - nothing serious Epic 15

Bill Robinson & Quails Lay your head on my shoulder / Do I love you Great double header. Midtempo group (harmonies etc) RECOMM Date dj 20

Johnny Rome Little sad eyes soulful ballad Briteleaf dj 2

Ron & Embracers You came into my heart Potential monster here. Great 60's dancer. Lovely mint copy too Spectrum 70

The Rose Brothers All or nothin' love obscure little 80s indie Muscle Shoals 3

Jackie Ross Don't change your mind / Who could be loving you acd2 very overlooked crossover soul backed with a great mid-tempo Fountain dj 20

Rotary Connection Teach me how to fly Sidney Barnes on lead vocals with Minnie Riperton. Fast northern soul Cadet Concept 8 vg+

The Royalettes Only when you're lonely Great great version of Holly Maxwell & there is very little between the two (except price!!) MGM iss iss vg+ 20 or 15 dj 20

Ruby & Romantics Does he really care for me acd2 Big production beat ballad northern. Great vocals, strings, horns etc. Kapp 15 or 10 vg+ or 6 vg

Lorraine Rudolph Keep coming back for more acd2 strong crossover dancer Jetstream 15

David Ruffin Walk away from love Great 70's classic Motown 6

Sam Russell What's usual, ain't natural A monster waiting to go Playboy iss dj 50

Larry Santos Can't get you off my mind 70's dancer - great 'big' production with all strings etc Casablanca 15

The Satisfactions Turn back the tears / One light, two lights acd2 Great double header 70's group Lionel 10

Scandal Either love grows or goes 80's dancer Sam 5

Dee Dee Schwartz (Dee Dee Warwick) Funny how we change places acd2 / acd1 This is Dee Dee Warwick. Later released as 'Dee Dee Warwick' on Private Stock. EXACTLY the same record - same take etc. RCA dj 50

Scientists of Soul Be's that a way sometimes acd2 Great swinging dancer Kashe 15

Andre Scott Cry in the arms of another love acd2 Great uptempo 70's dancer Sunflower 20

Freddie Scott Hey Girl beat ballad - soulfull Colpix 6

Freddie Scott Where does love go beat ballad - soulfull Colpix 5

Freddie Scott Girl, I love you acd2 Great builder -mega vocals 2nd copy is mint except for a small bump in the vinyl - pressing flaw ABCprobe dj iss 20 or 10 vg

Garrett Scott Working on a groovy thing acd2 crossover dancer. Great version of Barbara Lynn. This is a Neil Sedaka song!! Mercury dj 20 or 15 vg+

Rena Scott La-Te-Da (This girl's in love) acd2 Midtempo 70's dancer 2nd copy has a hairline crack. Not all the way through. Not affecting play Epic dj 10 or 5 vg

Vessie Simmons Better to bend than break acd2 Quality crossover dancer Simco 100

Nancy Sinatra Kinky love RARE - GREAT soul tinged with jazz. HIGHLY recommended promo only release of a track that was banned in the UK due to the lyrics (quite tame really). Private Stock dj 40 or 25 vg+

Annette Snell It's all over now acd2 70's dancer. Epic dj 25

Edwin Starr LP '25 miles'' classic motown lp. Inc title track, 'He who picks a rose' , ''You beat me to the punch'' ''If my heart could tell the story', ''24 hours'' etc. RARE UK Tamla Motown UK 20 vg+

Karen Striblin We're not to young to fall in love / Just a little girl in love acd1 acd1 TWO Super soulful crossover dancers. Rare as hens teeth version of the Cameroes backed with a track just as good!!! . Prod by Jackie Beavers and even on his own label Jaber 175

Ed Summers I can tell A great 70's dancer - same backing as Joe Anderson - 'You & I' Soya 30

Sheryl Swope Can't get him off my mind acd1 FANTASTIC 60's dancer - Totally recommended Duo iss dj ??? 100 2nd copy is crackly but plays well. (this copy is same both sides. I assume it's a dj copy??) 50 vg

