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The Way Of The Crowd Northern Soul Documentary

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hi , just watched a northern soul documentary called the ' Way of the crowd ' there are 2 tracks i like but there is no song list at the end of the dvd


the 1st one i like is when a guy called Ady Croasdell starts talking about the 100 club - the song starts then and continues to play through out a japanese girl talking about her love of northern soul,


the 2nd one is the very last song played on the dvd


if anyone has this dvd and knows what these tracks are it would be appreciated , many thanks in advance



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Guest Dave Turner

Is this a clip from it and is this the track ?


If so It's Silky Hargraves - Keep Loving Me (Like You Do) on Dearborn


Edited by Dave Turner

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hi - many thanks for reply - no - this is not a clip from it- The DVD was bought on amazon it came along with a double cd set  - The documentary was made in 2004 which featured dancers whom attended wigan casino - the owners, DJ'S and some american soul singers from back then


If you haven't seen it worth the £7 from amazon just to watch the DVD


Many thanks for response



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i have this as well, great doc, lots on there like keb, pat, simon hunt, mick.h, john poole, chris ( trickster ) even sir paul smith and adey of course...well put together though not meant  to be concise ( lets face it........northern soul would have to be given the status of "the world at war" in 20 episodes to do it justice ) but bristling with great anecdotes and a selection of tunes, both iconic and memory jogging at the same time...thought it would be easy to acquire most on ovo.....yeah right! :D

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Just watched it all again.


Here's a complete tracklist (in order), apart from number 5 which I didn't write down and can't remember what it was. Tracks you're asking about are highlighted.


1) WHAT - Judy Street


3) AIN'T GONNA RUN - Royal Esquires

4) THERE'S A LOOK ABOUT YOU - Enchanters

5)  ?

6) I STILL LOVE YOU - Harry Deal & The Galaxies


8) CALL ME - Emmit long


10) AIN'T GONNA CRY NO MORE - Dave Charles

11) FACE UP TO THE TRUTH - Doris Troy

12) YOU'VE GOT TO BE WILLING - Calvin Grayson


This is my copy:




Image shows the flip of what is playing:





:hatsoff2: - Kev

Edited by KevinKent

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Guest sharmo 1

Hi there I've just got access to a computer again so sorry for late reply.So I'll give you a bit of back ground an old mate of mine from school who had moved to London a long time prior phoned out of the blue and told me he had been given some dough to make some sort of student short film and had scribbled most of the ideas on the back of a fag packet .Using the northern soul theme as a background to try and make as much of an interesting and nostalgic effort using known and unknown actors and folks active on the scene as a door opener to a more lavish later production. whether your point of view is good or bad regarding content and end result of the film , it was a test film which strangely from a content of product angle was a success , from a point of view of a northern soul angle could have been more polished and was a bit more than a cartoon .J.D Moore had asked me to suggest a few records and had in fact left it up to a guy I think called Patrick Newton ( also from School and his mum was my ex French teacher) it seemed that what I had suggested for record plays from around the era of late wigan didn't seem to be what they wanted and off I was sent to London to a recording studio which sub contracted to V2 which was a loose associate of virgin records.I was told to just play some records which were recorded and rights researched and paid for by Virgin records.At the time the Royal Esquires was still a low number copy 45 but I thought needed some exposure , the Calvin Grayson was doing well at the time so I shoved that on,Dave Charles Aint gonna cry no more whilst not a floor filler was a great record ,Doris troy face up to the truth I alway's liked and thought that could do with some exposure ,Harry Deal was a great little cheapie that's great for stuffing , Kiki Dee needs no introduction, Nancy Butt's again needs no introduction, Charles Mann again another great cheepie and still is one of my favorites , soulful twins just great and all as good as the Magnetics from the same stable block,steve Mancha again a classic , the Enchantments was always just under the simmer , the Lela martin thing was just o.k but I thought it had a certain charm ,Willie Mcdougal fantastic track , Bobby Jonez , great , Clay Hunt great , and the Emmit strong track I wanted on out of spite as i'd been playing it for age's and always emptied the floor so I thought fuck it i'll put it on, Judy street was salvaged from my original list the rest came from their own tapes and were nothing to do with me.I wish i'd have  had more say in things rely as I thought it all became a bit of a hotch potch with no gliding continuity .I did enjoy going to the studio and the train ride down and was flattered to have been asked to help out with such an ambitious project.the interviews were all done at Prestatyn and like a fool had smoked a rather interesting spliff prior to being filmed so quite frankly was pretty stoned by the time I ended up being filmed , and was fighting and struggling not to burst out laughing , I'm glad all this time later this topic occasionally pops up.Best regards Simon.

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