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Please don't contact me for anything on this list. Please contact Anglo American. Thank you.
PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com
LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
ENGLAND. List 605 Sep 16th 2013 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only
Postage and packing £1.50 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.
Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )
Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).
We accept most major credit cards.
Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list is
ticked at the top of the page it is £6 subs for 6 months please.
Please note: We now recommend you have orders over £50 sent either
Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery depending on total cost incurred
We have been advertising a pre-order situation on our new price guide for a few weeks now.
Having finalised the text I can announce over 30,000 titles! This is much more than we originally
thought and of course features albums for the first time anywhere. The book WILL be available in
early November. Order now and get it for £24.99 including P&P (£29.99 upon publication).
Note: Overseas customers — shipping prices on request.
100 original USA label Northern / Modern / R&B dancers. Mostly mint to mint minus condition.
Total retail value £1000 plus. Our best selling pack!
Note: Overseas customers — shipping prices on request.
1 Rosey Jones Have Love Will Travel Today M- 10
Massive spin in the winter of ‘75/’76. Big everywhere
2 Friends No You — No Me! Up M- 20
Early seventies Detroit obscurity, not modern, not a stomper — but great
3 Syl Johnson Falling In Love Again TNP-Ting M- 10
Vintage Chicago soul man on a Motownesque sixties dancer of high calibre
4 Ginie Lynn In Love Misty M- 10
Wonderful 1977 obscurity got a few plays in the Sam/Arthur modern scene of the early eighties
5 Norma Jenkins Can You Imagine That Desert Moon M- 10
Great 1976 dancer — huge at St. Ives as a new release, still sounding excellent now
6 Royalettes Only When You’re Lonely MGM M- 15
Same song as Holly Maxwell on Constellation, brilliantly performed by the girls
7 Clarence Reid Fools Are Not Born (They Are Made) Alston M- 15
Great early seventies, is it Northern? Is it modern? Does it matter?
8 Superlatives Lonely In A Crowd Westbound M- 10
Quite superb Detroit cheapie — every collection should have one!
9 Crystal Image Gonna Have A Good Time IX Chains M- 25
One of the many records to get “last hour” status at the Mecca; almost all are well worth owning
10 O’Jay’s One Night Affair Neptune M- 10
Fabulous soul dancer — original version before Jerry ButlerDon’t forget to check out our website — new additions every week.
Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
11 Kenneth Ruffin I’ll Keep Holding On Carnival WD M- 200
12 Uptights Shy Guy Columbia WD M- 100
13 Laura Greene Moonlight Music In You RCA Victor M- 250
14 Sidney Barnes Wait Gemini M- 100
15 Tommy Smiley I Won’t Cry Marquee M- 200
16 Eddie Wilson Toast To The Lady Tollie M- 150
17 Chesterfields You Walked Away Philips M- 250
18 Natural Four I Thought You Were Mine Boola Boola VG++ 300
19 Mary Wheeler I Feel In My Heart Atom WD M- 400
20 Bobbie Smith (You Know) I’ll Be Around Bell M- 300
21 Kenard What Did You Gain By That? Dore D VG++ 200
22 Kurt Harris Emperor Of My Baby’s Heart Diamond D M- 450
23 Marlynns My Heart Is Yours Tower M- 250
24 Tempos I Gotta Make A Move Montel Michelle M- 250
25 Deltas Hey Girl Just Like You New Chicago Sound M- 100
26 Terry Sinclair What Have You Heard D P G M- 200
27 Thelma Skaggs Great Big Circle Bar Kay’s M- 200
28 Betty Willis +Gone With The Wind (Is My Love) Mojo M- 300
Rare version of the Rita & The Tiaras record. Fantastic deep soul flipside
29 Sinceres Girl, I Love You Pzazz M- 300
30 Barbara Christian Not Like You Baby Brownie WD M- 100
31 Mickey & Ernie Soul’in (Till The Sun Rise) Hot Line M- 150