The T.S.U. Toronadoes Got to get through to you Outstanding crossover dancer - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Atlantic dj 20 or 12vg

The T.S.U. Toronadoes What good am I / Getting the corners Perfect crossover - sounds like £100 tune. B side is also a great puncy groove. IF YOU ARE INTO CROSSOVER AND DON'T KNOW THIS JUST BUY IT BLIND Atlantic 20 vg+

Table of Contents Wrapped around your finger great modern soul mid-tempo Lake 25

Bobby Taylor Blackmail / Oh, I've been blessed Another superb piece of Motown - all time classic dancer. VIP 25

Willie Tee I'd give it to you Slight EW - DNAP UA dj 3 vg

Third Dimention Third Dimension If my heart was an open book Quality Crossover dancer. Sl abel damage. 2nd copy plays more like EX Bump Shop 60 or 40vg+

Roscoe Thomas American girl Virtually unknown - great crossover dancer. First release on the label. Also on the major release label which is HARDER to find than the WORLD copy!!! Nice WDJ as well World Record 30 Sound Gems 40

Three Shades of Soul Being in love / Smooth sailing Enjoy 40

Tierra Together Another nice group pice from 1980 Boardwalk 8

Tierra Wanna be together again Great group sound from late 70's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Boardwalk 12

TNJ's Don't you forget about me FANTASTIC 70's group dancer - A MASSIVE FAVOURITE OF MINE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Chess 40

Scotty Todd Ain't no big thing / Cry with me baby SUPERB semi-known northern version of 'big thing' backed with a GREAT 60's mid-tempo northern track (group harmonies & strings etc) NB 'A' side has slight background noise for first 10 seconds only Phillips 50

The Toppiks Give it a chance to grow Great group crossover. Can't find this on ANY catalogs or guides. Larsam 40

Tower of Power This time it's real uplifting 70's dancer WB 8

Trammps Where do we go from here Mega production philly sound recommended. Local label release before Philly Int. also VG copy that has some noise Golden Fleece 12 vg+ or 3 vg

True Image It's only a matter of time Highly recommended 70's - TK production Juana 25

Turn of the Century A man in love detroit Bumpshop 10

Big Joe Turner Two loves have I Obscure French 7'' with Picture cover Phillips 40

Ike & Tina Turner Bold soul sister Mega funk Blue Thumb 15 vg+

The Two Tons Never like this Classic groove sound from Martha Wash and the recently departed Izora Armstead - AKA the Weather Girls!!!!! Fantasy/ Honey 12 or 8vg+

The Tymes Here she comes Parkway 20

Umoja Universal love BRILLIANT soulful stepper. A huge favorite of mine HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Luckily a few of these have turned up over the last couple of years - hense price Counterpoint 60

Undisputed Truth Girl, you're alright Great 70's group midtempo stepper Gordy 5

The Unifics Court of love late 60's group soul Kapp 5

Unlimited Four I wanna be happy swinging 60's group dancer vg copy plays vg+ Chanson 10 or 5 vg

The V.I.P.s You pulled a fast one acd2 Early sounding female group soul Bigtop 20 or 12 vg+

John Valenti Anything you want the other decent track off his LP Ariola 4

Joe Valentine I've lost the only love I've ever had FANTASTIC 60's dancer - one of my al time favoriites. VG but plays great Val 250 vg

The Valentines Gotta get yourself together acd2 Great group dancer Sound Stage 7 25

Gene Van Buren You've got me where I want you obscure stepper from 1982 Nice white dj copy Tamla dj 8

Vanguards I can't use you girl / Somebody Please uptempo A side BUT WOW what a builder on the B.Another fav. Whizz 10 5 vg

Lynn Varnado Wash and wear love Classic dancer - quality tune. This is the lookalike yellow label copy. £700+ on original!! Gator RI 6

The Vegas I need your love great group mid-tempo stepper soul - obscure indie release Cle An Thair 20

The Visitors My love is ready and waiting / What about me acd2 Crossover - highly recommended. Both sides penned by Len Jewell. TRC (Tangerine) 40