32 Eddie Foster Closer Together Ocampo M- 250
33 Lou D. Washington Smokey Steel Town M- 100
34 The Shades Protect Our Love BLK VG++ 250
35 Dee Dee Sharp Deep Dark Secret Cameo WD VG++ 150
36 Willie Mason I Loved You Once Rujac M- 100
37 Marvellos Something’s Burnin’ Loma M- 75
38 Kris Peterson Just As Much Top Dog M- 150
39 Gino Parks Nerves Of Steel Crazy Horse M- 80
40 Parliaments A New Day Begins Revilot M- 100
41 Jack Montgomery Dearly Beloved Scepter VG++ 250
42 Cody Michaels Seven Days Fifty Two Weeks Merben M- 100
43 Jimmy Miller On A Back Street Counterpoint M- 100
44 Harold Melvin What Can A Man Do Arctic WD M- 100
45 Gene McDaniels Walk With A Winner Liberty D M- 100
46 Barbara Lewis I Remember The Feeling Atlantic M- 20
47 Four Tops It’s The Same Old Song Motown 1081 WD M- 20
48 Kim Weston Helpless Gordy 7050 WD M- 50
49 Landy McNeal Counting On You Baby Columbia WD M- 75
50 Al Kent The Way You Been Acting Lately Ric Tic M- 25
51 Johnny Nash Strange Feeling Argo M- 20
52 Sunny Carrington The Girl Every Guy Should Know Deep M- 25
53 Debbie Taylor Don’t Nobody Mess With My Baby GWP’s Grapevine M- 25
54 Eddie Holman Eddie’s My Name Parkway VG++ 20
55 Tommy Neal Goin’ To A Happening Pameline VG+ 50
Plays well despite wear
56 Mike & Modifiers I Found Myself A Brand New Baby Gordy 7006 WD VG++ 30
57 Larry Williams & Johnny Watson A Quitter Never Wins Okeh VG++ 25
58 Wally Cox This Man Wand M- 50
59 Patti Austin I Wanna Be Loved Coral VG++ 30
60 Harold Hutton Lucky Boy Checker VG++ 40
This is Bobby Hutton’s first record and great Northern
61 Dean Parrish Determination Boom WD M- 75
62 Moses Smith The Girl Across The Street Dionn M- 75
Genuine original with dead wax matrix marks as per promo
63 Fluffy Falana My Little Cottage (By The Sea) Alpha VG++ 100
64 Ed Crook That’s Alright Tri-Sound M- 40
65 Rex Garvin Queen Of The Go-Go Tower WD M- 40
66 Sam Ambrose & Friend They’ll Be Coming Crazy Horse M- 30
67 Ad Libs Johnny My Boy Blue Cat WD M- 75
68 Jamie The Priceless Gem MGM M- 20
69 Royal Lancers At The Head Of The Crown ABC-Paramount WD M- 20
70 Dolly & The Fashions Abscence Made My Heart Grow Fonder Tri Disc M- 40
71 Richard (Popcorn) Wylie Rosemary, What Happened Karen WD VG++ 75
72 Tammi Terrell This Old Heart Of Mine Motown 1138 M- 15
73 Supremes He’s All I Got Motown 1094 M- 15
74 Etta James Seven Day Fool Argo VG++ 30
75 Radiants Hold On Chess D M- 15
76 Porgy & The Monarchs My Heart Cries For You Musicor D M- 30
Beige 2nd issue — the one with ‘Hey Girl’
77 Gail Anderson My Turn Now Early Bird WD VG++ 25
78 Joan Moody Anything Worth Having Sylvia WD M- 50
79 Bobby Moore Chained To Your Heart Checker M- 25
80 Mamie Galore It Ain’t Necessary St. Lawrence WD M- 40
81 Showmen Our Love Will Grow Swan M- 75
82 Al Wilson The Snake Soul City D M- 25
Actually pretty rare on a demo
83 Bobby Garrett I Can’t Get Away Mirwood M- 75
84 April Stevens Wanting You MGM D M- 60
85 Jimmey (Soul) Clark (Come On And Be My) Sweet Darlin’ Soulhawk M- 50
86 Jeanette Williams All Of A Sudden Back Beat D M- 150
87 George Carrow Angel Baby (You Don’t Even Love Me) Columbia WD M- 25
Original. First release — ‘You Don’t Even Love Me’
88 International Five I Need You Starway M- 25
Churning group mover — sounds like a perfect Detroit record — but it ain’t
89 Eddie Hill I Can Hear You Crying Ge Ge M- 40
90 Bob Relf Blowing My Mind To Pieces orange label Trans -American M- 75
91 Marlena Shaw Let’s Wade In The Water Cadet M- 40
92 Ila Van Can’t Help Loving That Man Of Mine Roulette WD M- 50
Don’t forget the flipside — a great version of Darrell Banks’ ‘I’ve Got The Feeling’
93 Nolan Porter If I Could Only Be Sure ABC M- 60
94 Sons Of Moses Soul Symphony Coral D M- 30
Quite rare with labels on the correct sides
95 Shirley Ellis Soul Time Columbia M- 15
96 Theresa Lindsey Gotta Find A Way Correc-tone WD M- 25
Rare white promo
97 Shirley Wahls That’s How Long (Im Gonna Love You) King M- 75
98 Darryl Stewart Name It And Claim It Wand M- 125
99 Patti Labelle Loving Rules Atlantic Wd M- 40
100 Archie Bell & The Drells Here I Go Again Atlantic WD M- 20
Rare promo
101 Charlie Rich Love Is After Me Hi D VG++ 15
102 Revealers They Had A Party At The Watergate Paramount D M- 250
103 Michelle Wiley Feel Good 20th Century M- 100
104 Sisters’ Sledge Brand New Generation Money Back M- 250
105 Trumains Ripe For The Pickin’ RCA M- 300
106 Clay Brown Walk With A Groove Florentine VG+ 150
107 David Sea Night After Night Crown Ltd M- 100
108 The Tears Sweet Love Funkshun M- 100
109 Michael Valvano For The First Time In My Life Jodi-Pat M- 150
110 Tony Baxter Let The Past Be The Past Gates M- 200
111 Roy Simon I’m Waiting For Love Paper Moon M- 150
Rare and obscure seventies from the West Coast
112 Rochelle Rabouin Keep This In Mind Cygnet M- 150
113 Sonny Munro Open The Door To Your Heart Epic M- 100
Great deep flipside on this rare issue copy
114 Joe Tex Under Your Powerful Love Dial M- 25
115 Tyrone Barkley Man Of Value Midsong Int M- 50
116 Phyllis Hyman You Know How To Love Me Arista M- 15
117 Bobby Womack Home Is Where The Heart Is Columbia M- 25
118 Heartstoppers Court’ In Mama All Platinum M- 25
Great midtempo stuff from these girls
119 Midnite Flyte Don’t Turn Away SRI M- 30
120 Midwest Franchise When You Come Around Me MCA M- 30
121 Mighty Pope Heaven On The Seventh Floor Private Stock M- 20
123 Mighty Pope Tower Of Strength Canadian RCA M- 10
124 Mike & Bill Things Won’t Be This Bad Always Arista M- 10
125 Mike & Bill Somebody’s Gotta Go (Sho Ain’t Me) Arista WD M- 10
126 Mike & Bill Somebody’s Gotta Go (Sho Ain’t Me) Moving Up M- 35
127 Buddy Miles We Got Love Columbia M- 15
128 Buddy Miles We Got Love Columbia WD M- 25
129 Florence Miller I Believe In Love P&P M- 50
130 Ronnie Miller Listen To The Music Polydor M- 25
131 Jackie Milton Foolish Foolish Fool De-Vel M- 20
132 Garnet Mimms Right Here In The Palm Of My Hands Arista M- 25
133 Mirage I Had A Fight With Love /
Can’t Stop A Man In Love
Warner Bros M- 25
134 Miss Louistine I Don’t Want To Love Nobody NWE M- 25
135 Grover Mitchell Ah Feel She Really Doesn’t Wanna Do It Vanguard M- 15
136 Lee Mitchell The Economy Roll M- 40
137 McKinley Mitchell Fallin’ For Your Love Southern Biscuit M- 15
138 Phillip Mitchell Oh How OI Love You Hi D M- 25
139 Robbie Mitchell &
Darryl Patterson
No One Can Do The Things You Do /
I Lost My Love In A Beggars Dream
M- 25
140 James Stinson Keep On Radex M- 100
141 Gloria Williams Sister Funk Downtown M- 200
142 Howard Caldwell Baby You Can’t Let Me Go Try-Hard M- 100
143 Leon Wilks Hot Pants Mary Apollo 11 M- 100
144 George Campbell K Five Wear It Out N.C. Super Star M- 100
145 James & The Incredible Showmen James Brown’s Boo-Ga-Loo Disco M- 100
146 Kickin Mustangs Kickin Plato VG++ 100
147 Billy The Kid Ghetto Car Brubell M- 100
148 Jim-Stick Revelation Night Of The Witch Doctor Bull Durham M- 100-
149 John Tyrone Hello Abigail Demos M- 100
150 Samuella Williams Ah-Junkie Man Tops M- 125
151 R D M Band Give Up Virtue WD M- 100
152 Billy Ball Upsetters African Suspense S B I M- 100
153 Seeburg Spotlite Band Twine Time Seeburg M- 100
154 Willie Lee Fly Down Creative Motif M- 100
155 Standing Ovation But To Love Raja M- 100
156 Rhythm Makers Zone Vigor M- 15
157 Rhythm Makers Touch Vigor M- 15
158 Rhythm Rebellion Racoon Tangerine M- 15
159 Sonny Rhodes The Blodstone Beat Rhodes Way M- 10
160 Richmond Int’l Back On The Road Again Red Coach M- 25
161 James Rivers I Hear Ya JB’s M- 15
162 Roadrunners Woman, Woman Colossus M- 25
163 Robert Ron &Eddie Love Potion # 9 Unisfere M- 30
164 Cal Roberts International Funk Magic Minstrel M- 15
165 Gip Roberts Hunchin’ TCB M- 10
166 Jackie Ross A One Woman Man Sedgrick M- 20
167 Jackie Ross A One Woman’s Man GSF M- 20
168 Rough & Ready Bump And Wind Black Kat M- 25
169 R- Stash Booty March / Get Down Curtom M- 5
170 Routers Sack Of Woe Mercury WD M- 15
171 Little Royal I’ll Come Crawling Trius M- 15
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