The Voice Masters If a woman catches a fool / You've hurt me baby acd2 acd2 This great double header has been picked up on over the last couple of years. A side is a great 70's dancer & B is a great group punchy soul. Check out the sample on the CD Bamboo 30

Anthony White Hey baby acd1 Lite marks - small click on run in BEFORE the track starts (stereo side only). Clears immedately after one revolution to an EX player PIR dj 50 vg+

Ruby Winters Better Tremendous 60's northern dancer - the rarest of her Diamond outings. Water damaged label. Plays EX Diamond 75 vg

Bobby Womack LP 'Home is where the heart is' acd2 Inc the GREAT LP only track 'Something for my head'. Found another copy. MINT in shrink Columbia 25

YBS LP ''Yates Brothers & Sisters'' acd2 Inc the SUPBERB dancer 'I can't fight the feeling''. Which is a SUPERB version of the Clarence Coulter super rarity on DAYCO Ariola 40

The next 22 items are being put on ebay in about a week unless I receive offers before then

Joe Bataan Shaft / El regreso Funky latin version backed with out and out brass driven latin Fania 10

Les Chansonettes I almost left you The SHRINE girls!! Mon'ca 5

Curtis How can I tell her Modern soul indie from 1979. GREAT ON A 7'' Charm City 30

NEW: Subs inc. 1st class list + sample CD £5 for 3 lists

Otis Jackson Beggin' for a broken heart 'MEGA' rare (sorry!) 70's dancer. Mega 350 offers

Syl Johnson LP 'It's because I'm black' Rare LP Twinight 100

Luther LP ' same' Cotillion 20

The Malibus Gee baby, I love you Northern classic stormer. Re-issue (has 'I love you' in small case) Sureshot 15 vg

Ronnie McCain This time I'm gone Funky soul. Has a few crackles in places. Still plays strong. Triode 25 vg+

Tommy McGee She's got her ERA / pt2 his other 45 on this label TMG 5

Clyde McPhatter Everybody loves a good time / Little bit of sunshine classic on A with great ballad on B nice DJ copy Amy dj 10

Richetta Osbourn My sweet baby acd2 Storming northern dancer Blue River 100 offers

Kellee Patterson Turn on the lights Shady Brook 6

Charles Perry How can I great sound Magnum 6 vg

The Pirates Mind over matter northern - this is actually The Temptations Melody 35 vg+

Rare Pleasure Let me down easy SUPERB 70's uptempo dancer. (minor water damage on label - vinyl is M-). This the piano sample of the hugh dance hit 'Needin U' by David Morales Cheri 25

Francine Reed Take some time for love acd2 Modern gem that just disappeared as soon as it got released. Wild Sky 50

Revalation That's how much you mean to me Motown flavored 1999 release Dolores 5

Rhythm Heritage Theme from 'Starsky & Hutch' Funk classic ABC dj 10

The Rotations Don't ever hurt me acd2 Lawton 45

The Scott Brothers Gotta get away from you / Side Tracking (inst) Funky soul with funk inst. on the B side Capri 8

Jim Thorpe Two strong hearts 80's mid-tempo on the same label as Ron Henerson etc Choice Cut 5 vg+

Toulouse APB Image 5

McKinley Travis You got it and I want it R&B funky soul Soultown 15

The Vanguards Gotta have love / falling out of love acd2 / acd1 Rare northern dancer with great piano breaks and group harmonies. A side is vg+ and play excellent except for some noise for 14 secs at the start. B side is a group ballad/midtempo which is vg Lamp 150 vg+ offers

Gino Washington & the Davis Sisters I'm so in love acd1 Atac 200 or 150 vg+ offers

NEW POSTAGE RATES (blame the Post Office!!!):

First 45=£1.60 then 20P each REC DEL or registered £4.50 (upto 7 45s) over 7 = £5.70

First LP/12"=£3.00 then 70p each REC DEL or REGISTERED £5.70 (upto 3 LPs) over 3 = £7.50

Foreign: at cost - please ask (eg 1x45 airmail to Europe= £1.80 1x45 airmail to Japan= £2.70)

Edited by souler
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